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Impact Over Income (the Secret Sauce to Building a Successful Business)

Emily Williams

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It’s time to push past fear and create the impact you’re here to make. It’s time to reach the level of success you desire in your business. But that’s all easier said than done though, isn’t it? Luckily, our guest today shares a few powerful mindset shifts that will help you create a life and business better than your dreams. On this episode of the IHML Show, we have the incredible Bob Heilig, founder of Your Virtual Upline, a training resource for a new wave of network marketers, who put love, service and giving at the heart of their business. Bob is an entrepreneur, husband and father devoted to making the world a better place. Through his trainings and programs, he is on a mission to give entrepreneurs the tools they need to create a successful business and make a powerful impact on the world.

Bob always knew he was meant to do big things. He always knew he was meant to do something more. But during his first 10 years as an entrepreneur, Bob struggled with creating the success and income he desired. It wasn’t until he started to change his relationship to fear that he began to experience significant breakthroughs and transformation in his business. In fact, by choosing courage over fear and focusing on impact, instead of income, Bob was able to grow his business to 7-figures in just 10 months. Today, Bob encourages entrepreneurs to use their business as the primary vehicle give value to the world and build a legacy. After this episode, you’ll be inspired to take action in your business (even if it scares you!) connect with your audience in big, authentic way and live a life in service of others. Because, as we’ll learn from Bob, that is the secret sauce to creating a life of fulfillment and a business better than your dreams.

During this episode we’re going to cover…

  • Bob’s introduction to network marketing and how that profession helped him overcome his fear of public speaking
  • How changing his relationship to fear helped him transform his business
  • Why being too focused on the end result can hold you back from growing your business
  • Why your fears are necessary to take your business to the next level
  • How making “impact goals,” instead of “income goals,” can help you reach the success you desire
  • Why live video is such a powerful medium to build your business and credibility online
  • The importance of creating a “mindset of significance,” and always asking yourself what value you can give in your business

One of my favorite quotes from this episode is this:

“I’m proud of the fact that even though it took me literally years to see success, I didn’t quit. These dreams that I had of a bigger and a better life were bigger than the obstacles and the challenges that I was facing. I’ve just always had this feeling deep down inside of me that there was a bigger reason why I was on this earth. That there was something bigger out there that I was meant to do.” – Bob Heilig


Bob is the Founder of Your Virtual Upline, a training resource for the new wave of network marketers that put love, service and giving at the heart of their business, and want strategies and techniques that work in the world we live in today. The mission of the company is to help you build a profitable network marketing business that gives you complete freedom, so you can give back to the world in an even bigger way. They do that through their podcast, free online training, and their paid programs where they donate 10% of every dollar earned to charitable organizations worldwide. If you know deep down inside that you have a unique gift to give, and have already “woken up” to the truth that your mission in this profession is about way more than just making money… welcome home.


Tune into the I Heart My Life Show with Success Coach Emily Williams to learn how to design a life you love, manifest more success and wealth, move past fear and blocks and create joy in your life and business. Emily and her world-renowned guests will help you create a life that’s better than your dreams and give you tangible action steps to get there — quickly. She’ll cut through the fluff and share what’s worked for her and the world’s most successful people. She believes that success is an inside job — not just about another strategy. The I Heart My Life Show will help you finally heart your life, experience extraordinary success, make more money, live according to your own desires and give you permission to go after what you really want.

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