Making Money is Easy: My Top 3 Money Mindset Shifts for Mega Success

Emily Williams

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Have you ever heard of the term “money story”?

It wasn’t something I learned about until after I started my entrepreneurial journey, but it was something that hit very close to home.

Your money stories are the beliefs and thoughts you hold about money.

Oftentimes, these stories are handed down to us through generations based on what your parents and grandparents were taught about money.

We are conditioned through our own (as well as others’) experiences to view money in a certain way.

But what if I told you that YOU are the only one responsible for your story?

Today, we’re diving into how to transform the beliefs that are holding you back in the next three steps…

Step 1:

First, you have to understand which money stories you’re telling yourself that are keeping you from your financial goals. And with a quick exercise you can easily find these out.

1. I want you to think about someone you know who is really financially successful. Someone you admire or follow who has reached the top of the ladder in regard to money. (Mine is always Oprah Winfrey!) Got that person in mind? Great…

2. Now, think about your beliefs surrounding debt, income, selling, buying, etc. Maybe your first thought was “debt is bad”, “selling is sleazy”, “there’s no way I can be wealthy”. Don’t judge, just observe. 

3. Now, with those thoughts in mind, would the person you admire have the same thoughts? (For example, did Oprah get to where she is today by believing that “selling is sleazy” or that she was incapable of wealth? NO!)

If you said no, then that particular belief is probably one of the money stories that’s holding you back.

Now, to transform your negative stories, you have to write new ones.

Step 2:

For each of your top five money stories, rewrite them by reframing them with the complete opposite language.

For example, instead of “I am bad at paying off debt.” write down “I am paying off my investments as we speak.” 

Continue this with each of your stories and then wash, rinse and repeat.

Set a time and actually repeat your reframed stories out loud each and every day, multiple times a day. If you notice you’ve started thinking negatively, repeat again. 

Step 3:

The last, but most important step, is to take action. When you’re not feeling well or you find yourself procrastinating over doing a certain thing such as selling, remind yourself of your financial goals.

You are fighting a battle with your mind because it wants to keep you safe.

Taking action on new beliefs is not a “safe” action according to your mind, but it is the only way to accomplish big goals and soon enough you’ll be able to reprogram your mind so those thoughts don’t hold you back. 

So, what stories are you telling yourself? How can you reframe them? 

You’ve got this!

In this Episode: 

[02:47] No matter the state of the world, use slower times to work on your mindset. 

[04:47] Who will benefit from this training? 

[05:40] What will you be learning throughout the episode? 

[07:38] Why is money mindset so important?

[09:38] Your relationship with money is the key to your success. 

[14:01] Dig into what your money goals are and why. 

[16:18] Money and success like specifics, so get really clear. 

[20:32] Your mind is like an operating system, and your mindset needs some software updates.

[21:56] Learn some of the common money stories.

[26:38] The key points from mindset shift number 1.

[27:11] Journal on these reflection questions. 

[31:41] Stop believing everything you think and start working on flipping the switch on negativity.

[36:15] Set yourself up with success by creating reminders for yourself on your phone.

[38:48] Learn the key points you need to remember when transforming your money stories.

[39:18] Reflection questions to journal on.

[40:44] Shift number 3, take action consistently.

[44:30] Take a minute to walk through a mindset exercise with Emily. 

[49:38] Keep taking action and hold yourself more accountable.

[51:36] When you have a bad day… JFDI!

[53:10] Hear a quick recap of shift number 3.

[54:25] Uncover your blocks, transform your mindset, and then take massive action. 

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“They said if you really wanted it, you would have done it already. That hit me like a ton of bricks but they were right. If I really wanted it just like I want everything else in my life that I make happen, I would have done it already.” -Emily Williams

“You have to recognize that your desires are truth, not the thoughts that are going through your mind.” -Emily Williams

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