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When your life has been full of international events, conflict, and stories about war and devastation, how do you stop and settle into a life of motherhood? Lucy Griffiths was an international field journalist covering everything from the war in Iraq and conflict in Sudan to the life and style of the stars. 

After she had her son she realized that living life constantly on the go was no longer an option, but she wasn’t ready to stop working completely. She obtained her Master’s while helping to start up a television station in Iraq and then moved into the world of coaching. 

“You almost fight against the thing that you are meant to do and really look into what your previous skill set is. Because actually that can give you a massive boost forward because you’ve got that knowledge and expertise and you are an expert in that niche.”

-Lucy Griffiths

She’d always been interested in coaching and was adamant about investing in her own personal and professional development, and her co-workers needed her help… but her path wasn’t easy. 

Listen in as she shares her story of adventure and intrigue and how that led her to build courses sharing her expertise. 

You see, Lucy started her coaching business by helping moms work through their new reality of motherhood and all that it means to be a caretaker. After working with several moms she realized that she didn’t feel fulfilled or aligned with that niche, so she pivoted into video editing and production.

She then realized that people kept asking her questions about creating better video and being comfortable on camera, so she started to build courses. That arm of her business now allows her the freedom to work around her son’s schedule. 

Lucy’s story is truly amazing and it highlights the fact that your business is not meant to be perfect right out of the gate. You have to be prepared to make changes when necessary so that you continue to grow both personally and professionally. Never be afraid to take action and if you feel out of alignment, explore that feeling and find out what you can do differently.

In this Episode: 

[00:58] Welcome Lucy Griffiths to the show and hear her amazing story of success. 

[03:11] After she had her son she knew she could no longer be a field journalist, so she started an Airbnb, but was bored!

[04:47] What inspired Lucy to start her coaching business? 

[07:52] Hear more about her first foray into coaching. 

[09:04] When did she move back to the UK? 

[10:36] Why did she start an Airbnb rather than move fully into coaching? 

[12:37] Listen as Lucy shares the reason behind investing in her coaching business. 

[14:18] What did the process of finding clarity and alignment in her business look like? 

[17:28] You have to be prepared to pivot and make changes in your business to see growth.

[19:27] What was Lucy’s next step after realizing that her first pivot wasn’t working? 

[21:31] Does she still do 1:1 coaching? 

[24:15] How did she move through the frustration of finding her place in the entrepreneurial world? 

[30:19] What’s next for Lucy? 

[31:23] Lucy shares the mindset shifts that have allowed her to reach this place.

[32:56] Hear one way you can make a life better than your dreams. 

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“I know that sometimes people are hesitant to try something new or just to test certain things or certain avenues that they may feel called to go down. I think we have to give ourselves more permission to get our feet wet and to really expect some trial and error when it comes to a new business.” – Emily Williams

“You almost fight against the thing that you are meant to do and really look into what your previous skill set is. Because actually that can give you a massive boost forward because you’ve got that knowledge and expertise and you are an expert in that niche.” – Lucy Griffiths

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