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Emily Williams


How a Creative Went From Fighting Fires to Running a Successful Design Agency with Sasha Kill

Emily Williams

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When you’re naturally inquisitive and adventurous, how do you channel that energy into a suitable passion? For Sasha Kill, it was fighting wildfires. Until a huge life change had her reevaluating her skills and passions.

“I would just say take action because that is like the biggest thing, but I think that you have to have self-awareness first. You have to really have an idea of where to take action and what kind of blocks might get in your way and then take action. That’s the biggest thing. Just show up and do it.”

-Sasha Kill

Sasha shares that she was always a bit of a rebel. When she was really young it was considered cute because she was always curious about why things were the way they were. When she hit her teenage years however, she was just seen as being difficult. 

After heading off to college three hours away from the small town that she grew up in, she was finally able to create new experiences. She quickly realized that she needed to make some money and applied to a job fighting wildfires. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the lifestyle and she left college shortly after. 

She spent 9 years fighting wildfires, but a whole new experience took her life by storm. Sasha became a parent.

Fighting wildfires is essentially an all or nothing type of job, so she chose to stay home with her baby. But after years of adventure and excitement, she quickly became restless. Which is when she found the world of marketing and design.

Listen in as Sasha shares how she built Outlaw Creative and why community is so important to her and her business. She has an amazing story and her drive and pursuit of knowledge is so inspiring. If you’ve ever felt like a bit of an outcast or a rebel, you won’t want to miss this.  

In this Episode: 

[02:46] Welcome Sasha Kill to share her journey from fighting wildfires to creating beautiful designs.

[03:19] How did she find her way to design?

[05:15] Sasha paints a picture of her teenage years.

[08:02] Learn more about the path she took after high school.

[11:30] What did her friends and family think about her firefighting career?

[12:48] Why did she leave fire? 

[14:31] How did becoming a mom lead to her starting her own business? 

[16:07] Learn how Sasha found her first role in marketing and how it expanded. 

[19:53] Did it take long to leave her job and step fully into her own company?

[22:10] When did Outlaw Creative come about? 

[24:13] How B-School helped Sasha launch her business.

[29:11] Finding her community of like-minded women impacted her business in a huge way.

[31:41] Hear Sasha’s story after she launched her business. 

[34:11] What has it looked like to carve out more time for her business in her time?

[36:59] How does she move through fear to take action?

[39:26] Does Sasha have any advice for the other young rebels out there? 

[41:52] Sasha shares how you can create a life better than your dreams.

[42:37] Connect with Sasha.

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“I always believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything and when you show up fully, so much good happens.” Emily Williams

“If you’re in resistance around something, you’re using up energy. Energy that you could be using to actually do the thing. Once you do the thing, it’s normally not that bad and no one has died, so you might as well just do it sooner.” Emily Williams

“I would just say take action because that is like the biggest thing, but I think that you have to have self-awareness first. You have to really have an idea of where to take action and what kind of blocks might get in your way and then take action. That’s the biggest thing. Just show up and do it.” Sasha Kill

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