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Emily Williams


How to Know if You’re Showing Up As a Victim

Emily Williams

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When you consider the actions you take and the mindset that you show up with, would you identify yourself as a victim? I’m sure many of us wouldn’t, but if you’re showing up with negative energy, you’re likely showing up as a victim. 

“If you’re showing up as a victim you’re also going to think, ‘Well, I can’t change. Things are dependent on outside sources or outside people in order to get better, in order to shift.’ But the reality is you have the power and that’s why you have to take your power back.”

-Emily Williams

Here’s the thing. The situations we find ourselves in don’t always go the way we think or plan for. However it’s the way in which we respond to those situations that determines our overall mentality.

I wanted to dive into this a bit because no matter the time that we’re in, we are still responsible for our own mindset and how it affects our reality. 

So, here are some things for you to consider as you journal about this topic.

Do you blame others for things when they don’t go your way?
Do you find yourself complaining about everything?
Are you a glass half full or half empty type of gal? 

Listen in as I ask several questions to determine if you are sitting in your victim-hood. If you do find that these questions have unexpected answers, then listen to the end. I don’t want you to simply realize that you have been showing up as a victim. I want you to shift your mindset so that you can break the cycle.

I’m the first to tell you that I don’t always show up the way in which I want to, but the first step is recognizing when those tendencies happen. 

Are you showing up as a victim? If so, then it’s time to stop!

In this Episode: 

[01:06] Why it’s important for you to understand where and why you show up as a victim.

[02:19] How victim-hood impacts our ability to attract money. 

[03:31] Learn the first question you need to ask yourself to determine if you’re playing the role of victim. 

[04:57] Why you should always take personal responsibility, even for your team members. 

[05:44] Victims complain. Does this sound like you? 

[09:23] Ways that you can catch yourself and change the direction of your complaints.

[10:21] Is the world a bleak place for you, or is it beautiful and lush with opportunity? 

[12:19] Do you believe you have the money for what you desire? 

[14:50] Have you ever felt that everyone is out to get you? 

[16:32] Is everything happening TO you? 

[19:11] If you’re stuck in your story, then you know that you’re showing up as a victim. 

[21:33] Hear a quick recap of the ways you can tell if you’re stuck in the victim mentality. 

[22:49] Learn how you can shift out of victim-hood. 

[26:35] Practice shifting your natural tendencies and you will see a huge change in your life. 

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“If you’re showing up as a victim you’re also going to think, ‘Well, I can’t change. Things are dependent on outside sources or outside people in order to get better, in order to shift.’ But the reality is you have the power and that’s why you have to take your power back.” – Emily Williams

“Money acting as your coach is saying, ‘You know what Emily, shift out of that mindset. The world is an abundant place. There are plenty of people out there who are making a lot of money every single day and you can too. So let’s get resourceful and think about the ways in which we can bring in this money because we are certainly not a victim in this situation.’ That’s the mindset that you have to adopt.” – Emily Williams

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