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I recently had the chance to sit down with a friend of mine, Tobi Fairley, on Instagram TV and talk about… money. Tobi and I believe many of the same things about money and the conversation we had was amazing. 

I ask this all the time, but what stories are you telling yourself about money? Now take a moment and think about where that story came from. Is this belief something that rings true for you? Or is it something that you’ve been taught by others in your life?

“Money makes you more of who you already are, so if you’re a generous person, it’s going to be magnified.”

-Emily Williams

Those questions are the ones I really want you to consider as you think and talk about money. Tobi and I dive deep into this topic because it is truly an important one. If you are looking to build a business to support the life of your dreams, but believe that successful people are evil or that money will turn you into evil, you will never become successful. 

Tobi was an amazing host for this topic and I know that her audience gained so much from our discussion, but what about you? After you listen, take some time to journal about these questions to see what comes up for you.

If your money stories are holding you back, then you’ll definitely want to check out the I Heart Money Virtual Workshop, May 14th and 15th. We are giving our listeners a special rate by using the promo code: INSIDER.

So, will we see you there? 

In this Episode: 

[00:10] It’s time to get real about money mindset, money blocks, and generational programming. 

[03:06] Are you afraid to talk about money? 

[07:12] What are some of the most common money blocks? 

[10:35] You don’t have to make money mean anything about you. Having it doesn’t make you bad.

[17:46] Remember that not everyone is doing the same work as you, so they may not understand your new mindset.

[25:34] Emily shares her biggest money blocks.

[30:48] The resources I recommend for changing your money mindset.

[35:41] If you’re in a negative thought pattern about money, are you selling to yourself first?

[41:23] You can stay in your 9 to 5 while building your business. Let it fund your business.

[44:40] Practicing living as if you’re already where you want to go. Don’t be scared to plan.

[48:50] We are in such an interesting time and you need to decide how you’re going to remember this chapter.

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“Money makes you more of who you already are, so if you’re a generous person, it’s going to be magnified.” Emily Williams

“I believe that it’s our duty to be as wealthy as possible because when we have more money in the bank, we’re able to contribute to the world. We’re able to give back. We’re able to be more generous. We’re able to move things forward for our family and generations to come.” Emily Williams

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