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Emily Williams


How to Amp Up Your Sales

Emily Williams

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I’ve said it before and I have no doubt that I’ll say it again, you need to have a good relationship with the sales process to move your business forward. So many of the women that I work with are scared to sell, they’re scared to ask for business, or they’re reticent about the process, too concerned with being “sales-y.” 

Here’s the deal, nothing happens in your business until a sale is made. It doesn’t matter if you have put together the most amazing course ever, if you don’t sell a single unit, did you impact anyone? 

“The truth is, is life does throw us curve balls. There are challenges in businesses that come up every single day. You as the business owner, if that’s who you are, you need to know how to sell and be confident selling. Because when you’ve developed that skillset, you know that nothing can take you down.”

-Emily Williams

That being said, one of the most important topics that we cover with our clients at I Heart My Life is their relationship with sales. Many of us have stories that we tell ourselves about sales and those stories oftentimes stem from the money stories that we have. Which is why it is so important that you clear about your thoughts and feelings around this business necessity. 

Once you’re clear on your mindset regarding sales calls, the next question to ask yourself is, are you asking people to book a call with you? If you never invite people to speak with you, then you’ll never end up having those crucial calls. 

You should have a system and process in place for asking for the call and then for actually conducting the call. Then after you’ve spoken with your potential clients, you need a clear follow up process.

All of these steps are the key to have the confidence to sell. Just remember, it is not your job to sell your potential clients on working with you. You simply need to lead them to a clear yes or no on whether or not you two are a good fit to work together.

So, what does your sales process look like? Do you need to amp it up? 

In this Episode: 

[00:12] If you are a business owner, your job is to sell! Learn how you can become a more effective salesperson. 

[03:35] Why sales are so important to your business and your life.

[05:17] What is your opinion of selling? 

[07:07] How fears impact our ability to grow, scale, and sell.

[08:22] We are born with the skill of selling, but many of us forget how good at it we are. 

[09:58] So, where are you at with your mindset around selling? 

[12:33] Don’t be afraid to ask others to book a call with you.

[14:47] Have a clear system for asking people to book calls and be sure the system works for you, your audience, and your team.

[18:14] Take note of your feelings as you spend time on sales calls. 

[20:12] Once you’ve had your call, review what works for you to book calls. 

[21:49] Which metrics you need to track and know so that you can do more of what works. 

[22:24] Do you have a follow up process and is it targeted for all types of buyers? 

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“The truth is, is life does throw us curve balls. There are challenges in businesses that come up every single day. You as the business owner, if that’s who you are, you need to know how to sell and be confident selling. Because when you’ve developed that skillset, you know that nothing can take you down.” – Emily Williams

“The relationship is not just the phone call. Do not lose faith in those people on the call who say, well it’s not a no but it’s a not yet. Because so many people in our company have circled back around. Keep the energy super high vibe in that relationship.” – Emily Williams

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