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Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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One of the most amazing developments in the company this year has been the growth and connection we’ve built by expanding our team. Our team has increased by several members in recent months and think it’s important that you know who you’re working with. Listen as we share a bit about our backgrounds, our roles in the company, and why we all love working in I Heart My Life.

So obviously my role is changing. I’m truly stepping into the role of CEO and allowing my Operations Director, Head of Marketing, Executive Assistant and our coaches to handle more and more of the day to day operations. This has been a huge transition for me and for our company but it’s one that has allowed me the freedom to finally take a vacation!

“I hope that this is inspiring for all of you leaders and business owners to know that it’s possible for you to delegate and to have an incredible partnership with your team members.”

-Emily Williams

Listen in and meet Ashley, Megan, Kayla, Mallory, Kristen, Susan, Maggie, and Marylin. Of course, you know James, but he joined us for the meet and greet too because he’s such a huge part of the I Heart My Life team. This business would not be what it is today without these amazing people.

We also get a little personal! Listen right to the end to find out who is most likely to wear a messy bun, need or request a task, and have kids interrupting them! We’re also sharing some of the upcoming plans and ideas that we’re mulling over for I Heart My Life and you won’t want to miss them! 

In this Episode: 

[00:10] Get ready to learn what it takes to run a 7-Figure business.

[03:10] Welcome the team to the show!

[04:06] Learn more about James Williams and how he contributes to the I Heart My Life company and community.

[08:28] Ashley shares her journey with the team and why she’s enjoyed working with us.

[11:41] How we found our Megan, Director of Operations. 

[12:48] Megan gives some details about her background and her role within I Heart My Life.

[16:26] James shares what he thought stood out about Megan.

[19:53] Learn more about our Head of Marketing, Mallory Majcher. 

[22:57] Why collaboration and mutual trust has made our relationship so much better. 

[26:39] Maggie shares more about her role as our Instagram Strategist.

[28:27] Susan pops in to provide more information about her role and coaching expertise.

[31:50] Welcome Kristen Westcott, our lead strategist. 

[35:48] Marylin is our sales and clarity coach.

[38:16] The team shares what they love most about working with us in I Heart My Life.

[41:09] Why it’s so important for the team to click and understand that their role doesn’t end at a job description.

[42:04] What’s the first role a new business owner should prioritize.

[45:10] The team shares the one thing they’re super excited about that’s coming up next for the company.

[56:34] Who’s more likely to…

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“It’s not just like this one tough decision that we make. It’s many. There’s a whole mountain range of growth edges that we go through. Developing the ability to move through that and honor the struggle is what this game is all about.” – James Williams

“I hope that this is inspiring for all of you leaders and business owners to know that it’s possible for you to delegate and to have an incredible partnership with your team members.” – Emily Williams

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