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How to Host a 6-Figure Virtual Workshop

Emily Williams

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Webinars are dead. Not necessarily true but free live webinars are no longer bringing in the same qualified leads that they used to. Then Covid hit and we realized that several of the other parts of our business needed to shift too. Because we could no longer host our in-person events of which we had several scheduled. 

So we shifted and pivoted and hosted our first virtual workshop. The team and I dove right in, without any clue of how this is meant to be done, and just put our all into it… and we managed to sell every single one of our programs and courses. Because we were able to become more intimately familiar with our potential clients and meet them where they are with the right program or course to help them where they’re at. 

“We have the phrase “6-Figure Virtual Workshop” for a reason. Because we desire for you to make a lot of money from your workshop. Obviously it’s great for you to host a workshop and warm people up and build that community AND we want you to see the revenue.”

-Emily Williams

Which is always our goal. We want to meet each of you where you’re at and help, motivate, and inspire you to reach your dreams (or better than your dreams.) 

The first thing to consider when you’re developing your own virtual workshops is what topic you want to cover. This should be super simple because the topic you cover needs to correlate with the thing that you’re selling. If you’re a health coach, don’t do a workshop on business strategy. It leads the mind to confusion. 

Once you’ve chosen your topic it’s time to plan. You need to know when the workshop fits into your marketing schedule and your personal schedule, how you’re going to host it, and what the pricing is going to be. 

Then it’s time to implement. Want more details on how you can start to implement this strategy? Listen in to this episode and then check out the 6-Figure Virtual Workshop Blueprint Course

In this Episode: 

[03:53] Welcome back and get ready to learn why virtual workshops are important to your business.

[05:28] Why we included the words “6-figure” in our new course. 

[07:17] How you can make the most of the your time. 

[08:10] Learn more about Emily.

[11:47] Why your 6-Figure Workshop will help you stand out online.

[13:18] Emily shares why workshops work. 

[15:47] Quotes from people who have attended our workshops. 

[18:26] Hear the breakdown of numbers based on our first virtual workshop. 

[21:19] They have helped us to provide the right programs to the right people. 

[25:05] Learn about the first step to planning your 6-Virtual Workshop Blueprint.

[29:52] Now you’ll have to decide on dates, scheduling, and pricing. 

[32:40] How can you prepare your team for success? 

[35:17] The best way to fill your workshop. 

[39:54] Learn how to execute your workshop. 

[42:26] One of the things that we have done to make our virtual retreats amazing. 

[43:09] High performance habits you should observe while prepping for your workshop.

[45:38] How you should start your pitch or the sales process for the thing or things you’re trying to sell. 

[47:45] A quick recap of the things to consider when planning your first workshop.

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“Maybe like us, once Covid hit, you realized things were not going to be the same in your business. For us we had three live events planned and realized very quickly that, that probably wasn’t going to happen. So we were going to have to pivot and figure out another way to support our clients in making huge shifts and getting big results.”  – Emily Williams

“We have the phrase “6-Figure Virtual Workshop” for a reason. Because we desire for you to make a lot of money from your workshop. Obviously it’s great for you to host a workshop and warm people up and build that community AND we want you to see the revenue.” – Emily Williams

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