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Emily Williams


Real Coaching Session: How to Remove the Safety Switch in Your Life and Business with Dawn Kennedy

Emily Williams

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Sometimes the most powerful conversations are had when you would never expect it. Recently, our client and fantastic Mastermind member, Dawn Kennedy had a question that I knew would resonate with so many others. She agreed to allow our session to be used as an episode to show the progress that results from coaching conversations. 

“What if even on the “bad days” those are actually good days because they’re moving you in a certain direction or they’re creating strength or they’re providing a different perspective? How would it feel to flip the switch on what you consider a bad day?” -Emily Williams

Dawn has always been a driven individual but needs to do things the “right” way. Despite knowing that there is no right or wrong way to structure or run your business, she sets expectations for herself that aren’t fully in alignment with her business, herself, or her goals. Then when she doesn’t meet the expectations she’s set she feels as if things are off in her business. 

As we continue the conversation she reveals that more than setting expectations that don’t fit, she feels like her decisions need to be grounded in a guarantee. She is a financial coach and helps her own clients successfully assess and manage their own financial risk, but realized that she doesn’t do the same for herself. 

What is it that’s holding her back then? Is it her need to reach expectations that aren’t in alignment or her need for the safety and security that a firm foundation provides? 

Listen as she realizes the true cause of the mindset block that’s been plaguing her throughout this year. She also shares some of the wins that she’s really proud of and how she can make even those feel better. 

Your “bad days” are only bad if you allow them to be. If you can train yourself to see the silver lining as you’re walking through a situation, your life and business will be significantly more joy-filled. You’ll be able to see that this hard situation is actually preparing you for greatness.

In this Episode: 

[02:08] Dawn shares a mindset question that has been plaguing her in her business. 

[03:24] What precedes the lapse in her growth? 

[04:48] Where is that balance between having high expectations and understanding dynamic business? 

[07:32] Has Dawn had any of those days that were bad but actually pushed her in a positive direction? 

[08:15] What does it mean to Dawn to be grounded? 

[10:26] Why you should look for the silver lining while you’re in the process. 

[13:20] How does the need for a solid ground keep her from reaching her full potential? 

[15:52] What is her gut telling her will make a difference in removing the safety switch? 

[17:40] If she was in full trust of what she was meant for, would she ever worry? 

[20:00] When did her safety switch turn on in the first place? 

[21:01] What represents insecurity in her mind? 

[25:15] One thing that Dawn has really worked on this year. 

[27:16] Was there anyone in particular in her life that was very risk averse? 

[29:16] Dawn shares her thoughts on this particular session and the revelations she felt. 

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“What if even on the “bad days” those are actually good days because they’re moving you in a certain direction or they’re creating strength or they’re providing a different perspective? How would it feel to flip the switch on what you consider a bad day?” – Emily Williams

“The greater the challenge the greater preparation for what’s to come.” – Kevin Hart

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