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Emily Williams


How Two Women Overcame Job Loss During a Pandemic with Kristen Kunk and Nicole Hamzeloo

Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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The sure thing isn’t always so definitive. Many of us think that we’re safe in our corporate jobs because we get our weekly salary and the benefits are nice. But then something like COVID comes around and we realize that our security blanket isn’t real.

“What people don’t often understand is that part of the transformation is making the decision to go all in.” -Emily Williams

Both Kristen Kunk and Nicole Hamzeloo found themselves caught up in layoffs earlier this year due to the global pandemic. Instead of wallowing in doubt and fear however, they decided to look at this as an opportunity to pursue their passions. Both of them joined our I Heart Coaching program and they’re sharing how their lives have changed in unexpected ways.

For both of these women, they knew that if they were going to go all in on their business, then they needed to find the support that would help them reach their goals. They came into the program needing help with systems and how to do business online and realized that the mindset work was truly the most important. 

They’ve both seen some huge shifts in their lives and even bigger successes. I’m excited for you to listen to their stories, and if coaching is in your heart, then check out the I Heart Coaching program for yourself. This is one investment that you will not regret. 

Listen as Kristen and Nicole share exactly why they decided to invest in themselves with I Heart Coaching and have continued the work in our Mastermind!

In this Episode: 

[02:11] Welcome Kristen and Nicole to the show and learn more about their work and clients. 

[03:41] How did Kristen start on the path toward health coaching? 

[06:33] Why she decided to look at her layoff as an opportunity rather than a detriment.

[10:05] What did her husband think when she decided to go all in with her business? 

[11:33] Nicole shares how she caught the coaching bug.

[15:41] What was it about coaching that drew Nicole in? 

[16:27] Was there anything specifically that Kristen knew she needed support with? 

[17:20] What was holding Kristen back from gaining the visibility she needed? 

[20:28] Nicole shares her intention for joining the I Heart Coaching program. 

[23:49] How has Kristen taken action on the things she’s learned in the program? 

[28:33] What has Nicole achieved over the past few months? 

[32:38] Why Kristen and Nicole decided to join our Mastermind.

[36:40] What is Kristen most excited about in her company? Connect with Kristen. 

[37:41] Nicole shares what she’s most excited about and how to connect with her. 

[39:30] Their advice to the women who are trying to figure out next steps. 

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“What people don’t often understand is that part of the transformation is making the decision to go all in.” – Emily Williams

“I thought I could just throw it all out there in the beginning and all these people would want to come and work with me, but that’s just not how it happens.” – Kristen Kunk

“Consistency, showing up, and being visible is really important. I think that’s just a way that people can gain trust in you.” – Nicole Hamzeloo

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