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I know that Kevin Hart is a somewhat controversial character; you either love him or you hate him. But his books present some unique topics and things to consider as you begin to create your own success and travel your own path in life and business. Listen in as I share the top 12 success tips that I took away from his latest book. 

“It’s easier to get successful than to stay successful.” -Kevin Hart

Now I’m not going to go into explicit detail in these notes because you really should listen in to the episode. I shared several direct quotes from his latest book (linked below) and writing them all out here won’t do the lessons justice. However, I wanted to share the very first tip that he discusses. 

Kevin is brutally honest about his beginnings in life. He was an accident. A mistake. His mother was not planning to have him and in his early years she let him know that. She wasn’t a bad mother by any means, but he knew that his presence here on Earth wasn’t planned for. 

What did he do with that knowledge? Well obviously he didn’t let it get to him. He forged his path and created his success despite the fact that he “wasn’t meant to be here.” He never took it to heart that his mother wasn’t planning on his arrival because he knew that there were big plans for his life. 

How about you? Have you ever felt called to do something and then backtracked thinking that you weren’t enough? What if you instead decided to lean into that feeling and live out the calling? Where would you be now? 

Listen in to hear all about the other top success tips that gleaned from this amazing book, and then pop over and buy it for yourself! This is definitely one of those books that you want to keep on your shelf and revisit year after year!

In this Episode: 

[02:26] The three things you should listen for during this episode. 

[03:00] I dig into the very first tip Kevin shares in his book. 

[05:32] Why it’s never too late for your success or your career. 

[06:51] Your friends may love you but they aren’t necessarily the right people to help you succeed.

[11:40] Learn more about the role of acceptance in finding success.

[12:54] Stay ready!

[15:31] What does it mean to trust? 

[17:24] Challenges are imperative to longevity of success. Learn why!

[18:56] You have to take control of your life and dreams. 

[21:59] Don’t forget to be your own fan and promotional team. 

[23:46] Stop trying to take short cuts!

[25:09] How do you handle it when someone tells you no? 

[26:29] Are you still hungry for your business and success? 

[28:54] Do you have patience? How about persistence? 

Links & Resources: 

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons by Kevin Hart*

The Decision by Kevin Hart

*Note: This is an affiliate link, but I would become an affiliate if I didn’t fully support the product.

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“While we get to choose the roads we take, we don’t get to know where they lead. Acceptance then, is knowing that when your plan fails or when your road dead ends, it means a bigger plan is on the way. I’d rather be a part of a big plan than a small one.” – Kevin Hart

“It’s easier to get successful than to stay successful.” – Kevin Hart

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