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4 Branding Tips for New Business Owners with Hey Hello Studio

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Have you ever let a lack of branding keep you from launching a new business, program, or course? So many entrepreneurs find that having clear branding gives them the confidence to do business and therefore launch their ideas into the world. Jess and Gwen with Hey Hello Studio are here to share their four branding tips for new business owners and why you really can start with just the bare bones. 

“There’s always something that makes you stand out.” -Gwen Mocilnikar

Jess and Gwen have been working together for over a decade in various corporate roles. In fact they went to the same school together and lived in the same neighborhood but never knew it. It wasn’t until they were working at American Greetings that they realized how closely connected they were.

As their careers began to take off, they found themselves drawn to the world of entrepreneurship. However changing circumstances and amazing new opportunities kept them from diving headfirst into their first fledgling business. 

Fast-forward a couple of years and they knew it was time. Listen as they share their journey to where they are today and why they credit their corporate careers for the success of their new business, Hey Hello Studio.

For Jess and Gwen branding is the first step to feeling as if you have a legitimate business, but there is no need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars right in the beginning. Hopefully, if you’re a brand new business owner, your business will look drastically different a year from now. Listen to learn their four branding tips and what’s essential for you to start a legitimate business on a budget.

In this Episode: 

[00:50] Welcome Jess and Gwen to the show and learn more about their history.

[03:38] Why were they attracted to blogging in their corporate career? 

[05:02] What happened after they moved on from the blog? 

[07:25] Why they decided to shut down their side business for a time. 

[09:44] Learn more about their next steps. 

[13:07] Their experience with startups. 

[16:07] How were they marketing themselves? 

[17:34] Did Gwen eventually get to leave her full-time job? 

[19:26] What was the makeup of their first few clients? 

[21:23] Learn more about what they’re discovering as they build their business. 

[24:40] How they approach using branding to stand out in a crowded niche. 

[27:10] What is the most important branding piece you should invest in at the beginning? 

[30:31] Why a full-blown website isn’t needed in the beginning. 

[31:11] Learn what their biggest mindset shifts have been. 

[34:16] What are they most excited about in their company? 

[36:00] Learn one way that you can live a life better than your dreams.

[40:13] Connect with Jess and Gwen.

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“Not having solid branding was actually holding people back from launching…there’s a confidence in that. In order to look legitimate I need to have a brand.” – Jess

“There’s always something that makes you stand out.” – Gwen

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