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How to Step Into Your Own Shoes and Live Out Your Vision with Lucy Shahjahan

Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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Your light and your soul should never be dimmed. If you want to find true love, then you have to fall back in love with yourself and remember that you are your own soulmate. This realization is what brought Lucy Shahjahan out of a downward spiral and up into the life of her dreams. 

“Don’t over complicate where you’re at with your desires. Be loyal to those desires. Don’t overthink it. Take the action. Because it will put you on your path.” -Lucy Shahjahan

Lucy always wanted to be an actress but never gave herself the time or consideration to pursue her dreams. That all changed when she was 31. She realized that she was the one holding herself back and she was done. 

She completely changed her life and began pursuing her passions. She also gave herself permission to pursue them fully and moved to the U.S. in order to give herself the best chance at success. 

Her experiences in acting led her to the realization that she was meant for even more. She is now helping women all over the world find their inner queen and find love through the love and respect they have for themselves. She’s found her own soulmate and realized that the only reason she didn’t find him sooner was because of her own low vibrational choices.

Listen as we chat about her background, what drove her into coaching, and why she is so passionate about sharing her experiences with others. We have so many things in common regarding how we approach money and mindset and building yourself up to the life of your dreams. 

If one of your dreams is finding the love of your life, then listen in to learn why you need to stop searching and start working on your relationship with yourself!

In this Episode: 

[02:09] Welcome to the show Lucy!

[02:42] Lucy shares the story behind her success. 

[04:38] When did she realize she was unhappy? 

[06:41] How did she make the decision to quit the job she was unhappy in? 

[11:14] Listen as Lucy shares a targeted metaphor about her change in her career and path.

[12:52] Learn how acting led to the work that she does now.

[17:54] What was it that helped her move past her fears? 

[20:40] How did she move into and find her way through entrepreneurship? 

[23:51] Why shifting her mindset around money has changed her life and business.

[27:36] What happens after you embrace the “hells yes.” 

[29:44] Learn more about Lucy’s program. 

[34:01] Why she only coaches in a collective space.

[36:58] Opportunities are served to us in many different ways and it all stands on your mindset.

[39:16] Lucy has a new book coming out!

[44:15] When is the book being released? 

[45:25] What is one way that you can build a life better than your dreams? 

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“So no I didn’t have a backup plan. I just felt so liberated to not be running away from the discomfort of this wide open space and the uncertainty of what’s next.” Lucy Shahjahan

“Don’t over complicate where you’re at with your desires. Be loyal to those desires. Don’t overthink it. Take the action. Because it will put you on your path.” – Lucy Shahjahan

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