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So many people, women in particular, wonder if they could possibly be good business owners. The best way to overcome this is by learning how to think like an entrepreneur. I know that sounds a little far fetched, but so much of your success in business comes first from your thoughts, feelings, and how you take action. 

“It’s super important to be okay with taking risks and actually embrace those risks.” -Emily Williams

That’s why I’m sharing my top tips on how to think like an entrepreneur. Which all starts with…

Not thinking. It’s true. The first step is to stop allowing your thoughts to keep you from taking action in the first place. Step away from the negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs and know that if you truly desire it, then you’re meant to start that business. 

Once your desire is in place, ask yourself what the best way to achieve it is. That is a very important question to really sit in and figure out the ways in which you can make your desire come true quickly and efficiently. Keep this question in mind as you grow your business and you’re considering new directions. 

Also don’t be afraid to take risks. A business owner’s life is filled with moments where risk is involved and becoming comfortable with taking risks is imperative to growth. Every decision you make in your business has some risk associated with it. Just embrace the risk and do what makes the most sense in the moment.

But always try to look at your decisions based on where you want to go, not where you’re at right now. If you want to run a multi-six-figure business, don’t make decisions based on your current situation. Take action now toward your dream and make it a point to continue making those higher level decisions throughout!

Listen in to hear all of the ways you can switch your mindset and start thinking like an entrepreneur. Your mindset is a constant work in progress and it starts with your thinking. Shift your thoughts and you’ll see huge growth in your life and business. 

In this Episode: 

[01:41] Why becoming a business owner was less about thought and more about action for Emily.

[02:53] Once you have the desire in place, ask yourself what the best way to do this is.

[04:55] Don’t be scared to take risks. They’re necessary.

[08:03] Make decisions based on where you want to be, not from where you currently are. 

[09:26] Fall in love with the process of building a business. 

[11:38] Be prepared to make sacrifices. 

[15:28] Are you connected with your vision for your company? 

[16:37] Learn to love the challenges. 

[18:49] Don’t be scared to make quick decisions. 

[21:45] Ask yourself, what is the domino effect of the decision I’m making? 

[22:42] Straddle the future and the current moment at the same time. 

[23:45] Why you need to learn to delegate sooner rather than later.

[24:47] Business does not always need to be emotional. 

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“It’s super important to be okay with taking risks and actually embrace those risks.” – Emily Williams

“The most successful people make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly.” – Napoleon Hill

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