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How to Avoid the Top 4 Entrepreneurial Energy Traps with James Williams

Emily Williams

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As a high-performing, driven entrepreneur, you probably feel the need to go, go, go all the time. Does the phrase, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” ring any bells? Well, that mentality is neither healthy nor is it productive. Listen as my husband and Certified High Performance Coach James joins me to discuss the top four entrepreneurial energy traps and how you can overcome them. 

“Know that like any growth process, going through that uncomfortable stage is necessary to get to the comfortable restorative stage.” -James Williams

The first trap to consider is our addiction to mental stimulation. So many entrepreneurs feel that if they stop and take a breath, then they’re letting themselves, their businesses, and their employees and contractors down. But the brain wasn’t designed to be “on” all the time. In fact taking the time to rest, refocus, and recharge is imperative to health and growth. 

Next is the need to experience extreme euphoria every single day. Think of falling in love. That passion and obsession that you feel initially eventually fades away to a nice, comfortable, steady love. To stay in a state of euphoria would be terrible for your health and for any relationship you might have. So it’s damaging to think that staying in that state for your business is productive. 

If you live by the motto, no pain no gain, then you may be a victim of the third energy trap. Sometimes we feel we need to feel fear, pain, and stress, because if we aren’t then we must not be working hard enough. Again, you can love what you’re doing and still be working. If you’re feeling fear, pain, and stress then you’re probably focusing on the wrong things. 

Last but certainly not least, entrepreneurs and creatives have a tendency to stay focused in the wrong time. James likens this to there being three rooms that you spend your time in, the past, the present, and the future. We tend to spend more time in the future than in the present, but in reality, the future doesn’t exist. Spend more time in the present and take action and you’ll oftentimes feel less stressed.

Want to know how you can acknowledge and overcome these energy traps? Listen in to hear what James has to say on slowly but surely building habits that kick the traps to the curb. And if you hear nothing else, remember to start taking some small action today. Rome wasn’t built in a day and shifting your mindset around rest and recovery won’t happen in just one day either.

In this Episode: 

[02:22] Welcome James back to the show. 

[04:15] A quick frame of the four traps to open the conversation.

[05:46] The first challenge that entrepreneurs face is their addiction to mental stimulation. 

[09:26] How can we break the addiction to mental stimulation? 

[13:41] The addiction to wanting to experience extreme euphoria every day is a lack mindset. 

[14:34] What is the second entrepreneurial energy trap? 

[18:51] Living an inspiring life requires more than just running a business. 

[21:34] It’s important to think of yourself as an athlete because running a business is like running a marathon. 

[22:28] What you can do if you’re not sure how to transform your mindset around rest and recovery? 

[23:26] The third entrepreneurial energy trap. 

[26:01] Hear an amazing quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

[26:29] How can you change the “need” to feel fear, pain, and stress? 

[29:41] Learn the fourth energy trap.

[34:15] Ways that you can keep yourself firmly in the present so that you can take action. 

[36:22] If you’re dealing with any of these four things, then make a commitment today to shift away from these traps. 


“Know that like any growth process, going through that uncomfortable stage is necessary to get to the comfortable restorative stage.” – James Williams

“You having fun and being happy, that means that your brand is going to reflect that. That means that people are going to be even more inspired by you.” – Emily Williams

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