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Does the thought of hiring members to your team totally overwhelm you? Are you worried about the how-to behind finding, training, and retaining the right people for your team? Well, my friend, you are not alone. Truthfully, I am still working on this process in my company. That’s why I am so grateful for my newfound friendship with Dom Farnan, a woman who has literally made a life out of recruiting the right people to get a job done. 

Dom’s road to running a successful business (and team) is a unique one. She began paving her path toward entrepreneurship at just 17 (!!) years old and has so much to offer here as she shares the journey that led her to the career she has today: running a small team of 15 people at her recruitment agency, Dot Connect. Listen as she shares her trials and tribulations in hopes of helping you build the right team for your business. 

“You can’t teach people to give a s**t” -Dom Farnan

It took a friend to push her to move beyond her scarcity mindset and take the leap toward hiring a team, but once she did, Dom quickly learned how leading with abundance can totally change your confidence as a business owner and leader. After a few bumps in the road (client pushback is real) and scaling back her team that was a little too big for her vision, Dom realized building a team allowed her to build her business. 

As for her fears of transitioning responsibility over to other people? Having a team doesn’t have to mean you’re out of the picture. Dom explains how it’s all about being intentional with hiring the right people and setting them (and inherently your business) up for success. 

Despite what your fears are telling you, operating a successful business doesn’t have to be a one-woman show. Listen as we discuss how having a team is actually beneficial to your clients and opens new possibilities when it comes to scaling your business.  She gives the rundown of how to approach the hiring process (hint: don’t rush it), including looking for people who align with your values and possess beneficial attributes that cannot be taught (like, as Dom says, “giving a shit”).   

Worried about how to go about handing off responsibilities to your team? It can be scary for sure. Take baby steps, start with the foundations, and lead by example. Having your team members shadow you is always a great idea. And guess what? When you surround yourself with people you can teach and trust to do the job well, it feels really empowering. You might just even find time to focus on other aspects of your life and business that you love.  

In this Episode: 

[02:29] Meet Dom!

[04:17] Hear how Dom found her place in the world of recruitment.

[08:43] What led Dom to run her own business? 

[13:54] Hear some of Dom’s early fears and struggles as a business owner.

[16:35] The importance of team culture in any business. 

[17:15] From solopreneur to building a team. 

[19:39] Dealing with client pushback. 

[22:21] Learn Dom’s best tip for approaching the hiring process.

[26:07] Handing off the responsibility to your team members. 

[28:47] Does Dom miss any of the “doing” now that she has a team? 

[31:53] Juggling motherhood and running a business (Hint: no mom guilt allowed).

[35:45] How does someone know if they’re right for your company? 

[37:31] What are some of the important steps to remember as you’re going through the hiring process?

[39:20] What’s next for Dom and Dot Connect? 

[42:40] What is one way you can create a life that is better than your dreams?

[43:53] Are you ready for a recruiter? (Working with Dot Connect!) 

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“I tell my team now, culture is the number one most important thing that I’m focused on. Like, it’s what it’s literally what keeps me up at night. It’s literally what I focus a lot of my energy on because you have to have the right team and the right culture to do the right type of work and have and achieve excellence with your clients and whatever your business is.” -Dom Farnan 

“You can’t teach people to give a s**t” -Dom Farnan

“Hire slow. Take your time. And if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.” -Dom Farnan 

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