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Lessons From The Crown: Why Self Validation Is So Important

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How many times do you go to bed feeling bad about all of the things you didn’t get done that day? I’m right there with you. And we’re not alone. A lot of driven women thrive off of those feelings of accomplishing all the things, right? We love to check off the items on the to-do list. We try to do it all. Now, when we inevitably run out of time (or dare to take a break!), we feel we’re not worthy of validation because we didn’t do enough. We’ve taught ourselves that achievement equals success and only that success is worthy of validation and pride. Guess what? It’s time we change that thought process. 

“Self-validation should be the thing that fills you up. The compliments and other people saying nice things about you, that should just be the bonus. It should not be something that you require to have happiness and to feel confident about yourself.” -Emily Williams

I was recently inspired by one of my favorite shows, The Crown (Season 4, Episode 8 to be exact), and started thinking about how much validation impacts our confidence and, therefore, our success. Truthfully, I’ve been doing a lot of work around self-validation and self-love lately and I know I’m not alone in needing this shift in mindset. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and instead celebrate the greatness we bring to the table. 

That’s why I wanted to use this episode to talk about self-validation and why it’s imperative for our well-being in life and business. Simply put, we need to be kinder to, and more appreciative of, ourselves. As my husband often reminds me, self-validation should be the thing that fills you up, and everything else should just be a bonus. Your sense of worth and confidence shouldn’t depend on the words of someone else. 

You are worthy. You are amazing. You do great things. I could go on and on and say these things, right? But you need to hear them from yourself. Let me remind you that you don’t have to wait for some big achievement to recognize your worth and practice self-appreciation, either. In fact, I encourage you to start practicing self-validation and self-appreciation with every little thing you can think of. Showing appreciation for yourself has to be part of your daily routine in order for you to feel validated and to feel that self-worth that we are all craving. 

So, join me on this episode to hear the whys and hows behind starting the practice of self-validation in your life. Not only do I talk about why self-validation is so important to your success (and general well-being), but I also give you some ways you can start practicing more self-love in your life today. I invite you to listen to this episode and join me in practicing more self-love and appreciation because you, my friend, deserve it. 

In this episode… 

[03:38] Hear the inspiration behind the episode. 

[05:22] How do you feel love and validation?

[07:11] The importance of self-validation. 

[09:06] The slippery-slope of achievement-based validation. 

[12:47] Making self-validation and appreciation a regular practice. 

[14:12] How can you practice self-validation on a daily basis? 

[15:41] Success and self-love. 

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“You are your first client. And so validate yourself, take care of yourself. Show that appreciation, show that love in a way that feels really good for you.” -Emily Williams 

“Self-validation should be the thing that fills you up. The compliments and other people saying nice things about you, that should just be the bonus. It should not be something that you require to have happiness and to feel confident about yourself.” -Emily Williams 

“And if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years, success is really dependent on your view of yourself. You have to sell to yourself before you can sell to anyone else. You have to believe that you can do it. You have to appreciate yourself and show yourself self-love.” -Emily Williams 

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