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How to Give Yourself Permission

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You don’t have to do things the way others have done them. Now, of course, there is a lot to learn from experts in your field. There’s no need to totally reinvent the wheel where you don’t have to, but I’d argue it’s equally as important to know that there’s more than one set way to get the results you desire. 

“We want to follow the people who have come before us, but that doesn’t mean that you [shouldn’t] sprinkle a little bit of yourself into the recipe as you’re making this incredible product or building this brand. In fact, it’s actually really important that you do.” -Emily Williams 

The idea of giving yourself permission has been coming up a lot with our IHML clients, and after having a major realization in my own life and business at the start of this year (like literally on New Year’s Day), I knew I had to record this episode. Listen as I dive into the importance of giving yourself permission to pivot in your business (and your life) if it means following your heart. I discuss the difference between fear-based resistance and resistance caused by misalignment. Now, to help you take action, I reveal the questions that you can ask yourself any time you feel like you should be doing something. (Hint: if it’s not in alignment with your desires, you probably shouldn’t). 

Remember, it’s your dream. It’s your business. So, why can’t you give yourself permission to build it on your own terms? To make changes? To do things differently than what has been done? (Hint: you can). 

Follow along as I explain how you can create your own version of the path that plays to your strengths and gets you results. The truth is, there is more than one way to get to the results you desire. In fact, it’s the small tweaks, the personal touches, we make along the way that really defines our brands and makes them unique to us. So, give yourself permission to deviate from the set path. In fact, I encourage you to do so. 

And this doesn’t just apply to your business. Whether you’re on a mission to lose weight, be more productive, eat healthier — literally, any goals you have for yourself — I explain why it’s important to be able to understand when to listen to the experts and when to set off on your own version of the path others have paved before you. Don’t do the workout if you hate it. Don’t eat the food if it makes you gag. Find another way. 

If you’re ready to move full force in the direction of your desires for your life and business, this episode is going to help you do that. Remember, this is the year for you to live a life that’s better than those dreams, Lovely. 

In this episode… 

[01:50] Why you need to start giving yourself permission (with “Jane”).  

[03:19] Balancing expert advice and your own intuition. 

[04:00] The questions you can ask to ensure alignment (and build your business). 

[06:23] How I navigated a recent pivot in my own business. 

[08:36] There’s always another path to the result you want. 

[11:01] Knowing the difference between relief and fear. 

[14:08] It’s okay to go in a different direction (as long as it feels right).

[15:01] It gets to feel good and be successful (the ultimate form of self-love). 


“We want to follow the people who have come before us, but that doesn’t mean that you [shouldn’t] sprinkle a little bit of yourself into the recipe as you’re making this incredible product or building this brand. In fact, it’s actually really important that you do.” -Emily Williams 

“When you’re learning from somebody, give yourself the permission to tweak things a little bit or to edit it if it doesn’t feel in alignment. And of course, there’s going to be times where you feel resistance because you’re doing something new, but that’s why you need to start to recognize the difference between resistance and not moving forward– because maybe you’re scared or maybe because you’ve never done it before– and resistance when something truly isn’t in alignment and it’s not the way that you’re meant to we’ll be doing it.” -Emily Williams

“I really believe that there’s a way to have success and follow a plan and have step-by-step processes, but also infuse your heart into what you’re doing. And ultimately when your heart is in something, you’re going to give it your all and it’s going to be so much more successful.” -Emily Williams 

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