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How to Know If You’re Ready to Run Facebook Ads with Jennifer Spivak

Emily Williams

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You know that feeling when you meet someone whose values you just totally align with? That’s how I felt when I met Jennifer Spivak. We both believe that when women go after their dreams and achieve financial success, the world can change. That’s what it’s all about, right? Finding that freedom, that passion, that purpose that can change not only your own life but the lives of others. 

“Something that I really focus on is this contextual shift between results delivery and service delivery. And the fact of the matter is because there are 5 million factors at play in terms of whether or not my clients get results. I can’t ever fully own results delivery. It’s literally impossible. So in trying to do that, I am setting myself up for failure.” -Jennifer Spivak

Jennifer has a truly inspiring story behind her business (and she shares it in more detail in this episode!). After escaping an abusive relationship herself (with the help of a fund she kept hidden from her abuser), she spent some time involved in advocacy work surrounding domestic violence. That’s when she realized that financial abuse created a roadblock for so many women trying to escape these relationships. Unlike her, they didn’t have access to a secret fund to help them escape their situation. 

From that moment on, it became her mission to put more money into the hands of more women. And that’s exactly what she’s doing with her Facebook advertising agency. She has so much to offer in terms of insight into life, business, and chasing your dreams. Follow along as we dive into the story behind her women-centered business and her tips for aspiring (and current) business owners just like you. 

Not only do we discuss her top tips for running Facebook ads, but we talk about essential aspects of entrepreneurship too, like why building a strong foundation is essential to any ad campaign and why setting boundaries is essential to your mental health. We talk about the importance of understanding what’s within your control (and letting go of what isn’t) when it comes to client success and why taking a holistic approach to business is best for long-term success. 

For those of you just starting out or feeling burdened by the beginning stages of your journey? Jennifer knows that building a business from the ground up can definitely be overwhelming at times (that’s why she strongly believes in simplifying). So, she also explains how she uses her desires to drive her business and why she runs her business on the idea of working smarter, not harder. 

The bottom line? Her story is inspirational. She is inspirational. What she has been able to do with her business is just incredible. There’s so much packed into our conversation regarding not just Facebook Ads but running a powerful, purpose-driven (and successful) business in general. Be sure to tune into my interview with her today!

In this episode… 

[01:10] Welcome Jennifer! Hear her share the story behind her women-centered business. 

[05:20] Why Facebook Ads? (And how she trained herself to be an expert)!

[07:17] Hear how she went from “the boys club” to creating a women-led agency. 

[09:17] Listen as Jennifer describes the biggest lessons she learned when starting her agency. 

[10:50] Jennifer talks about the importance of setting boundaries.

[15:34] What needs to be in place before you jump into the world of Facebook Ads. 

[19:44] Jennifer discusses the mindset that allows her to work smarter, not harder. 

[23:28] Hear Jennifer’s advice to anyone just starting out (and how she got her very first clients). 

[26:22] How her business has grown (and where she plans to take it in 2021).

[29:43] Hear Jennifer’s tip for living a life that’s better than your dreams. 


“Something that I really focus on is this contextual shift between results delivery and service delivery. And the fact of the matter is because there are 5 million factors at play in terms of whether or not my clients get results. I can’t ever fully own results delivery. It’s literally impossible. So in trying to do that, I am setting myself up for failure.” -Jennifer Spivak

“I think, for some reason, people have built up Facebook ads like this magical thing that is going to fix their business and bring in all new clients, but it is just a channel. So all of the marketing, one-on-one all of those sort of non-sexy foundational things must be perfectly dialed in, in order for Facebook to actually grow your business.” -Jennifer Spivak

“A lot of times people do start their business from the bottom and work on so many different facets themselves. There may be, you know, a one-woman show for a while. And so sometimes figuring out what actually works, validating your product, looking at where your customers are coming from– it can fall by the wayside because you’re doing so many things.” -Emily Williams 

“I look for the easy way to do things. That’s kind of the guiding light, so to speak, of how I run my business, like what would feel really good? What would be the easiest way to have this happen? So for example, you know, is it write 35 emails? Or is it spend $3,500 on ads? I’m going to spend the money on the ads.” -Jennifer Spivak

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