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How to Have an Influential Voice and Leave a Legacy with Tricia Brouk

Emily Williams

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Storytelling is one powerful tool. To highlight just how powerful it can be, I was thrilled to have the incredible Tricia Brouk back for another episode of the I Heart My Life show. (She was last with us in Episode 18 which you can find here). This time, she’s here to discuss how we all have the power to influence others with our story and, by doing so, leave a legacy behind. Tricia is an award-winning writer, producer, director, and esteemed speaking coach who I greatly admire for so many reasons. After listening to our conversation, I’m certain you’ll understand why. 

“There are 7.8 billion people on this planet and as human beings, now more than ever, we understand how directly connected we are and that we are ultimately one. And when you share your powerful message and your personal story, you will reach the one person on this planet that you are meant to reach. And guess what? You can change and even save their life.” -Tricia Brouk

Follow along as Tricia explains her journey from dancing on stage in New York to helping speakers on stage at events like TEDx, and how the latter opened the door for her to step into her passion of helping others find their voice and share their story with others. While she never imagined she’d end up in the coaching space (she admits she didn’t really know online businesses were much of a thing at first), Tricia details how she took a bold (and determined) leap of faith to step into her true calling and create a “new space” where she has been able to support an international audience of incredible speakers. 

Tricia talks about everything from her new book that she literally wrote in one week (it comes out on April 27th) to what it truly means (and takes) to be an influential speaker who leaves a legacy in this world. Not only does Tricia share her experience writing her book in which she uses stories from her life to influence and inspire others, but she breaks down how you could approach writing your own book too (because you totally can). We also touch on the vulnerability involved in putting your story out there for the world to hear (or read), explaining why it is an imperative piece to the puzzle of influencing others. 

At the end of the day, our stories are what connect us. Whether they are coming from a place of vulnerability, trauma, or success, they are an influential tool we can use to teach others. So, this is the episode for anyone with a desire to share your message with the world. No matter through which medium you wish to share your story and spread your influence (a podcast, a book, a course, a stage, whatever) you’ll want to make sure to listen to this one because our conversation highlights how you (yes you) can increase your influence as you grow in your business. 

The bottom line is we all have a voice, and whether you’re talking on a stage or on the subway, it’s important to think about how we use it. This episode serves as a reminder that everyone, literally every single person, has a story to share. Tune in to our conversation to learn how you can start sharing your story today

Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 

In this episode… 

[03:29] Welcome, back Tricia! She shares her journey on stage from dancer to speaker (and now coach). 

[07:28] How her boldness and tenacity paved the way for her legacy. 

[09:23] How Trica went from unconscious competence to conscious confidence. 

[11:29] Everyone has a powerful message to share (and how to know when you’re ready to). 

[16:07] Your story is meant to be heard by someone. 

[18:34] Tricia shares her experience writing her book (and how you can do it too).

[26:43] Moving through the roadblocks of vulnerability. 

[28:59] Hear about Tricia’s new book (and why you need to read it). 

[31:46] The power of voice (even in everyday situations). 

[34:12] How to get your hands on Tricia’s book (and why you should preorder now). 

[35:15] How to approach sharing your story. 


“When I stepped fully into who I was meant to be in the world and moved from being an unconscious competent to a conscious confident, I knew I was showing up in a way that is of service. And that my gifts are meant to have a much bigger reach.” -Tricia Brouk 

“There are 7.8 billion people on this planet and as human beings, now more than ever, we understand how directly connected we are and that we are ultimately one. And when you share your powerful message and your personal story, you will reach the one person on this planet that you are meant to reach. And guess what? You can change and even save their life.” -Tricia Brouk

“It’s so important now, more than ever, for people to understand that we need more leaders and we need more people stepping out and moving past the fear and speaking up and just being those guides for others who are maybe still too afraid to speak.” -Emily Williams 

“We’re all capable of more than we believe we’re capable of.”  -Tricia Brouk

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