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If multiplying your current income by 10x sounds desirable to you, you’re in the right place.

I’m back with part four of my on-going series in which I share the knowledge and insights from the pages of Catherine Ponder’s incredibly inspiring (and life-changing) book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity. The chapters I explore in this episode are especially juicy and offer life-changing advice for how you can create massive shifts in terms of money and wealth in your life and business.

“Remind yourself often that if others have attained financial independence, so can you. What one has done, many can do. What can be done to a small degree can, with persistence, frequency, and earnestness, be done to an unlimited degree. It is up to you.” -Catherine Ponder

Join me as I dive into the knowledge Ponder offers in chapters 10 through 12 and reveal why financial independence can be yours and just how to make it happen. I really want you to understand that this is possible for you. That’s why I share actionable steps you can take to literally 10x the amount of money you’re regularly bringing in (and it’s easier than you may think). In fact, I share 10 things you can do every day to welcome financial abundance into your life. I might as well have called this episode “the power of 10…”

With this episode, I want you to understand the power of positive and prosperous thought. I reveal what Ponder believes to be the key to financial independence (hint: It’s something we feel very strongly over at IHML). For those of you who’ve ever felt guilty for putting your desires first, I explain why it’s essential to focus your energy and emotion on those big desires (and why you need to make prosperous thinking a priority every day). 

Not only does this episode go into Ponder’s technique for bringing more wealth into your thoughts (and bank account), but I remind you of the effects of the Law of Attraction. Remember, what you think, say, and do impacts your path to prosperity. That’s why I outline 10 steps you can take each day to be on your way to achieving the financial independence you desire. From removing uncertainty and doubts from your mind to building detailed mental pictures of where you want to be, these steps showcase how you can take control and start laying the foundation for your financial dreams to become a reality. 

The chapters I review in this episode are just more proof of how incredibly powerful and life-changing your mind can be. I even explain how you can change an experience after it has already happened (but you’ll have to listen to hear how).  And it’s not just about you, either. Listen to hear the role love, goodwill, relationships, and prayer play in achieving your dreams. Now, whether you are religious or not, Ponder’s views on the power of prayer in prosperity are worth the listen. In fact, prayer can mean a variety of things. So, I give you four types of prayer you can practice to help you get in touch with (and achieve) your rich desires and prosperity. 

As much as I love this series, there is so much knowledge and potential to be experienced in this book that I can’t possibly cover it all. So, if you don’t have this book yet, you definitely want to get it. And don’t forget to go back and listen to the first three episodes of this series (if you haven’t already) and be sure to tune in for the next one! 

P.S. Keep your ears open for the promo to save 15% on my signature I Heart Money course, the course designed to help you shift your money mindset so you can be on your way to creating as much wealth as you desire. Because guess what? You can have it (you deserve to have it, too). This course, including its 8 content-filled modules, a free workbook, video trainings, and over 20 hours of real-life coaching call recordings, can help you get it. Head over to our website’s course page to access this incredible course and all of its exclusive content and resources. 

In this episode… 

[03:06] Chapter 10: Financial independence can be yours (and how to get it). 

[05:41] The role (and strength) of emotions when they’re concentrated on your big desires. 

[08:22] Why you need to conserve your time and energy (and make prosperous thinking a priority).  

[13:42] Techniques to help you step into financial independence (and increase your wealth 10x).

[18:27] Learn the 10 steps that help you achieve financial independence. 

[24:44] Chapter 11: The Prosperity Law of Love and Goodwill. 

[28:58] Chapter 12: The Prosperity Law of Prayer (and the power of meditation). 

[31:06] How to practice setting yourself up for prosperity today. 


“The desire to be self-supporting and financially independent is a divine desire that has been implanted in the intellectual and emotional nature of man to help him progress, achieve and build a worthwhile life for himself.” -Catherine Ponder

“Your great good is as much yours before it becomes visible as it is afterward, but it’s up to you to bring it into visibility” -Catherine Ponder

“Remind yourself often that if others have attained financial independence, so can you. What one has done, many can do. What can be done to a small degree can, with persistence, frequency, and earnestness, be done to an unlimited degree. It is up to you.” -Catherine Ponder

“We need to be paying attention to the mind and what we’re feeding it. One of the ways to do that is by getting really quiet and actually paying attention and focusing on what it is that you want through meditation and silence. We’re always so busy, and we don’t actually pay attention to the thoughts running through our mind.” -Emily Williams 

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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

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