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The Sales Success Recipe with James Williams

Emily Williams

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James Williams on Writing on a Piece of Paper with a Black Laptop

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Feeling down about sales? Truthfully, it can be overwhelming putting yourself and your offers out there for others to see (and purchase). I totally understand your reservations here, and I want you to know that you are definitely not alone. I think about how many people have incredible offers sitting in their hearts, minds, or computers but who let their fears or uncertainties about sales keep them from sharing their value with others. This episode is a great way to remind you that it’s not just about having something to offer, but you have to know how to sell it before you can start using whatever that thing” is to impact the lives of others. 

“It’s really easy to passionately talk about something you believe in, right? If you believe in something, you can sell it. So what does that tell you? You need to believe in what you’re selling.” -James Williams 

So, this is a special episode all about sales, featuring my husband, James Williams. James is an impactful high-performance coach here at I Heart My Life. After he did this incredible training all about the secret to approaching sales with the I Heart Coaching students a few days ago, I knew I had to share it here, too. Sales is one aspect of business where entrepreneurs (especially coaches) are always looking for support. One of the (many) things I love and admire about James is his ability to break down this topic in a super simple way that has you feeling confident about your offer and guilt-free about putting it out into the world. 

Now, if you are someone who struggles with sales or feels sleazy charging for your products or services, this is the perfect episode for you. In fact, when James first started in the industry, the ideas of sales made him uncomfortable. Now he understands how imperative sales are to the success and longevity of any business and, in this episode, he shares some of his best tips for approaching sales in your business.

Follow along as James explains why passion is at the heart of all successful sales. If you don’t believe in what you are selling, you can’t expect anyone else to believe (or invest) in it either. Luckily, in this episode, he reveals his entire recipe for successful sales. Whether you’re showing up on Instagram, running a Facebook ad, or hopping on a sales call, he offers tangible advice that you can apply to your business and offers ASAP. 

Listen as he explains how you need to believe in what you are selling before you can expect anyone else to believe in it, reminding us that we are always our number one client. He even guides you through a series of questions you can ask yourself as a checkpoint before you put the offer out there. He then goes on to explain how to find the sweet spot for your sales. It’s all about honing in on your product or service and identifying (and truly understanding) your ideal client. Lastly, he offers advice about the delivery of your sales, especially when it comes to how you are expressing your offer on sales calls. 

You have to remember that your sales are about future value. If you continuously find yourself getting caught up in the stress of the moment of the sales call, remind yourself that you are there to offer a product or service that will make that person’s life better. There is so much insight to pull from this episode, but remember, it’s only as powerful as how you implement it in your business. 

In this episode… 

[04:23] Why you can stop feeling sleazy about sales. 

[06:48] To be a good coach, you have to be a good salesperson (and vice versa). 

[07:34] Believing in your offer is an essential component of sales. 

[08:57] Finding the sales “sweet spot” for your product or service. 

[12:00] Learn the importance of passion for your business and successful sales. 

[15:50] Understanding your ideal client (how it helps you sell them what they want and need). 

[20:54] Why you need to be able to explain the ROI. 

[23:18] Why sales expression matters (and how you can practice it). 

[27:55] A quick recap of the recipe for sales success. 


“To be a business owner, no matter what level you’re at and no matter what position you have, you have to know how to sell. “ -James Williams 

“It’s really easy to passionately talk about something you believe in, right? If you believe in something, you can sell it. So what does that tell you? You need to believe in what you’re selling.” -James Williams 

“There’s no trick here. Create something great. Believe it and sell it. That’s simple.” -James Williams 

“It’s your job to explain the ROI. It’s your job to explain how the investment is a small percentage of the overall game. Not only financially, but internally with confidence, more choices and freedom, relationships, everything.” -James Williams 

“Don’t assume that they know what the ROI is because they might be just thinking of one little thing. They have no idea that, let’s say you’re a business coach, it’s also going to allow them to feel confident and happy, which can improve their relationships and their health and how they show up and how they stand and what they wear and how they feel about themselves.” -James Williams 

 “Really explain the ROI, which means that before any sales calls, you want to be writing down and have a full description of all the benefits of your program. Everything that you can possibly imagine. And then you line up those benefits, with what you’ve learned about your client before you get on that call.” -James Williams 

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