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Emily Williams


Simple PR Habits to Increase Visibility and Impact with Jane Tabachnick

Emily Williams

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We all know visibility is an essential component to growing a business. While many people think you need years of experience and a robust list of clientele to get your name out there in the media, that simply isn’t the case. If you’re just getting started building your brand and growing your business, that’s excellent news for you. What’s even better is that the steps increasing your visibility and impact through PR isn’t as complicated as you may think.

“No one cares what you say about you. They may like you. They may follow you. But for the most part, marketing messages and advertising are not trusted. People trust the media, and they trust third-party credibility.” -Jane Tabachnick

Take it from PR expert Jane Tabachnick. Jane is a fashion designer turned PR expert who learned first hand the power media exposure can have on taking a business to that next level of visibility, impact, and even credibility. I was so excited to chat with her for this episode all about building simple yet effective PR habits in your business. 

Jane’s story going from the world of fashion to the world of publicity is proof that you don’t necessarily need to hire an expert or firm to get your name out there and build the following you desire. As she explains in this episode, the ability to tell stories, showcase your value-add, and relate to the audience are the foundation elements of successful PR. In fact, the key to gaining media interest is showcasing the value you bring to their audience. The good news? Whether you’re just getting started with a few practice clients or have been in business for years, we all have success stories we can share. 

I invite you to follow along as Jane and I discuss everything you need to know about getting started with PR in your business. We explore why stories are a PR staple and at the root of gaining exposure and building credibility. Jane also dives into the different avenues you can use to start getting publicity and visibility for your business. (Hint: it’s all about building relationships). She even outlines her signature ‘hug an influencer’ technique to increase visibility and impact on social media. 

The truth is, people care more about what others are saying about you than what you’re saying about yourself. That means that 3rd party credibility is one of the essential elements of PR you should establish. Not only does that publicity build traction for your brand, but it also establishes an element of trust you simply cannot build on your own. Wondering about paid publicity? Don’t worry. We cover that too. 

Now, before you write off PR as something you can tackle on your own in your business, listen as Jane outlines exactly how to approach media personnel to pitch yourself and your brand. She even walks you through her best tips for building PR habits that will increase your visibility and open the door for amazing opportunities for you and your business. 

No matter what stage of business you are in, this episode is full of incredible tips and actionable steps that you can start implementing in your business today. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a notebook, and let’s dive in! 

In this episode… 

[03:35] Welcome to the show, Jane! How Jane went from fashion designer to PR expert. 

[06:17] Learn how (and why) Jane left the fashion industry for the world of PR. 

[08:10] How to get started with PR in your business.

[09:14] Learn why you don’t need decades of experience to get started. (You just need a story). 

[11:45] The different avenues you can use to start getting publicity and visibility (including influencers). 

[15:11] Jane’s trick for connecting with media personnel.

[18:46] PR is important for building credibility and trust. 

[20:06] Jane’s advice on paid PR opportunities. 

[21:34] Top tips for increasing your visibility and building PR habits. 

[24:44] The three ways to get publicity (including working with Jane). 

[26:10] Jane’s advice for living a life better than your dreams. 


“It’s possible for anyone to get PR. Everyone has success stories.” -Jane Tabachnick

“Most of us don’t start out as experts. We’re not perfect. So, if you can be relatable and you can show how you help solve a problem or how your product helps solve a problem, that’s really valuable to the [audience]. And that’s what the media cares about.” -Jane Tabachnick

“I think that sometimes we think it needs to take decades, but [we can] also utilize some of the information and some of the results that we got prior to even opening the doors [of the business] as examples of what’s possible.” -Emily Williams 

“No one cares what you say about you. They may like you. They may follow you. But for the most part, marketing messages and advertising are not trusted. People trust the media, and they trust third-party credibility.” -Jane Tabachnick

“The thing to keep in mind is to get in the game. Do the simple things. If you can do it every day, great. If not, do it three times a week. Do something because you have to be in the game. Anyone you see getting on stage, being interviewed on podcasts, getting press is pitching, it’s not just happening organically or magically. They’re not luckier than you. They’re either taking the steps themselves, or they’re hiring someone to help them.”  -Jane Tabachnick

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