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Do you ever find yourself second-guessing your path in life? Maybe you know in your heart what you want to do but don’t quite know how to make it happen. Or perhaps you feel like it’s too late to start over or go after your dreams. Honestly, we could probably all use a little more alignment in our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in the expectations of others or the pressures we put on ourselves. The truth is, our souls will always lead us down the right path. (We just have to be willing to follow.) 

“I really believe that it’s our weirdness— the things that we’re weirdly obsessed with— that actually are revealing this golden path for us. I call it living the soul-led life. The soul is calling us in that direction.” -Rebecca Campbell

Join me on this episode where I chat with the writer, mystic, devotional creative, and intuitive visionary Rebecca Campbell. I’ve admired Rebecca for many years and have wanted to have her on the show for quite some time. I’m so excited that the moment is finally here and that I get to share it here with you. 

There is something so beautiful about the way she lets her soul and intuition guide her life. Follow along as we talk about how to move forward and follow your desires even when it feels scary. As a young adult, Rebecca struggled with acknowledging that her career path wasn’t going to look like a traditional career trajectory. She shares her journey going from a thriving career as a creative director to leaving her job to follow her intuition and write her first book, and all the challenges in between. Over the years, Rebecca has created a truly inspiring personal brand based on living a soul-led life in order to achieve your purpose and find alignment. 

I just love her outlook regarding the experiences we have in life in that nothing is ever wasted. Listen as she explains how she has learned to embrace every experience in various facets of her life. As she describes, each one plays a role in revealing the path before us. 

I know you’ll appreciate Rebecca’s honesty regarding the many aspects of following your soul’s calling. She’s willing to admit that running your own business has its hardships, noting that it’s much easier to work through them when you’re in alignment. (She’s right.) When things align with your soul and intuition, you’ll notice problems feel a little lighter.

Now, perhaps one of my favorite parts of this episode is when Rebecca eloquently explains the lessons we can all learn from nature. Listen as she explains just why we should all be a bit more like flowers, and how paying more attention to nature can help you be more in-tune with your soul. I’m telling you, after this episode, you’ll be ready to embrace nature in a whole new way. 

So, if you’re trying to find your calling or feeling stuck as you look for ways to step into your calling, you’ll find Rebecca’s story highly relatable. If you’re looking to find more fulfillment, feel more aligned, and live a soul-led life, this is the episode for you. 

In this episode… 

[04:46] Welcome, Rebecca! She explains her search to find her calling. 

[10:48] Hear how Rebecca finally came out of her ‘spiritual closet’.

[15:13] How Rebecca navigated the concerns and uncertainties of starting something new. 

[16:49] The process of writing her first book and stepping into her calling. 

[22:26] The power of following your intuition. 

[26:30] No experience in life is ever a waste. 

[29:49] The positive impact of alignment on your business. 

[31:57] Rebecca shares more about her latest book, Letters to a Starseed

[36:44] Rebecca’s advice for bringing forth your soul. (Nature’s biggest lesson.)


“I really believe that it’s our weirdness— the things that we’re weirdly obsessed with— that actually are revealing this golden path for us. I call it living the soul-led life. The soul is calling us in that direction.” -Rebecca Campbell

“It’s pointless if we just receive the ideas and talk about the ideas, um, or the hunches or whatever they are, um, we got to turn them into action. We’ve got to show up every day with the baby step” -Rebecca Campbell

“When you have the call to follow a particular path, you can be like, ‘Oh gosh, I’ve wasted all these years not doing it. I should have started six months ago and I’ve missed my moment.’  But I don’t think that is true. I don’t think it is ever too late. I also think that [on] the path we walk, nothing is ever wasted.” -Rebecca Campbell

“When you start to really pay attention to your gifts and what you bring to the world, that’s where all of the doors open. People get it and people are drawn to it. It comes more easily than when you’re trying to do something that’s not authentic.”  -Emily Williams  

“We are not separate from nature. We literally are nature ourselves. What nature shows us every single day is that it is not stagnant. It is completely cyclic… just because we’re not living the life of our dreams right now doesn’t mean that it wasn’t what we dreamt of before. That’s different from the goalpost constantly changing. We are changing and we are meant to change.” -Rebecca Campbell 

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