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How to Stop Hiding from Yourself and Go for Your Dreams

Emily Williams

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I need to ask… 

When was the last time you let fear talk you out of making a change, taking a risk, or saying yes to an opportunity?

Now, what if that change, risk, or opportunity was the thing that could have changed it all? Could have changed the course of your life (and business) for the better? 

I get it. Change isn’t just hard. It can be downright scary. 

Perhaps, like me, you’re an overachiever who wants to go, go, go. You know you’re meant for something big. You want success. You want financial freedom. You know what your desires are. 

Does that sound like you?

You know that there will be a time where, in order to scale your business and actually step into those big desires, you are going to have to make some changes, try new things, and put yourself out there. 

And it’s likely that you’re experiencing some fear and resistance around that change. You might even find yourself hiding from certain opportunities. 

Still sound like you? 

While you might feel guilty for avoiding things that you know could help move you in the direction of the results you are after, you’re not alone. 

The truth is, our brains love to trick us into thinking that we’re staying “safe” by avoiding change. What we are really doing is playing into our fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of judgment. Fear of success (trust me, it’s a thing). 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret– transformation is waiting on the other side of that fear. 

The good news? You can get to the other side.

But first, you have to be willing to move past the fears that are holding you back.

Now, I want you to experience success. I want you to have financial freedom. I want you to run the business of your dreams. That’s why I am going to share with you a few tips to help you overcome the fear and move past the avoidance…

Shift your mindset. 

When it comes to change, risk, and unknowns, fear is your mind’s default mode. You literally need to shift your focus away from fear and onto the positive outcomes that are possible. You need to continuously remind yourself of the results you are after. You need to be honest about what it is you want. This small shift in mindset can literally change the way you approach new opportunities. 

Make a list. 

You have to confront yourself about where in your life and business you are hiding. I want you to literally make a list of these things. Are you hiding when it comes to showing up on your social media? When it comes to seeking support from your mentor? When it comes to reaching out to potential clients? Or maybe you’re avoiding changing your sleep schedule, working out, or adjusting your diet? Write it down.

Take action. 

Our intentions are only as good as our actions, right? So once you identify the areas in your life and business that you are hiding and avoiding change, the next step is to make a decision about what you are going to do. About how you are going to take action.

Maybe it’s going live once a week on Instagram. Maybe it’s asking that question on your next coaching call. Maybe it’s setting an earlier bedtime for yourself or getting up an hour earlier each day to exercise. Whatever you decide, be sure to commit to it and follow through. (Feeling stuck? Remember to focus on the positive outcomes.) 

Evaluate (and reevaluate) how you are showing up. 

If you are going to commit to making this shift, you need to continuously hold yourself accountable. So, evaluate your actions or lack thereof on a regular basis. Return to your list. Add to it if needed. Ask yourself where it is that you are hiding and why. Seek that clarity so you can decide the best course of action to move past it and move forward. 

And if you’re struggling? Don’t be afraid to reach out for help (despite what your fears are saying). At IHML, we are always encouraging our clients to show up, ask questions, and get the support they need. The worst thing you can do is let fear get in your way of seeking support. 

The bottom line is no one benefits from you hiding. No one wins when you play it small. Everything you want is possible for you (and waiting on the other side of fear). 

It’s time to stop hiding and start doing.

It’s your time to shine. ✨

P.S. Listen to the full IHML Show podcast episode here!

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