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We’re Back!: A Quick IHML Show Update (Both Personal and Professional)

Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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Do you ever crave a change in pace, or maybe even priorities? Has the constant chaos of life and business kept you from reflecting deep within to grow? I’m sure at one point in your life, you’ve yearned for that type of break. I know I certainly did- but now I’m back!

“I knew that it was time to give myself a break. So maybe you’re in that space right now where you’re questioning whether it’s time to put something on the shelf either completely or temporarily, just really give yourself permission, permission to explore what that would look like.” – Emily Williams

I’m super excited to be returning to business with the IHML Show and SO much more! I wanted to express the deep gratitude I feel for creating space to not only invest in other parts of my life, but see what needs more of my energy. As many of you have listened in on, my husband James and I have been in the process of creating and moving into our newest home in Austin!

With hectic ups and downs, temporary homes, and everything in between, we’ve been VERY busy. Not to mention, we were adjusting to life in a new city! 

Throughout this momentous process, I’ve noticed significant shifts in my focus and drive towards business- especially this podcast. It became seemingly apparent throughout my personal life that I was in MAJOR need of a break. Not because I wasn’t passionate or in love with the brands I’ve built, but to really question if I was putting the systems and structures in place to get what I wanted done!

I’ve not only learned how to be more attuned to my needs and wants in business, but my personal life as well. In the last few months, I’ve invested in revitalizing my nutrition and mindset with the help of coaches and a therapist! I knew my body and mind were craving an expansion, but that required me to be more open to deprogramming much of what I’ve been conditioned to believe about the world- and myself.

When you dive deep into the blueprint that formulates how you construct your life, it’s easy to mistake deeply ingrained conditions as your own. Humans, especially us women, have accustomed our sense of selves to fit stereotypical roles. Truth be told, they rarely ever fit us. 

The purpose of my work, my absolute mission, is to show every woman out there that they have the power and resources to create a life that transcends their wildest dreams. Living life as your unapologetic self does not mean you embody a persona that doesn’t align with your values- it means finding what ignites your soul with inspiration and giving you freedom to find your purpose. 

Holding onto the core of my work while navigating new adjustments felt so daunting to me, but I now see those parts of me can coexist as long as I choose to be genuine with my desires. As someone very high paced and driven, I found it personally challenging to put the IHML Show on a shelf to revisit, because I know just how much it means to me. But there are other endeavors, like my consulting work and intimate relationships, that deserve just as much of me as everything else. 

Let this podcast episode serve as a powerful (and positive) reminder that it’s okay to need a break. It’s more than okay to lean into those instincts, take a step back, try something bold and new. What’s most important to the journey of finding your happiness is allowing yourself to nurture the energy from within, uncover what matters most, and create some meaningful from it.

Out with the burnout and in with the rejuvenation. We are BACK… and more aligned than ever! So excited to share what’s to come for IHML, The Emily Williams brand, and my own journey with self-care and love!

In This Episode

  • I take you behind the scenes of the personal and professional transitions I’ve been experiencing during our eight month hiatus
  • How I prosperously pivoted by choosing abundance and giving myself permission to explore life outside of the IHML podcast
  • The hectic nature of my moving and traveling endeavors- but it was ALL well worth it in the end! I also reflect on my first encounters with Austin as our potential new home!
  • How making my new house into a home simultaneously grounded AND freed me from the pressures of investing all my energy into business.
  • Everyone has a choice to pivot their life path- and that certainly includes you!
  • Kicking off some AMAZING workshops and a brand new mastermind inside the Emily Williams brand!
  • How putting things on hold helped me revitalize my brand(s).
  • The personal work I’ve been putting in to be the WHOLE woman and my best self!
  • Hard work, especially on ourselves, is never easy- but it’s necessary for our pure happiness.
  • Why you should allow yourself to listen to the cravings for change!


“I think so often as multi-passionate entrepreneurs, we don’t actually wanna take a break and we have a million things on our plate.”- Emily Williams

“I knew that it was time to give myself a break. So maybe you’re in that space right now where you’re questioning whether it’s time to put something on the shelf either completely or temporarily, just really give yourself permission, permission to explore what that would look like.” – Emily Williams

“I think relief is one of those emotions that is very underutilized. It’s not paid attention to enough, but it can give us so much clarity.” – Emily Williams

“It’s been such a blessing to have this community here [in Austin], to support us, to help us go to the next level, to help us fit in, to help us get settled.” – Emily Williams

“I think the interesting thing about owning a home, or at least for me is that it actually feels more freeing. And so you would think, you know what, that doesn’t make any sense, right? We have, if I have an apartment or something that’s temporary that I’m renting, that actually feels more free because I’m not committed to it. But I found that this feels really grounding! And in that, that makes me feel free.” – Emily Williams

“I feel grounded and feel free to do other things too, because of this level of stability, and this investment that we’ve made. I feel like that gives me a sense of freedom to go and do other things, to make other investments, to expand the business, to do lots of the stuff that I’ve been waiting to do. And so, it’s really interesting when you tap into yourself and see what is really important.” – Emily Williams

“It’s important to always be recalibrating and ask yourself, ‘what are my desires today? What would feel really good? What would feel like relief to me?’”- Emily Williams

“I want you to understand that you always have a choice and maybe it’s a choice to pivot. Maybe it’s a choice to start something new, like a business or a career that does provide more freedom, but really pay attention to what would make you feel free.” – Emily Williams

“All of us have decades worth of programming, not just in our own life, but hundreds of years worth of programming from generations prior. And this is not an easy thing. It’s not like flipping the switch. As we like to say on the IHML Show, this is hard work.” – Emily Williams

“The thing that’s remained the same is that I’m passionate about helping women create a life that’s better than their dreams.” – Emily Williams

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