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How To Heal Your Body and Mind with Mona Sharma

Emily Williams

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Are you living for true fulfillment or the “next best thing”? If you answer the latter, then it’s certainly manifesting in your daily life (and in ways you don’t even realize). The chronic fatigue, painfully low vibrations, even your food choices! Our physical health is typically the first to experience the most aggressive symptoms of not living for fulfillment. So why are we still being conditioned to bypass these terrible feelings?

“I would say that the greatest opportunities that have come my way have come completely left field, but they always come when I’m living in a state of being that was honoring me.” — Mona Sharma

A lot of the time, those deliciously salty foods and long hours at the gym aren’t going to give you the joy that you’re looking for. But there are powerful resources and communities out there who know the truth: you have the power and ability to really heal. And like all major transformations, this one must start from within you. 

Powerful manifestors like Mona Sharma have utilized this same innate power to rediscover what joy really is. When she was desperate for relief, Mona laid it all out on the table— literally. Having two heart surgeries (one of which she was awake for) woke her up to the painful reality she was living. Fulfillment felt so far-fetched to her that she escaped through disempowered life choices. So she decided to return to her roots and seek guidance from the Ashram lifestyle. 

This philosophy molded her early years so powerfully that they became the foundation for her coaching approaches. Resorting to the power of food and mindfulness helped Mona turn her own life around, and now she facilitates the same caliber of transformation for her high-profile clients! In fact, Mona’s made a stellar recurring appearance on the Red Table Talk, where the Smith family details their own healing journey.

I’m utterly excited to invite the dynamic entrepreneur Mona Sharma onto the IHML Show! Together we dissect how our mindset manifests through health, Ashram philosophy, how to truly seek fulfillment, and Mona’s personal journey with food and mindfulness. Mona’s energy lights up the room (and webcam screen) with liveliness, passion, and intellect like you wouldn’t believe. 

As a personal fan of Mona’s work, I know that her teachings are going to change the way you look at your health. More importantly, how you make the most empowered decisions to heal it! Don’t be discouraged from seeking fulfillment— it might be the key to unlocking your truest purpose and passion.

In This Episode:

  • [0:42] Mona takes us on a ride through finding personal meaning in her work centering health and wellness.
  • [5:07] This is the moment Mona knew it was time to make a change…
  • [6:46] Listen as Mona details her first steps towards experiencing Ashram life and receiving her yoga teacher certification!
  • [8:27] These are some of the realizations Mona uncovered in her mindset contributing to her health issues.
  • [11:25] Mona details how her journey helped her rediscover her childlike joy later in life.
  • [13:59] These are the essentials that guided Mona to leave her corporate job and pursue her purpose.
  • [16:27] Mona shares the physical manifestations of her self-love transformation through her blossoming health.
  • [20:09] How does your vibration impact your weight and health? Mona explains it to us!
  • [24:12] Mona shares how she navigates food triggers and the mindful practices she implements.
  • [27:18] More tips on how to transform your emotional and physical health from Mona (and how to turn them into rituals for your optimal self).
  • [31:30] The importance of self-love and releasing the fear of failure on our health journey.
  • [35:00} Mona divulges her masterful manifestation practices and how to attract her incredible coaching clientele!
  • [37:44] Wanna create a life that’s better than your dreams? Mona shares her piece of wisdom to guide you!


“​​They’re [the doctors] trying to take away what’s causing me pain and suffering. But there was no introspection around my stress, my anxiety, what I was eating, my lack of fulfillment, my joy, how I was abusing my body at that time with food and alcohol. So that was like the buildup.” — Mona Sharma

“We talked a lot about, you know, following the nudges, trusting the nudges, whenever you get those nudges, it’s a yes, your soul is saying yes, follow that path. And that’s what I did.” — Mona Sharma

“The beauty around [ashram life is] that it causes you to shut down all of the open running tabs that are constantly running in your brain, hundreds of them. Every day. So what you’re left to focus on is you, how you’re feeling, the recurring thoughts that are coming up and sabotaging you, your avoidance of listening to the nudges that are actually cuing you to heal.” — Mona Sharma

“Growing up with immigrant parents, I was just chasing success. I just had to be successful. I’m also Indian. I wasn’t a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant. So I felt like I had to prove myself in the beauty industry. And I did, I got to the top really, really fast. I got the salary, but I was miserable. Um, I had always struggled with this idea of not fitting in, coming from a, an interracial couple, um, going to a Catholic school and then going to the temple on the weekend, there was that, and this idea of body image, which women, especially, I think from, from my generation, we just were always in comparison and this feeling of lack. And I really live with that. Nothing I did was ever good enough. And as this hardcore driven a type, I proved to myself that I could do whatever I set my mind to, but the fulfillment was never there.”— Mona Sharma

“Growing up with immigrant parents, I was just chasing success. I just had to be successful. I’m also Indian, I wasn’t a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant. So I felt like I had to prove myself in the beauty industry. And I did, I got to the top really, really fast. I got the salary, but I was miserable.” — Mona Sharma

“It was always ‘alright, what’s next, what’s next.’ What’s next? And that’s the recipe for illness and the recipe for unhappiness. And what the hell’s the point in living every day on this autopilot and for what? There is no personal joy and fulfillment.” — Mona Sharma

“When I was pregnant again, I was like, okay, every day is gonna be around loving myself, which is crazy because we’re never taught how to love ourselves.” — Mona Sharma

“There’s coaches who really will help you find your soul purpose, seek that out alongside your obligation until you figure out a path of exit.” — Mona Sharma

“If food is information for your body, what information are you giving it?” — Mona Sharma

“Now the challenge that comes for me, coaching my clients is that we actually live in a society that sets us up for failure and it effing sucks. All right, scientists are hired by big food companies to make foods more addictive than anything found in nature, higher in fat, sugar, and salt that rewards the reward center in our brain.” — Mona Sharma

“So often we start these diets or protocols or working with a nutritionist or a coach, and we want these results to happen overnight. But then all of a sudden with consistency over time, as we learn the behavior, change, that vibrational change that has to happen, the results will come, but acknowledge the fact that this time possibly for the first time in your life, you’re doing it in a healthy state, in a healthy way. That’s going to create a change for the rest of your life.” — Mona Sharma

I would say that the greatest opportunities that have come my way have come completely left field, but they always come when I’m living in a state of being that was honoring me. — Mona Sharma

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