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Everything You Need to Know to Have a Blissful Pregnancy with Melissa Ambrosini

Emily Williams

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Pregnancy is a big part of a mother’s journey. It has its ups and downs, and it is filled with incredible memories.

“Conscious conception is about priming your body before the baby comes, and also priming your mind and letting go of any fears that may come up about pregnancy or birth or parenting.” – Melissa Ambrosini

However, not all is always so bright and happy for pregnant women. Sometimes, you just find yourself lost and overwhelmed by everything that comes with the experience…from start to finish.

Those feelings are perfectly natural. 

Women go through a lot of changes, physical and mental, during pregnancy, and when they don’t have the help they need, it can be a pretty daunting experience.

Which is why women like Melissa Ambrosini are a godsend!

Melissa is a proud mama, author, and podcaster. She is brilliant and beautiful, and today, she’s here to help women like you and me (because, as I’ve announced a few episodes ago, I am pregnant!) have a blissful pregnancy by teaching them how to prepare for this unique experience.

Her business is all about helping future mamas learn about conscious conception, love their bodies and the changes that happen to it during pregnancy, and truly enjoy those nine months.

Listen in as she and I discuss this and more, such as how to have an empowered birth, the secrets to conscious parenting, and how to let go of fears around pregnancy and birth.

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:45] Melissa talks about the work that’s led her to where she is today.
  • [10:33] Conscious conception – What is it? And how does it work? Melissa shares all the secrets today!
  • [17:26] Here’s what a blissful pregnancy looks like.
  • [29:25] Melissa’s very own birth story.
  • [40:47] How birth changes things behind the scenes.
  • [43:52] What you need to know about Melissa’s Wholy Mama program.
  • [46:59] How to create a life that’s better than your dreams according to Melissa.


“I began on my conscious conception journey [when I first met my husband] because I knew that one day, we would have a baby. And when that feeling within me ignited, it literally flicked in overnight, I woke up the next morning, and I turned to my husband and I said, ‘I’m ready’.” – Melissa Ambrosini

“The body is a very important piece [in conscious conception] because it’s the vessel and the vehicle that the baby resides in for that period of time. So it’s really important that our vehicle is healthy and thriving.” – Melissa Ambrosini

“The more preparation that you do during your pregnancy for birth, the better.” – Melissa Ambrosini

“When we look at any fears that are coming up beforehand, we can then go into the birth present, and allow whatever experience is meant to unfold to unfold.” – Melissa Ambrosini

“My birth was the most expansive, beautiful, stretching, physically and metaphorically, experience. When I think back to my birth, I am so proud of myself.” – Melissa Ambrosini

“Your birthing team is so important because birth is a very intimate experience. It’s one of the most sacred and precious and intimate moments of your life. You’ve got to feel safe, and you’ve got to feel private, and you’ve got to feel uninhibited. So it’s really important when you’re thinking about your birth, to think about who would you like there? Who do you feel really comfortable with?” – Melissa Ambrosini

Wholy Mama Pregnancy Course

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