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How to Attract Anything (and Everything) by Being in Full Surrender with Dorota Stanczyk

Emily Williams

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What if I were to tell you that your imagination may be what’s holding you back from being able to attract anything you want?

“Your imagination is your greatest limit because you can’t imagine what you don’t know. You can’t imagine what is not familiar. So let go of your dreams and let life design your reality.” — Dorota Stanczyk

And what if I said surrendering to your life is one of the other keys to manifesting your dreams?

For well-being creator and transformational artist Dorota Stanczyk, releasing everything she believed (and wanted) was the key to her second (and most abundant) life chapter.

Dorota Stanczyk comes from a rich line of healers.

Although Dorota knew exactly where she came from, she rejected that part of her in every sense. So much so that she acquired a debilitating autoimmune disease. 

It took complete surrender to her illness, repressed trauma, and self-rejection to reconnect with her body… and in turn, her sense of self.

Now, Dorota has made it her mission to utilize her love of creativity, fine art and personal growth to create informative exhibitions that showcase a new paradigm of living…so you can attract anything you want.

I had such a transformative experience with Dorota myself that I felt utterly compelled to hear her shining thoughts and wisdom… on this week’s IHML Show!

In this episode, Dorota is taking us through her personal journey with complete surrender.

Not only is she sharing her secrets to help you attract anything you want (like abundance!) and healing her own autoimmune disease, but the transformational shifts she experienced to do so!

Plus, Dorota tells us about her book (Re)create Yourself and how to release emotions trapped in the body.

If you thought you knew everything you needed to create your dream life… prepare to have your mind blown! Dorota’s creativity, wisdom, and potent spiritual powers are going to send you positively spiraling!

In This Episode:

  • [1:01] Dorota delves into her deep lineage of healers, and her early introductions to the world of energy work.
  • [2:49] What did Dorota experience in the early brewings of her gifts? She tells us!
  • [6:39] This is how Dorota’s tumultuous family dynamic ultimately helped her embrace her undeniable power.
  • [14:03] Dorota dives into what she means when she lets go of everything and describes what the complexity of full acceptance looks like in her life.
  • [19:50] How to put yourself in a state of receiving abundance, according to Dorota!
  • [24:52] For those of you asking how to raise your vibes, Dorota has advice for you…
  • [31:44] Dorota takes us back to the start of her second chapter, and how she evolved as a healer and author.
  • [37:27] Why you shouldn’t be afraid of change— according to Dorota!
  • [39:25] Dorota shares her philosophy on releasing emotions trapped in your body.
  • [46:07] How Dorota healed her autoimmune disease.
  • [48:58] Dorota spills deets on her upcoming book, and where to find it
  • [51:36] What to do to create a life better than your dreams, in the wise words of Dorota.


“Whenever I enter someone’s aura, I receive some sort of mood board. So I can literally look at, and feel the person and almost have a visual representation of that person’s life. And that’s a very beautiful gift because every time I even walk in a park, I will meet someone’s aura. It’s like this constant movie that’s projected and given to me, and it took me years to learn to use that and to use that well.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“When I started to meditate, it was like coming back home. It was like, I knew that it wasn’t something I was doing for the first time. And on the first day I detached from my physical body, I could re-experience my body. I was re-experiencing the energies.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“I had to be pushed to rock bottom. I had to be pushed to completely break and fall completely apart in order to do that in order to surrender. Because when you live and grew up in so little safety of an environment, what happens to you? You learn to control your environment. You learn to control yourself in order to build that sense of security, that sense of safety. By trying to control yourself and your life, you judge that a certain way is the right way for you.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“Every path is the right path because every path will eventually lead you to reconnection to yourself. You can make this path longer, you can make it more painful. You can make it more complicated, but every way is the right way, right there.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“So we should never judge this experience as better or good because maybe this experience is the perfect experience we are supposed to go through in that specific moment.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“And there is, you know, a lot of different philosophies saying, ‘you need to feel the energy of, of whatever you are desiring. You need to feel the abundance you need to feel love.’ And it’s partially true. It definitely helps to feel a whole [feeling], I would say. Don’t even go specific, because, from a place of whole, you will attract absolutely everything.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“I focused mostly on being in the state of receiving and not any longer on even manifesting or creating because I assume that whatever I am imagining is right for me, I can’t possibly know if that thing is truly right for me.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“You are the magnet that is constantly attracting things to you.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“When you quiet your mind, you allow yourself to drop to the state of presence. The state of being present is the state of your highest vibration.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“So the easiest way to see how much you’re evolving is to see what is changing in your physical reality. That is only an extension of you. So, you know, clearly, if you are magnetizing towards those people at that level, you’ve done the work and you are ready to resonate in that level, which is beautiful. Right?” — Dorota Stanczyk

“Before I release an emotion, I am checking exactly where the emotions are trapped and I’m working by intention.” — Dorota Stanczyk

“It strips you, it undresses you from who you think you are to allow you to recreate yourself completely new from the place of a curiosity and unconditional love for yourself. And it’s really all the practices that, at least for me, really set me free.” — Dorota Stanczyk, about her new book (Re)create Yourself

“Your imagination is your greatest limit because you can’t imagine what you don’t know. You can’t imagine what is not familiar. So let go of your dreams and let life design your reality.” — Dorota Stanczyk

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