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How to Transform Yourself (and Your Life) From the Inside Out With Dr. Steven Young

Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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Here at I Heart My Life, we are all about helping you transform your life.

“You need to start being very mindful of your words. And don’t try to change every word, but pick a handful that you think and say that you recognize don’t serve you, and then start to shift them.” – Dr. Steven Young

We all want to transform into better people, better parents, better friends, better partners, better entrepreneurs or professionals…

And many times, we think transforming our lives has to come from the outside world.

Once I get the perfect job, meet the right person or have kids, make more money — my life will finally get good, and I’ll be happy.

Ring a bell?

I thought the same.

Well today, I’m here to tell you… Not so fast! Because yes, transforming your life can happen in those ways but lasting transformation doesn’t normally come from the outside.

Instead, the transformation that truly matters, the one that helps you achieve the life of your dreams, comes from within.

Someone who knows much more about this than I do (and believe me, I know a lot about the art of transforming your life) is this week’s guest, the brilliant Dr. Steven Young.

Steven has an incredible backstory…

His childhood wasn’t easy. There was domestic abuse in his home, and once his parents separated, he lived in poverty with his mom.

As a teenager, his life wasn’t a healthy one, and he suffered from depression and just like many of us, was craving true happiness.

But one day, something just clicked in his mind and he decided it was time he made some drastic changes.

Listen in as Steven and I discuss this and more, such as his own transformational path, the importance of changing the words and language we use, what updating your identity means, how he transformed his life financially, and more.

This was an eye-opening conversation and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:07] Steven shares his backstory with us
  • [05:10] How Steven started transforming from the inside out
  • [11:43] The stories and experiences that made Steven a believer
  • [13:33] Steven explains how it all works
  • [16:15] The first steps you need to make to transform your life
  • [20:12] How Steven transformed his life financially
  • [22:47] What updating your identity looks like
  • [26:57] Steven discusses the deeper work he does with people
  • [31:32] The next step after desire
  • [35:34] How Steven stays in a place of knowing and being connected to his higher self 
  • [39:54] Do we need our egos?
  • [45:56] How to truly transform your finances
  • [49:58] Steven on letting go of your attachments
  • [54:31] One way you can create a life that’s better than your dreams


“My job is to use ancient wisdom and new technologies, bridging them together to help people wherever they are on this scale to essentially move up on this scale, and realize that we’re absolutely these divine beings.” – Dr. Steven Young

“I tell most people that our pains and our difficulties in life can be the greatest gifts.” – Dr. Steven Young

“It’s important for people to realize that our traditional medical system and medical schools, whether it be physical medicine or mind medicine, were energetically and financially based on oil profits.” – Dr. Steven Young

“I believe that many of our molecules are entangled. And so what that means is however we vibrate and feel, we can affect with our mind and intention and entangle with someone else’s molecule and affect their molecule.” – Dr. Steven Young

“You need to start being very mindful of your words. And don’t try to change every word, but pick a handful that you think and say that you recognize don’t serve you, and then start to shift them.” – Dr. Steven Young

“I tell people: Any mass media words, like the most common words the media uses, question them.” – Dr. Steven Young

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