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Emily Williams


That Sucked, Now What? – A Story of Mess, Chaos, and Resilience With Neeta Bhushan

Emily Williams

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You know when things don’t go your way, and you just want to scream into your pillow? When you’re in the midst of moving through challenges, chaos or hard times?

When I lived in London in close quarters to our neighbors, I remember one moment of frustration when my husband James told me he would drive me to an empty parking lot so I could scream without having to worry about someone hearing me. 😂 True love right there.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is noooothing wrong with those feelings.

It’s healthy (and necessary) to let them out and fully embrace them.

“Another component of the bounce factor is leaning into discomfort, and leaning into discomfort creates your new environment.” – Neeta Bhushan

But hey, don’t take my word for it!

Instead, take the word of this week’s guest on the podcast, the brilliant Dr. Neeta Bhushan.

If Neeta’s name sounds familiar to you, that’s because it’s not her first time on the I Heart My Life Show podcast (so thank you for being a faithful listener)!

She’s been here before, and today, she’s back to discuss her incredible new book, That Sucked, Now What?” and other real-life stuff, such as the challenges life throws at us, why she chose her life’s mission, her frameworks, and more.

We’ll also be talking all about the importance of emotional health, why learning to become resilient is crucial for all of us, and why she wrote her book.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:39] Neeta shares her work and her story with us
  • [04:51] Neeta explains how chaos and joy can go together
  • [12:16] Why people are uncomfortable with emotions and vulnerability
  • [18:54] Here’s the thing about “That Sucked, Now What?”
  • [21:56] How to express your emotions in a deeper way
  • [30:53] Here’s where you can buy Neeta’s book, “That Sucked, Now What?”


“I have had, I feel like, many lives and I am such an advocate for emotional health. And in the intersection of how grit and resilience plays a role into our lives, as well as into our next seasons of life.” – Neeta Bhushan

“[My book] has honestly been a labor of love over the course of, probably, ever since I shifted into motherhood.” – Neeta Bhushan

“My coping mechanism was toxic positivity. And I’m a very enthusiastic, positive person. And I didn’t allow myself to go there. I didn’t allow myself to feel until I had no place to hide it anymore, when it was just like, oozing out of my face in every direction. Because that’s when you know, the big breakdown needed to happen in order to start healing.” – Neeta Bhushan

“Another component of the bounce factor is leaning into discomfort, and leaning into discomfort creates your new environment.” – Neeta Bhushan

“We’re so good at teaching our kids, if you have a sucky moment, scream into the pillow, but do it with them. Or if you don’t have kids, just go into a closet and go and scream into the pillow, because that pent-up anger and frustration is going to turn into resentment, passive aggressiveness, and other emotions that we really don’t want festering because then it pours into people that are closest to us.” – Neeta Bhushan

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