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On the Joys of Motherhood, Identity Shifts, and What It Means to Be a CEO Mama With Natalie Ellis

Emily Williams

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Natalie Ellis

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Becoming a mother can change everything in your life. And I mean, everything. Especially if you’re a boss babe or CEO mama running your own company.

I would know, I’m currently pregnant, and I have been getting ready for a whole new reality for the last few months.

“Just because I grew up a certain way, didn’t mean I need to live my life in a certain way.” – Natalie Ellis

I haven’t given birth yet and my life has already changed so much. I have new priorities and I now see things differently.

So, suffice to say, I am excited (and a bit scared, let’s be honest) about what changes will happen when my little girl is born.

And because I’m always curious about these changes and love to talk to female entrepreneurs who are also mothers, in this week’s episode of the I Heart My Life show, I invited the brilliant Natalie Ellis.

Natalie is the original boss babe. She is a super successful entrepreneur who’s been killing it for over a decade!

Natalie is also a new mom, and today, she’s here to discuss motherhood, identity shifts, why she started her new CEO Mama community, and more.

Trigger warning! If you’re about to give birth or squeamish, this may not be the episode for you. Natalie did not have an easy birth and talks in detail about what happened.

Tune in for more!

In This Episode:

[00:00] Introduction
[01:14] Natalie dives into her entrepreneurship journey and what she does now
[04:52] Natalie shares the biggest challenges during her twenties
[11:17] How becoming a mother changed everything for Natalie
[13:46] Let’s talk about pregnancy, birth, and the joys of motherhood!
[18:45] How birth can be a portal and a transformative moment
[23:21] Natalie discusses the initial chapter of motherhood
[27:59] How pregnancy and motherhood inspire identity shifts


“My journey with entrepreneurship technically started when I was 13. I’ve always been very entrepreneurial. I feel like it was something I was born with or learned at a very young age that it would be a great avenue for me. I loved entrepreneurship before I even knew there was a word to describe it.” – Natalie Ellis

“As a third time founder, you know, having the luxury of not having to do everything myself from the beginning is interesting and it’s a realm that I’m playing in.” – Natalie Ellis

“Everything changed when I became a mom. Everything changed when my daughter was born.” – Natalie Ellis

“Being willing to advocate for myself has led me to make those decisions now that I probably should have made earlier. And so now I’m in a place of really leaning into and leading with my truth and being okay with the fallout of that.” – Natalie Ellis

“I executed multiple seven-figure launches while I was pregnant. And I think part of me, if I get really honest with myself, wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, I wanted to prove to myself that I could be pregnant and I could still kill it at work. And now that I look back on it, you know, I don’t have regrets, but I look back and think, ‘Okay, I would do things a little bit differently next time.’” – Natalie Ellis

“Just because I grew up a certain way, didn’t mean I need to live my life in a certain way.” – Natalie Ellis

“Every time I’ve really reached a new level, it’s been because I’ve been working on those upper limits, just acknowledging that they’re there and thinking about what is it gonna look like to move past that limit.”

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