How Expressing Yourself Can Lead to Healing and Radical Self-Love with Vasavi Kumar

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In this episode of the I Heart My Life Show, we’re talking about how to heal. I had the pleasure of interviewing my dear friend Vasavi Kumar who shares her story of addiction, recovery, and self-love. Vasavi’s journey of self-discovery and healing is truly inspiring, and I am SO excited to share it with you.

Growing up in a chaotic household, Vasavi experienced early exposure to therapy, which she credits as a key factor in her ability to heal and break the cycle of addiction and mental health issues in her family.

In our conversation, Vasavi talks about her belief in the power of expressing emotions and listening…in fact, she’s written a whole book on expressing yourself called “Say It Out Loud” which comes out this week.

Her story is powerful, raw and real…she doesn’t hold back! (Even admitting that after going to rehab for the second time, she had to Google “how do I love myself?”).

Vasavi’s stories demonstrate the power of self-love, vulnerability, and, just like most of our podcast guests, taking action toward your dreams.

(She encourages listeners to find at least one thing every day that makes them feel amazing and to own who they are as a person.)

If you want to hear more about Vasavi journey of self-discovery and healing, make sure to tune in to this episode of the I Heart My Life Show.

As Vasavi says, “Even a little bit of courage can make a huge difference in asking for help, and no one needs to suffer in silence.”

Let’s dive in!

If we all just said how we truly felt out loud and we listened to the other person truly listened not from a place of defending or arguing i really believe like we could all just get along. – Vasavi Kumar

In This Episode:

[00:00] Vasavi’s Journey of Self-Discovery. Vasavi shares her experience with addiction, recovery, and self-love, including her childhood growing up in a chaotic household with Indian immigrant parents and her decision to seek therapy at the age of 12.

[03:20] The Power of Expressing Emotions. Vasavi talks about her belief in the power of expressing emotions and listening to others as a way to heal relationships and promote understanding.

[05:33]Vasavi’s Decision to Seek Therapy. Vasavi shares the story of how she asked her parents to go to therapy at the age of 12 after smoking her first cigarette and feeling shame and internalizing her parents’ fighting.

[08:26]Therapy and Family Dynamics. Vasavi discusses her 16-year experience with therapy and how it helped her understand her family dynamics and emotions.

[13:14]Belonging and Self-Acceptance. Vasavi shares her struggles with fitting in and finding a sense of belonging, and how she learned to belong to herself and accept her unique traits.

[15:49]Overcoming Addiction and Self-Destruction. Vasavi talks about her journey of self-destruction and addiction, and how she had to destroy parts of herself to get to a place of self-acceptance and living authentically.

[17:20]The Path of Destruction. Vasavi shares her journey of self-discovery and healing, including her experience with addiction, therapy, and learning to love herself.

[19:27]The Voice of Reason. Vasavi talks about the voice in her head that she believes is the voice of God, which helped her seek support and start her journey of healing.

[23:00]Self-Love Practices. Vasavi shares her self-love practices, including hydration, consistency, and understanding how to be loved, and the importance of friendships in her life.

[26:03]The Power of Female Friendships. Vasavi shares how having solid female friendships has been a game changer for her and helped her feel good about herself.

[27:36]Expressing Love and Appreciation. Vasavi talks about her belief in expressing love and appreciation for others, which stems from her childhood experiences and her own desire for validation.

[32:14]Sharing Your Story and Paying It Forward. Vasavi discusses the importance of sharing your story and paying it forward, especially if you’ve gone through difficult times, and encourages others to do the same.

[34:49]Teachable Moment. Vasavi shares how she turned a hurtful comment into a teachable moment about mental health, addiction, and awareness.

[37:22]Real Estate Investment. Vasavi shares her experience of purchasing real estate in Mexico, including finding a realtor, choosing a property, and securing funding from her mother.

[42:27]Transformation. Vasavi discusses the transformation that came from following her desires, including healing her relationship with her mother, gaining confidence, and discovering her purpose.

[43:26]Increasing Pleasure Point. Vasavi talks about her realization of the need to increase her pleasure point and how it has been the biggest transformation for her.

[47:33]Making Decisions. Vasavi shares her biggest learning lesson of making decisions and how it has helped her to not get stuck.

[50:29]Healing Voices in Your Head. Vasavi talks about her book and how it is about healing the voices in your head, being kinder to yourself, and attracting positive people into your life.

[52:03]Reconnecting with yourself. Vasavi talks about the importance of reconnecting with oneself through talking out loud and learning to be a safe space for oneself.

[53:08]Book title and subtitle. Vasavi shares the title and subtitle of her book, “Say It Out Loud: Using the power of your voice to hear your deepest thoughts so you can courageously pursue your dreams.”

[53:58]Creating a life beyond expectations. Vasavi shares her belief in the importance of feeling oneself and owning one’s awesomeness as a way to create a life that exceeds expectations.

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