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How Living 100 Days Outside of His Comfort Zone Reduced His Anxiety and Depression with Mark Fujiwara

Emily Williams

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In this episode of the I Heart My Life Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing financial advisor Mark Fujuwara. 

But guess what? This convo is not about money or financial advice…

Real truth? When my previous client and friend Tricia Brouk introduced me to Mark, I had no idea who he was or what he did.

But I was captivated by his story…

Back in 2016, Mark’s life took a downward spiral after a tough divorce, and he struggled with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Through a simple conversation, he got the idea to step out of his comfort zone for 100 days, which as you’ll hear in this episode, completely transformed his mental health and reduced his anxiety and depression.

Now if you’re reading this thinking you could never take that challenge, just know that he started small.

In fact, his first step was telling someone about his mental health struggles. He called his cousin, who also had mental health struggles (unbeknownst to him!), and found it liberating to share his story.

Now, Mark’s goal is to normalize conversations about mental health symptoms in society, comparing it to talking about common cold symptoms.

He believes that this would be a significant step towards winning the battle against mental health struggles if we could all be more open. I completely agree which is why mental health is a big topic of conversation on this Show.

In this episode, you’ll also hear Mark talk about how transforming his own life through his new practices also impacted his business. For example, he no longer works with clients who are not their true selves and is able to attract high-level contracts easily, without struggle due to his own energy and magnetism.

Mark’s story serves as a reminder that it’s okay to struggle and seek help, and that vulnerability can lead to personal growth and positive change
, and he gives us simple ways to reduce anxiety and depression.

Let’s dive in…

In This Episode:

[00:00]The Importance of Mental Health
Mark discusses his goal of normalizing conversations about mental health and how it can help in winning the battle against mental illness.

[01:49]Mark’s Journey and Work
Emily introduces Mark and they discuss his upbringing, career trajectory, and the creation of his family office.

[07:10]The Power of Being True to Yourself
Mark talks about his struggles with mental health and how being true to himself and sharing his story has helped him and his clients achieve better results.

[12:33]Chy Egoi and Maximum Appreciation
Mark explains the Japanese concept of Chy Egoi and Maximum Appreciation of the moment.

[14:08]Wake-up Call
Mark talks about his struggles with anxiety and depression and what led to his wake-up call in 2016.

[21:05]Jumping in a Cold Body of Water
Mark shares how Dave Asprey’s advice to jump in a cold body of water became his day one task and how it helped him expand his comfort zone.

[22:13]Hip hop dancing class
Mark talks about his experience attending an advanced hip hop dancing class and how it helped him step out of his comfort zone.

[25:39]Benefits of vulnerability
Mark discusses how being vulnerable and sharing his mental health struggles with others helped him feel less lonely and become his true self.

[29:17]Indicators of true self
Mark shares how he measures his energy levels and looks for red flags to determine if someone is living out their true self.

[33:10]Mark’s True Self Approach
Mark discusses his approach to financial advising, which is centered around being true to oneself and avoiding scripts. He shares examples of how this approach has led to successful client relationships.

[34:28]The Importance of Being True to Oneself
Mark shares a story about how being his true self during a client meeting led to a successful business relationship. He also discusses the importance of being true to oneself in all aspects of life.

[41:23]Manifestation and Letting Go of Results
Mark and Emily discuss the importance of manifestation and attracting abundance, and how being unattached to specific results can lead to greater success. They also draw parallels between this approach and dating.

[43:24]Trisha’s Big Opportunities
Emily and Mark discuss how Trisha’s success has become expected due to her alignment and energy.

[44:11]Mark’s Anxiety Story
Mark shares his experience with anxiety and how he learned to cope with it through meditation and shifting his focus.

[53:22]Surrounding Yourself with the Right People
Mark emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people who align with your true self and being honest with yourself about those relationships.

[55:04]Mark’s Struggles with Mental Health
Mark talks about the importance of being aware of one’s mental health and how it affects one’s energy.

[55:40]Attracting Positive Energy
Emily and Mark discuss how attracting positive people is a sign of a shift in one’s energy.

[56:03]Gratitude and Appreciation
Emily thanks Mark for his vulnerability and time, and Mark expresses his appreciation for Emily’s work and personality.

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