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Emily Williams

Taking Action

Key Steps for Long-Term Success from a Recent Personal Development Conference with James Williams

Emily Williams

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James Williams and Brendon Burchard

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Are you feeling stuck or stagnant in your personal or professional life? Do you want to become more successful?

This is the episode for you!

A few weeks ago, my husband James Williams (Certified High-Performance Coach) attended Brendon Burchard’s Growth Day Conference here in Austin.

Every day, for four days, James came home and shared his biggest takeaways with me. Even though I wasn’t there in the room, I was transformed just by him sharing the info with me!

For that reason, I wanted to ensure that you heard from him as well.

So, if you’re feeling stuck or stagnant, I highly recommend listening to this episode. James provides HIGHLY valuable insights on personal growth and development from the world’s best teachers so that can help you move forward and achieve your goals.

“The goal is to get as close to that person as possible…and what can i do every day to get closer to him so that when i meet him on tho on that final day you know we are just smiling at each other and you know we know between us that i i did pretty well.” – James Williams

In This Episode:

[00:35] Why Attend Personal Development Events.
James shares his experience attending Growth Day in Austin, Texas, and discusses the importance of being open to growth and learning.

[03:42] Adding Comfort to Suffering.
James reflects on a concept discussed by Ed Mylett at the event, which is the tendency to add comfort to suffering rather than honoring the struggle and seeing the opportunity for growth.

[08:16] Being Open to Opportunity.
James talks about the importance of being open and aware to notice opportunities in life, and how luck is simply being open and aware enough to notice them.

[09:11] The Importance of Taking Responsibility.
James discusses the importance of taking responsibility for our experiences and not blaming others for negative experiences.

[11:01] Ed Mylett’s Inspiring Story.
James shares his admiration for Ed Mylett’s story and how he overcame struggles to achieve success.

[12:00] Connecting Through Imperfections.
James talks about the importance of revealing imperfections and struggles to connect with others and remove pedestals.

[18:43] Connecting with loved ones.
James encourages listeners to reach out to someone they care about and tell them they are thinking of them.

[20:19] The importance of tolerating reps.
James discusses the importance of putting in the effort and tolerating the lack of progress at the beginning of any new journey, whether personal or professional.

[26:44] Honoring the struggle.
James talks about the importance of identifying and addressing the struggles that are holding us back, rather than adding comfort to them.

[27:38] Recognizing Discomfort.
James discusses the importance of recognizing discomfort and how mindfulness practices can help release negative emotions.

[30:52] Surviving the Rollercoaster.
James talks about the importance of being present and taking responsibility for how you respond to life, especially during moments of struggle.

[34:50] Being a Good Guy.
James reflects on the difference between being a nice guy and being a good guy, and the importance of standing up for your values and integrity.

[36:58] The Importance of Integrity.
James discusses the importance of integrity in personal growth and development, and how it impacts his role as a father.

[40:23] Understanding Motivations for Growth.
James reflects on a podcast he listened to about narcissistic behavior and shares insights on understanding personal motivations for growth.

[45:17] The Power of Purposeful Motivation.
James emphasizes the importance of purposeful motivation in achieving success, and encourages listeners to align their businesses and decision-making with their personal purpose.

[46:00] What would you be doing if it was impossible to disappoint someone?
James discusses the importance of taking action despite judgment and shares a purposeful question to ask yourself.

[48:08] Responsibility and Personal Development.
James emphasizes the importance of personal development and taking responsibility for showing up at your best.

[50:15] Meeting the Best Version of Yourself.
James shares a reflection from a speaker at Growth Day about meeting the best version of yourself after death and the importance of striving to be that person.

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