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Dare to Dream: Believing in the Impossible and Attracting The Life You Want with Amber Black

Emily Williams

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In this episode of the IHML Show, Amber Black shares her journey of resilience and manifestation, proving that regardless of the circumstances we are born into, we have the power to create a life we love.

Amber’s story is truly remarkable. Growing up, she had a strong support system, but still felt a deep desire to prove herself. Her mother told her at a young age that she was unwanted and unplanned which shaped her reality for years to come. In fact, she didn’t speak until the age of four and had to overcome many setbacks and limited thinking to get to where she is today.

And yet, she continued to show up in life believing anything was possible. (And that you should always have your cake and eat it too!) Throughout the episode, she emphasizes the importance of believing in and bringing what we want into our lives.

In this episode, Amber shares tangible practices and ways of thinking that have changed her life.

For example: Writing down a list of desires and manifesting them with ease and joy. Many of us may feel hesitant to write down our desires, fearing disappointment if they don’t come true. Amber suggests creating a visual focus, such as a vision board or Pinterest board, to help manifest our dreams.

She encourages us to continue holding faith and believing in our desired outcomes, even if they seem unlikely or crazy in the moment.

One of the key areas Amber focuses on is attracting dream clients. She challenges the negative thoughts and perceptions around sales and entrepreneurship, believing that everyone deserves to work with enthusiastic clients who are excited to invest in our services.

Amber’s story is a beautiful reminder that we have the power to create the life we desire, even if we’re currently feeling stuck between our job and our dreams.

She encourages us to connect with our “why,” our calling and purpose, and take steps towards creating our own dream job.

If you’ve been feeling hesitant or unsure about starting something big outside your nine-to-five, Amber’s powerful insights will definitely inspire you to take that leap of faith.

Remember, manifesting dreams can happen even if we forget about them. So let’s embrace this sense of calm and assurance, and trust that by standing in our own truth and authenticity, we will attract our ideal clients, opportunities, and the life we truly desire.

Tune in to this week’s episode with Amber Black on the I Heart My Life Show for a dose of inspiration and practical tips to unlock your resilience and manifest your dreams.

Keep dreaming big and taking inspired action!


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Childhood Curiosity and Self-Awareness: “I just began to just question everything, question the world around me. And I just remember just having this childlike curiosity that I’m sure we’ll get to later on, but has proven to be correct even as a toddler, even as a young girl, my desires, my thoughts.”— Amber Black 

The Power of Resiliency: “But I think that resiliency comes from innately kind of knowing that I wasn’t really wanted. And so feeling like I needed to prove myself in every turn of my life, realizing that I won’t say I was a mistake, but I was definitely not planned right.”— Amber Black 

The Challenges of Maternal Mental Health: “But when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, it definitely sent me down a spiral.”— Amber Black 

Manifesting Against the Odds: “So I truly manifested that outside of even medical odds.”— Amber Black 

“The Importance of Connecting with Your Why: no career is going to fulfill me quite like my calling and my purpose.”— Amber Black 

The Power of Perspective: “It’s hard to see the picture when you’re inside of the frame.”— Amber Black 

Finding Your Passion: “And so I would definitely just encourage anyone who is in corporate and who really has that longing of doing that something big. I always say that what you’re getting paid for in your nine to five. You’re already good at someone’s already paying you 50K or more a year to do that job. Why not just stop there? Just start.”— Amber Black 

Generating Successful Mindset: “I’ve realized that wherever my mind goes, my energy kind of flows… I’m telling myself that I am great, I’m magnificent… my days become self-fulfilling prophecies because I’m just naturally going to move in that direction of success.”— Amber Black 

Vision and Desire: “Literally, for you, it would have literally been a picture of you on my vision board. And I literally wrote down, I really want to be coached by Emily and I want to meet her in 2023…”— Amber Black 

Confidence and Authenticity: “Right. It can be very heavy. So in standing in my voice and standing in my truth, I’ve been able to create content effortlessly, which is attracting my ideal clients.”— Amber Black 

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