The LIVE workshop guiding female BUSINESS OWNERS through the...

7-Figure Framework to Scale Your Online Business and Your Life 


You're ready to grow and scale your business, but you simply don't know who to trust, what to put in place or how to get started.

You know you DON'T want another:

Repetitive one-size-fits-all course
Strategy promoting 1:1 clients that takes up more time 
Incomplete resource that doesn't have the answer you're craving
Disengaging pre-recorded course designed for new entrepreneurs (you're beyond that)

You deserve fast, clear, personalized and actionable steps to elevate your business — without burning out.

Just know this...


Sick of working harder to reach your revenue goals. You know there must be a better way because as of right now, your business model isn't sustainable or scalable…

Experiencing fear and anxiety when you think about the next level. You don't have the systems, processes or SOPs in place, because so much of it is in your head…

Worried about hiring, training a team, and stepping into the leadership role when you can barely keep track of yourself and your clients…

Wondering if you really have what it takes to grow a business. Did you get lucky up until now, or is this really going to last?


Because you SHOULD be able to scale your business, increase your impact, and grow your team. You deserve that. 

If you want to add zeros to your income (without burning yourself out), we have that next level revenue strategy.

By attracting more clients, growing your following, and identifying the gaps in your current processes, you can grow, scale and completely transform your business.

You're ready for a proven method and clear strategy that helps you grow beyond 1:1.

But the secret to doing this the fast way? Through personalized...




That's why our framework is the step-by-step, personalized strategy to elevate your business (without the guesswork).

Think about all the other dreams you've already made come true on your own. And now imagine...

Raking in $5K, $10K, $15K in a matter of days (but not working harder)

Filling your group program just hours after you go live (because your offer, marketing and audience-building strategy is on point).

Having a team to support you and help you reach your goals (so you can hit your 7-figure dreams and make your personal desires come true).

Dialing in your systems and processes (and actually having SOPs) to make it easier to scale (and alleviate the fear of rising to the next level).

Confidently selling 1:1 packages worth $40K, $50K, $60K a piece (but only if you want to, not because your business depends on it).

We've had clients say all these things after they heard from someone who's already been there and applied our proven framework to their online business. Now, we're going to teach you!

And the craziest part? This live workshop is FREE!

If the road to 7-figures was easy, everyone would be doing it.


I'm Emily Williams, a 7-figure Success Coach and Author.


Are you a go, go, go-type of business owner, but never stop to consider if what you’re working toward is scalable or even something you desire to create? 

Hi, I’m Emily Williams — a 7-figure business owner, success coach, trusted mentor and published author — and I'm in the business of supporting and mentoring driven women into their own beautiful vision of success. I've coached thousands of women around the world to level up their businesses and their lives.

And what I’ve found is this: Most of my clients have an awareness blind-spot (or a few), but once we dial in their 7-Figure Framework and apply my C.A.S.H. Method, they are happier, more aligned, and generating more in their businesses than ever before.

So for the first time ever, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the exact method I use with my clients so that you can finally create a sustainable business that generates more revenue and — most of all — a fulfilling life better than your dreams.

My C.A.S.H. Method took me from $30K in debt to $500K in revenue just one year into business, and now I'm sharing that, PLUS my 7-Figure Framework, exclusively with you.

In this FREE Live 5-Day Workshop
You Will Learn:

The exact C.A.S.H. Method that helped our CEO Emily go from overworked with 27 x 1:1 clients to intentionally growing and scaling group programs.

What's working for us to consistently attract clients via online marketing, and what sales strategies you should integrate to turn cold leads into paying clients.

Who we recommend you hire (and when) to reach your next-level revenue goals so you can confidently manage your team and delegate with ease.

How you should map out your revenue so that you keep hitting your goals, quarter after quarter.

Daily 60-minute LIVE trainings so you can participate in real time and commit to your business-building goals (replays available until July 2nd).

I Heart My Life C.A.S.H. Workbook complete with a high-level assessment of your business (that we usually reserve for top paying clients) so you can analyze your business and get clarity on your why, goals and purpose.

Intentional daily coursework so you can apply actionable steps in your business TODAY.

A high-performance accountability coach so you stay on track, dial in and start transforming your business.

Access to a suite of industry-leading experts so you can learn from those who have succeeded and paved the way.

A Facebook group of like-minded female business owners who are ready to support, challenge and encourage you, and will elevate you to the next level with business success top of mind.


Watch these videos to see what our clients have accomplished with the 7-Figure Framework...


"I hired my dream rebrand agency, I hired a team and I built out (and launched) my lower and higher products to my list!"

"I'd been wanting to hit multiple 5-figures in a month...and now I have been able to have multiple 5-figures in my business every month since."

"I was able to hire help, give myself the time and space I needed, I was able to have my husband quit and work with me... we also saw growth and consistency and I wasn't burning myself out to make it happen."

Valerie, Lawyer

Jenelle, coach for boUtique owners

Christen, agency owner

"They've helped me grow it (my business) structurally, tactically...and they helped me remove mental roadblocks..."

"I was able to transition my business online and I was able to replace the income from my previous business with an online model...I've also doubled the pricing of my coaching!"

"I've doubled, then tripled my income in a enabled me to niche down the right way, to get my messaging right and serve the audience I intended to serve..."

Caitlin, seo expert

Rose, minimalist expert/speaker

dawn, financial coach


You're ready to make a daily commitment to your goals, your business and your success so you can make better choices for you and your family.

You desire to step into what is possible, move past fear and shift mindset blocks so we can build your path to opportunity and financial freedom.

You're ready for the proven marketing strategies and practical know-how so you can confidently sell your offer and reach your next level goals.

You want a supportive team and processes in place so growing and scaling your business becomes a reality.


You're ready for a breakthrough in your business so you can mentally, emotionally and financially level up your offering.


"I had my first $60k launch which was amazing. " 


Kate, Feng Shui Expert

Amber-Lee, Chakra Girl and Coach

Kim, Intimacy and Pleasure Coach for Driven Women

Stop getting in your own way and reserve your spot now to create a business, bank account, and a life better than your dreams. 

Running LIVE from June 21st-25th.

The framework to 7-figures, more opportunity and financial freedom is finally here.