About the Brand

Discover our mission, vision and why (hint: it's all about you!) and get the real-truth about our origin story and all of the ups and downs...

About the founder


mission, vision, purpose


origin story


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About the Brand

Discover our mission, vision and why (hint: it's all about you!) and get the real-truth about our origin story and all of the ups and downs...

About the founder

Missions, vision, purpose

origin story




The truth is

We created I Heart My Life so that you could learn to love yours…

...but make no mistake, this isn’t about settling for where you’re at now. This is about stepping into something more incredible than you could ever have imagined. 

At I Heart My Life, we believe that you deserve all you desire.

Take it back

Our CEO was your typical ‘girl next door’ type living in Ohio. 

Her life, according to other people’s expectations, should have been ordinary. It should have looked like college, grad school and climbing the corporate career ladder, where she’d work 9-5 until she retired, breaking only for a vacation or two a year. But that wasn’t what she wanted. That wasn’t what she needed.

And so she designed a different kind of life, an extra-ordinary life, where she became a published author who spoke on stages all around the world, collaborated with big brands, got featured in major publications… started a business and scaled it to 7 figures in just 18 months.

Now, what you long and yearn for might be different than Emily. The life and successes you’re craving may not be the same.

But if you know you’re fated and destined for something bigger… something better… then you’re in the right place. We want for you to experience more happiness, more health, more wealth… more satisfaction and more fulfilment.

Whatever you want, you can have it, and we’ll show you exactly how to get it.


+ Fall in love with yourself and your life, see and experience your fullest potential

+ Find your purpose and pursue it without doubt and fear holding you back

+ Live a life driven by your desires and follow your heart

+ Thrive in a like-minded community without the fear of criticism or judgement

+ Put yourself and your wants and needs first

+ Experience luxury and the finer things in life (and make more money than ever before)

+ Feel successful in every area of life (beyond biz/career)

+ Transform your mindset and move past fear and limiting beliefs

+ Shift into a space of self-love and unshakeable confidence

+ Re-define your life by breaking down barriers and boundaries

We're for you. We do this through...

We're for you. 


Our vision

To create a movement of women who aren’t afraid to follow their heart; who aren’t afraid to dream it and do it.

our mission

We’re working towards helping one billion women live their best lives through our membership, programs, blog, podcast, events and products.

(Yes, you read that right. Billion.)

and one more...

our why

We created this community because we wanted a safe space where no dream was too big. No aim too high. We believe that everyone is capable of creating a life better than their dreams when they have the tools and techniques to do so. And so we’re making it our mission to equip you with those.

We also get that the road to success can feel lonely, and we’re extremely proud of the community of women worldwide that we’ve been able to bring together. Environment is crucial when it comes to growth and development, and we believe there’s no better way to elevate and uplevel your life than to surround yourself with other people who are on the same journey.

six pillars

of success

pillar 1


pillar 2


We believe that strategy only takes you so far; without the mindset and the belief you can do something, you won't even try. 

pillar 3


six pillars
We focus on



pillar 4


This includes your relationship with yourself -- arguably the most important relationship of all.

pillar 5

pillar 6



September 2013

I Heart My Life

EW Came up with the idea of I Heart My Life after going through a 5-year quarter-life crisis and finally coming out on the other side. She made this video to try to win a spot in a group program to build the business.

march 2014

first website launched

EW’s husband built the first website Adobe Muse from the kitchen table and took her first branding shots. She was $30k in credit card debt, not including student loans which were $90K. 

march 2014

First newsletter

EW started sending out newsletters to 15 friends and family on my list. She was so nervous and thought people would think she’s crazy, but she knew it was her mission to inspire other women.


july 2014


EW went to California with her family – they paid. She landed the first official IHML Client and made $442 that month.

And the truth is, in the last 7 years, we’ve come full circle, and we’re just getting started…

October-December 2014

FIRST course

First official course launch then EW launched a group program at IHML launch and 25 women signed up. $32k month milestone in the company in one month. EW had quit her job and went full-time in the company two months prior. Clearly, things were working.

You gotta start somewhere!

origin story


April 2015

FIrst live event

Had our first live event at The Ritz London. (Even though people told us it was too early in our company's history to do it!)


hosted an event with kate spade

There are no words. Dream come true.


january 2016

hit $1M in revenue

Generated 7 figures of revenue in 18 months.

August 2016


Launched our first stationery cards and a new website in the same month.


June 2017

Feartured on Money.com

Our owner/founder EW ended up in one of the most major publications there is.

july 2017

second event with Kate spade

Hosted a second event with Kate Spade (the first one was in London in 2015!)


january 2018

Launched the IHML Show

The podcast everyone needs to subscribe to.


June 2019


It helps you discover your purpose, transform your mindset, and create success beyond your dreams.

August 2021


Shifted IHML to an education, lifestyle and media company. Launched our personal and professional development company for all women -- not just business owners.


january 2020

Hosted our first ihml live

Our first official transformational live event to connect with a community of women who dream and go big.


The scariest thing ever!

latest episode
 to the

Just like our story, this isn't the end...







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