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Results to Expect

We've designed the Scale-Up Accelerator with you in mind.

Clarity around your next steps to achieve your goals.

Implementation of next-level marketing strategy (funnels, launches, list building).

Create next-level success and high performance habits for sustainable success. 

Be in the know with what's working in online marketing right now for us and other industry leaders.

Continue to build your company foundation and ethos in order to scale your business.

Learn how to create a revenue plan and set clear financial targets (and hit them!).

Improve your launch strategy and client acquisition (meaning more money in the bank!).

Strengthen your mindset and move past fears and blocks in life and business so you create unstoppable success.

Improved brand presence so you stand out online.

Build out your offerings such as group programs and infoproducts.

finally hiring and scaling

“It's getting me to grow past even what I thought was possible...and what Emily has taught me (along with the other experts) is that really there are no limits."

Emily spicer

living her legacy

"What this taught me was how to take what I have to offer and turn it into a scalable program...I made my investment back within one month...which is beyond what I could have hoped for..."

Kimberly Pendleton


"Scale Up" Clients

consistent income + growth

“Everything I thought I was going to get from the program, I've gotten, plus so much more!"

Jess Bubbico

sustainable success strategies

“I've signed on my highest paying 1:1 client...$13,000 paid in full, and I've raised my prices."

Carla Blumenthal

Meet your mentors

And I already know one thing about you: You want to achieve big things. To find meaning and value in the work you do. To feel excited about your life. (And yeah, you wouldn’t mind making more money, too). You can do big things, and earn far more, than you think (my clients and I are living proof!).

Emily Williams 

As a Certified High Performance Coach, a student of psychology, physiology and relationships, my mission is to be a catalyst to the change and potential in everyone I serve. I believe we all have a huge amount of untapped potential and limitless opportunities for health, wealth and happiness.

james Williams



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client concierge

ashley kay

facebook and instagram strategist

Sara Yamtich


Emily Walker


yasmine Kashefi

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"It’s like being at a summer camp for highly aspirational entrepreneurs and each week you have appointments with team leaders in each of the important pillars of business building."

I am amazed at how transformational this has been for my mindset, confidence and business.


"Thank you to you, James, & Yasmine for being the first people I've worked closely with who encourage me to dream big and also take action. I am grateful. This is the power of paying up a vibration.”

in four days, i made almost $10,000 in sales.

jess bubbico

"This has been an amazing experience for me so far. We're only a month in, but I've doubled my monthly income, launched a membership site, am getting more engagement than ever and have a solid strategy to continue scaling my business this year. The help from the experts is seriously PRICELESS, and the unexpected benefit has been the community connection, some of which I've already met in person!”

"This is the best 'coaching' experience I've been a part of in the last 4 years."

sofie von marricks

"It has made a huge difference in how I strategize for Uncover, my online program about love & sex. I joined because I wanted to make that program better, but now that I'm in it I see that it is also the perfect place from which to create even higher level offers. The community & support has been incredible and I made back my entire investment in the first month, which is just bananas.”

"I made back my entire investment in the first month, which is just bananas."

Kimberly Pendleton

Big Results

"You've put together such great mentors and such great mentees and I'm definitely thrilled to be part of this group. You have a gift for bringing a genuinely supportive community together and I just wanted to say thank you for including me in that!”

"You've put together such great mentors and such great mentees and I'm definitely thrilled to be part of this group."

"Emily has single-handedly changed my life. She is incredibly talented as a coach and has guided, mentored and challenged me to dream bigger than what I thought was ever possible for myself. She has taken my dreams and has helped me turn them into reality by teaching me how to capitalize on my passions and strengths."

"emily has single-handedly changed my life."

Emily spicer

Leah gervais


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