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How One Client Generated $216K in the First 11 Months as a New Coach!


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I'm Emily Williams, the Founder of IHML and your "no B.S." Success Coach.

Yup, I wear a lot of pink and love all things girly, but I'm also one of the toughest, most direct coaches you'll ever meet. I started IHML from nothing and grew it into a 7-figure business in my first 18 months. That's how serious I am about taking action and fast results. Now, I help other women do the same, and this case study will show you how...

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“I went from making $2k-$3k a month to $8K in 1 day!"

Shannon doesn't recognize her life

"Since the course, not only have I tripled my rates (and booked a client!) but I’ve also found my true gifts as a coach. My life has completely transformed in the past couple months…I don’t know whose life this is but I love it.”

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“I got offered the highest salary I had ever been paid!"

Rochelle increased her salary

“When I first joined IHML, I was in a rut financially and mentally! I had such a fear and lack mentality that I was even contemplating if I could “afford” this course, but I knew it would be life-changing! As of now, I have joined Emily’s IHC program, hired a 1:1 coach & got offered the highest salary I had ever been paid, right on time to pay for both programs!!”

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“Eight weeks in, I've had my first nearly $20,000 month."

JingJing increased her Prices

"I joined Emily’s program with inconsistent $2000 to $3000 months, eight weeks in, I’ve had my first nearly $20,000 month. It’s my knowing that so much more is awaiting me, and the expansion is so incredibly fun!"

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