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Jennifer Jayde

(Please note, this video was filmed at the beginning of 2016. Since then, Jennifer’s business has grown immensely. See results below.)


I remember working my 9-5 job and finally awakening to the fact that this was not the life that fulfilled my heart. I was earning about $80k+ in my mid-twenties as a mortgage broker and had every reason to stay within that comfort zone, but I realized talking about interest rates for the rest of my life would only lead to massive regret, if I didn’t make every effort to at least give my dreams a chance. I moved forward despite what felt like paralyzing fear. I wanted to find out if creating the life of my dreams was possible.I wanted to know at the end of my days, I gave this life all of me. I wanted to let the song in my heart out into the world before I ran out of time.


I went into my childhood dream job of destination wedding photography first. I had never known such passion in my life. A few years later, an even deeper rooted purpose began to emerge from my soul. I realized that I wasn’t meant to stay here living my own dream – I was meant to facilitate the dreams of other women, guiding them to discover their own purpose through the step-by-step process of creating, launching and exponentially growing their own dream business.

In the beginning when I first realized I was going to step into the role of Coach, I felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed. I had self-doubt, and low confidence in my abilities in what I had to offer.

One of the greatest fears I had to overcome was something I actually didn’t realize had such a grip on me – the fear of what everyone else would think.


One thing that I am so grateful to have realized from the very beginning, was that the shortest distance between me and my dreams, is finding someone who is already living them, and learning directly from them.

When the student was ready, the teacher appeared. Her name was Emily Williams. I resonated with her so powerfully that I knew the size of the investment would not deter me. Yes, I had some money story issues creeping up, but in the deepest part of my soul, I knew this was right – that she was meant to guide me through the process of shining my light, my voice, my brand and my purpose on the grand and global scale I desire it to be.

I found the money by getting creative! I used two credit cards and a personal credit line.


Since starting IHC and working with Emily 1×1, I was able to generate 6 figures in sales in my first 6 months of my business, and create over $216k in sales in my first 11 months so far.

I am consistently sold out of my 1×1 program, and I was able to run my first live online group program with double the anticipated amount of clients, as well as launch my first ever self study program to start generating passive income.


I was only able to do this through Emily’s invaluable guidance. I became more visible on social media, more consistent with my list building and connecting, utilizing Facebook ads, and creating an enticing offer for my first 10 clients in order to build upon not only my exposure and experience, but also my confidence, and clarity around my desired clients and how to reach them.

What worked best for me was:

  • Hiring my own high level one-on-one coach (Emily) as well as being in her Live Group Program for added support from a community of likeminded global impactors!
  • Creating an effective sales funnel with the support of Emily and also a Facebook ads coach, running constant Facebook ads to my sales funnel, offering incentive to clients who book right away, and really always being in service to my client first and foremost and putting their needs and dreams ahead of my financial goals.


If coaching feels right in your heart, at a deeper level than the fears and worries, then it is meant for you. The best way to save yourself from struggle and frustration and heartache (and possibly even giving up!), is to find that person who is living your dream, that you totally connect with, and move heaven and earth to work with them.

Note: Jennifer is a part of the I Heart Coaching group program as well as a one on one client.


Sarah King


Before starting my coaching business, my life was perfectly “normal.” I was a stay-at-home mom to a little girl, and my husband and I were scraping by on his lean salary. I was grateful for everything I had, but my gratitude was actually preventing me from reaching my potential and doing big things. I loved being home with my sweet little girl, but I hated watching my husband leave for work everyday in his button-up shirt. I was willing to wait until his retirement to see the world but my heart longed to travel young. I knew the importance of raising my kiddos to make a difference in the world, but I wanted to show them how to make an impact.


One day, I got up the nerve to make a promise to my husband. It was a promise that changed everything. I called him up at work, he snuck away from his desk to answer, and I promised him that I would find a way to make enough money working from home to allow him to quit his job before our daughter turned two-years-old. (She was almost one-year-old at the time.)

I dabbled in various experimental businesses (photography, network marketing, freelance consulting, etc.) but no matter how hard I worked, nothing. Stuck on a plateau, I watched others around me thrive. I wondered if success was even possible for me.


When I became pregnant with my second, I realized I couldn’t wait for success any longer. I needed to do something drastic. That’s when I decided to become a coach and work with Emily.

After I saw the price of her program, however, I felt super discouraged. My husband and I had no money. None. And oh my gosh! What if I didn’t make the money back?! How would I live with myself?!

I realized I had two choices:

  • Continue fumbling around in my business, and risk breaking the promise I made to my husband.
  • Find the money somehow and make this happen – even though it was the scariest thing I have ever done.

My husband and I applied for an extra credit card, extended our credit on another card, and got the first payment together. Thank God we took that risk.


Within 90 days of working with Emily, I went from earning inconsistent bonus cash through my businesses to having a thriving 5 /month coaching business with a waiting list.

Less than a year later, I retired my husband, cut my workweek down to 12 hours/week so I could have more time with my family, and even hit a $200,000 MONTH. No. That wasn’t a typo.

The best part? I’m able to make a global impact through my business simply by loving on my clients.


I remember reading success stories like this on Emily’s site before signing up for her program and wondering, “How is that even possible?!” Here’s the secret: Don’t let fear run the show. By committing to Emily’s program, I had to overcome my fears in a big way.

This has changed the way I do everything. I’m obsessed with this quote by Nelson Mandela, “May your choices reflect your hopes: not your fears.” I’m so thankful that I chose to take a leap! It was literally life-changing.


After putting everything on the line by choosing to work with Emily, my dreams didn’t magically come to fruition. It took a ridiculous amount of persistence. There were days when I felt completely drained, and nights when I cried myself to sleep. In the thick of it all, I remember doubting everything and asking myself over and over and over again, “Is this really going to be worth it?” Emily, my IHC sisters, and a voice inside of me kept saying, “Yes! Keep going!” So, even when things were too hard – even when I was tempted to reroute – I just kept going. And you know what? That’s when the breakthroughs happened. For the first time, clients (and cash) began flowing to me.

Note: Sarah is a part of the I Heart Coaching group program as well as a one on one client.


(Please note, this video was filmed at the beginning of 2016. Since then, Janelle’s business has grown immensely. See results below.)


When I signed up for Emily’s I Heart Coaching program, I was unemployed, broke and had more than $40,000 in debt. I was desperately unhappy with my life.

I’d been a corporate lawyer for nearly a decade and at the age of 28 had suffered a near fatal heart attack while overseas on a business trip.

I spent the next three years in a quarter life crisis, unsure of my purpose in life. I was lost, confused and really broke.

My life was not anything like I’d imagined it would’ve been at that age, and my personal relationships were suffering as a result of my unhappiness.

I knew I had to make some changes but I had no clue what I wanted to do or how to make it all happen.

Then I came across Emily Williams and I Heart Coaching. I knew that this was my calling. I moved mountains to sign up for her program, already in more debt than I cared to think about, but this desire to change my life was so strong that I went ahead and registered anyway.

And it has been the best decision of my life.

I went from unemployed, depressed and broke to registering my own company and opening my business bank account within two weeks.


If you are considering signing up for I Heart Coaching or any of Emily Williams’ programs, you just need to GO FOR IT. If it feels like a stretch, if you’re questioning yourself for what seems “sensible” and “safe”, just ask yourself what you want most in this life and how far you will go to get there. Because when you have a burning desire to do something, to make your life an incredible adventure full of financial freedom and being your own boss, you’ll do anything to get there. But the journey requires the support of a team of women.

I would not have been able to do this without the support of the encouraging women in the program who were on the same journey as me. It’s that support network that keeps you going.

Since making the investment for the group program, I spent another $15,000 with Emily’s one on one program. Yes, a stretch, but an investment I knew I would easily see a return on given my past experience with her group program.

And if I can just say, with respect to stretching your finances to make your dream life come true, I know all about that. But you just have to do it. You can’t look back in years to come wishing you’d taken the chance. You also can’t stop yourself because you ‘don’t feel ready’.

I was struggling with over $40,000 in debt, I had no job, no money coming in at all, plus I was battling near-depression, but the only thing that lit me up was this program and the hope of making my life better. Something that I was proud of again.

And I’m so glad I took that leap because I’ve launched an entire business that supports my lifestyle in less than six months. I built my own website, had professional photographs taken and developed my brand in that time. I’m now working with clients who inspire me each day, and it’s a complete turn around from my old legal life – I hardly recognize it at times.

I’m so glad I make this decision because it’s not only paid off financially for me, but emotionally. And to be honest, that is far more important to me.

I love running my own business and I am blessed to be able to help other incredible women with their entrepreneurial journey, but the biggest thing for me was the shift in my personal life. My happiness. Because it is true what they say, that you only get one shot at this life, and you owe it to yourself to make your life the most extraordinary journey possible.


If I could pass on some advice to you as you read my story, it would be to try anything that your coach tells you to try in terms of changing your thought patterns and money story.

Really spend the time learning how to think like a successful entrepreneur because that is the key difference between a mediocre business owner and a financially free entrepreneur experiencing unlimited success.

I’d then suggest starting as soon as you can with your business.  For me I used the skills that I already had in law and project management and worked for myself doing that, because I knew I could make money now in my business, which then supported the rest of my investments in building Endless Grace, my success coach business.


I started my company doing what I knew how to do best, which was legal consulting and project management. I’d found so much hope and clarity just from signing up to Emily’s program that I became focused and driven again. I had clients and made $23,000 in my first 90 days of business.

Since completing IHC my business has continued to flourish. I run a business I love and work with the most incredible clients around the world, helping women build their online businesses. I can now say I run my own successful 5-figure / month business, and that’s incredible to think that just a year ago I was unemployed, broke and in massive debt.

I’m also launching a group program that is going to show other women everything that I’ve learned in my business so that they can create a freedom based laptop lifestyle as well.

My personal life also benefited from this shift in my life. You see, the program focused on your mindset and teaches you how to love yourself again, that you deserve more and are worthy of that. You learn how to eradicate negative thoughts and start thinking like a successful entrepreneur, and that energy flows from your business into your personal life. It’s an entire make-over of your soul, and you become a happier, more focused and determined version of yourself in such a short time.

It’s the knowing that you’re worth more, that you are capable of anything and that you can do this, that changes your life.

From being so stressed and broke just six months earlier, I was suddenly in control of my life, my business and my finances.

I managed to repay the entire investment in just two months (a whopping four months early!) and that’s from the position of not knowing how I was going to make the second month’s payment!

The changes you see and the shifts you make in such a short time really are incredible.

I went from a negative person who didn’t think she was worthy or capable of being an entrepreneur to running my own successful business literally in a matter of weeks. I was taught how to overcome fear and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from success my entire life, and now my life looks completely different.


I got my business off the ground by changing how I thought about life and how I thought about money. I realized that I spent so many hours laying awake at night stressing about unfounded things that were not even likely to occur, that it was affecting my entire life. I learnt what I could do to change that and control it, and I learnt how to take charge of my finances, love my bank account and build a relationship with money – all things that were such a foreign concept to me before this course.

And you know what, I’ve come to realize that those seemingly simple things were huge blocks in my life that, up until this point, had been the reason for my never reaching financial freedom.



If you’re after tangible steps to going from your current station in life, to a financially free entrepreneur, I’d happily share my hot tips with you:

  • Hire a coach – invest in yourself and your dreams.Running a business requires resources, support, structure and systems, and there really is no point reinventing the wheel. I wouldn’t practice law without the right experience behind me, and it’s the same with running a business. Don’t waste time failing forward, trying to discover it on your own. Just ask. Get help. You’d be amazed what it can do for you in such a short period of time.
  • Take action each day, in your life and your business.Always be prepared to learn, read, up-level, ask questions, and be proactive in your business. By this I mean do something each day that gets you that step closer to success. Even if you’re in a 9-5, there’s time outside of those hours to dedicate to your dreams. I was running my legal business (my own 9-5), working past midnight at times because I also was establishing my coaching business on the side while doing I Heart Coaching program.  It’s possible to do all of this while in your 9-5. The secret is, it doesn’t feel like work when its something you love. When you find your passion, it’s not work. You get paid to be yourself and you start to wonder why you didn’t become a business owner sooner!
  • Schedule like a Queen. Learn to manage your time effectively so that you can maximize your day and get it all done, while still working (if that’s you) and building your business. Get yourself a diary that works for you (I recommend the Day Designer by Whitney English).
  • Take time out for yourself. Don’t let overwhelm creep in, just take a deep breath and know that the business is coming together and that its actually happening quicker than you think. We, as women entrepreneurs, can be hard on ourselves in terms of expectations. Just know that, as long as you are taking action in your business, it’s constantly moving, and that alone is huge. You also need to take some time out for yourself, to spend it with family, or do yoga or go for a walk. You’ll need those moments of relaxation at times, and know that its okay to take time out. It makes you a better business owner. Be kind to yourself.
  • Don’t give up. Be consistent in your approach. Just keep going. I promise, it all pays off.

I Heart Coaching has changed my life. I recommend it to anyone. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my life and my business.

Truly in gratitude to IHML and Emily Williams.


Brooke Rash

(Please note, this video was filmed at the beginning of 2016. Since then, Brooke’s business has grown immensely. See results below.)


When I first signed on to work with Emily, I was at a crossroads with my business. My husband and I were struggling just to bring in $2k a month. I knew that something just wasn’t working, but I didn’t know what it was. Every month was a struggle, and I was no longer enjoying my entrepreneurial journey.


Within six weeks of working with Emily and James, we uncovered that while we loved promoting a healthy lifestyle, our passion wasn’t food coaching. That was a very hard realization because we had sunk thousands of dollars into nutrition school and built an audience of people that were expecting us to deliver content about food.

Our true passion was working with entrepreneurs and helping them to market themselves authentically and build a personal brand.


Signing up for I Heart Coaching was my do or die moment. I got on the phone with Emily, and I was literally sobbing because I knew that I had to make this happen but…We had drained our savings and 401k, and I knew that if I didn’t do something, my husband and I were going to lose our house. The universe worked in a very mysterious way though and our mortgage company gave us a break on our monthly payments, which freed up that money to pay for this course.


I was scared to make the announcement because I didn’t know how our audience would react, but they proved my theory right: when you build a personal brand (like we had) and people genuinely like you for you, they will follow you to the mountain tops. And they did…

We flipped our business and more than doubled our monthly income only three months later.

It’s hard to believe that this time last year I was struggling just to raise my rates to $97, and now I’m closing 5-figure deals. I’m finally serving the world in a way that lights me up and I’m connected with the high-level social circle that was required to make my dreams come true. Just by saying YES, everything began to shift for me. I can’t imagine where I’d be without the guidance from Emily & James!


I can’t thank Emily and James enough for helping me dig deep and really discover my self-worth because previously I was way undercharging. They helped me to realize the hang-ups I had around money and blast through my limiting beliefs that were holding me back from truly having the success I desired and more than anything, doing work that I truly, truly love!


So my advice is that if you’re on the fence and unsure about whether this is right for you, ask yourself, are you making the money you want to be making? Ask yourself if you feel a sense of fulfillment, because if you don’t, this course is a no brainer. Everything is laid out for you – you just have to show up with everything you have and do the work. It won’t let you down.

Learn more about I Heart Coaching

Kim Heintz

(Please note, this video was filmed at the beginning of 2016. Since then, Kim’s business has grown immensely. See results below.)


When I found I Heart Coaching, I was coming out of probably the most difficult three-year period of my life, with the hardest part occurring only seven months prior. I actually used to joke that someone was playing games with my life.

Kim Heintz

It started in 2012 with a back injury that prevented me from doing much physically for nine months which, being an athlete competing in endurance races, was really difficult for me.

During this time, my husband, who I had been with for seven years, and I separated and ultimately divorced and stopped speaking.

At that time, I decided to move across the country to pursue my lifelong dream of living in Colorado.  I was working remotely for a Chicago-based company and had the flexibility to do that.

While I was so glad to be living one of my dreams and did some really amazing things, I had a lot of negative self-talk saying that I didn’t deserve to be there.

I later learned (through I Heart Coaching) that I was totally upper-limiting myself while I was there.

And then, I lost my job due to budget cuts. It was strange because I felt like I knew it was coming.  Looking back, I wholeheartedly believe it was because I constantly believed that I didn’t deserve to be in Colorado. And, whatever we focus on expands.  So the Universe responded and removed the means that I had used to get and stay there. At that time, I had to decide whether I should try to find a job there or return to Chicago and find a job closer to home. I chose the latter, partially because I was dating someone back in that area but mostly because I didn’t really feel deserving of living in my dream place.

Fast forward a few months later to the beginning of 2015 – my safety was put into jeopardy by the man I was dating. That next day, I called a mover and got myself and my belongings out of the house we were sharing while he was at work.

It was empowering and devastating all at the same time. Empowering because I finally stood up for myself after a long period of time. Devastating for all the loss associated, and I was essentially homeless.

I lived in intense fear that I’d run into him. My belongings went into storage and I spent the next two months crashing with friends and family while I tried to make sense of it all.

As I sorted through the emotions and reflected back on the past three years, I realized that I had been living in intense fear and allowing everyone and everything be at the wheel of my life.

Prior to this three-year period, I had been extremely adventurous, had HUGE dreams, and lived without fear.

And that was the day I decided that I would reconnect with the younger, fearless version of myself and finally live an authentic and amazing life.


I’ve been in the Training and Development space for a decade. In my field, I’ve been known as an expert and am looked to for guidance and direction.  In fact, I quickly made a name for myself in the field and was offered a part-time teaching position at the graduate level, teaching and coaching aspiring T&D professionals to make the transition into the field.


While I’ve enjoyed this field, I always felt there was something missing. Training has always afforded me to work in my zone of excellence by helping others, but not until I had the unique opportunity to run a full-scale coaching program with the internal employees did I realize that is my zone of genius.

And at that time, I realized that I had a deep desire to serve many others others beyond my organization in a similar way.

And so I began dreaming about starting my own business.

However, I didn’t take action right away. My biggest challenges to overcome were within myself. Every time I would try to move forward, life challenges or intense fear would pop up and I wouldn’t make much progress. While I had dealt with much of my past, I still had a lot of negative self-talk and fear going on that were 100% holding me back.

That inner voice kept creeping in, telling me that I didn’t deserve to go after my dreams. And I found a lot of ways to block myself from working toward my version of success.


And then one day in late summer 2015, Emily’s ad for a 4-part training audio popped up. Every single thing that she said in those audios resonated deep within me. I listened to them twice so that I could soak up all of the information she was sharing. And I knew right then and there that I had been given a gift in my pursuit to live an authentic and amazing life – I was being given the gift of having the path for success shown to me.

I signed up that very day; I didn’t even bother with a discovery call because I knew in my heart of hearts that this was the path for me!

As far as coming up with the money for IHC, the Universe responded. I had made a decision in early summer that I was going to go through with starting my business. I didn’t know how, but I finally decided to just do it!  And about a month before I knew about this program, I received an inheritance that covered all of the regular program plus a good part of the VIP track.



I am now living one of my dreams – running my own business.

Mindset: My mindset has been completely transformed. Before starting this program, I always focused on the negative – I actually thought that was the only way. I used to think if I nurtured the negative things, they would get better and things would be great. However, I was WAY wrong.  Before I started the program I had no idea how much power I had over my own thoughts, nor did I have the tools. What I learned during the mindset modules was a huge game-changer for me. I have this program to thank for giving me the tools to feel a greater sense of self. And nurturing the positive things has not only made each day really great, but has been attracting some really incredible things into my life.

Business: Within just two weeks of telling others about my business, I landed three clients. I didn’t even have a website! I was just sending a Google doc with my services written out on it! And within one month of launching my website I had two 5-figure months back-to-back, and I just had my third 5-figure month in a row!

I get to work in my zone of genius all day long supporting others to launch their businesses or take them to the next level by streamlining and automating everything. I’m so excited to get out of bed in the morning so that I can find more and better ways to serve my clients. I literally don’t recognize my life from a year ago.


I’m now taking consistent steps every day.  Marie Forleo has a really amazing quote that hangs above my computer, “Clarity comes from being engaged in something – not thinking about it.” Emily and James speak about that quote a lot on the calls, and one day it hit me.

I finally realized that I had been thinking about starting a business for years, but i didn’t do anything with it. So I wasn’t going anywhere.

Even though I didn’t really know how I was going to make it all happen or 100% where I was going, I just made forward progress every day.  And once I started doing that, I got SO much clarity.  I recently explained it to someone like I was initially standing in this fog, not really sure where I was or where I was going. However, I just did something every day to move forward. And then one day, I came to a clearing, the fog lifted, and I could see this incredible, expansive landscape. And I finally knew where I was and where I was going next.

I’m showing up and being visible. This can be hugely scary. However, it’s been imperative in connecting me with the right people and giving me even more clarity. I used to be so scared to be visible, even to my friends. I refused to post photos of myself online that didn’t include me hiding behind a bike helmet and sunglasses. A defining moment for me was when I changed my profile picture on Facebook to one of me dressed nice. Instantly, I had people messaging me about the photo. A few I had never met mentioned that they realized that they had no idea what I looked like until that very moment. And others, who had met me in person, said that it was nice to see my face and I should post pictures like that more often. Until then, I had no idea how much I was truly hiding — from others and from myself. 

I’m making time. I used to hold myself back by being too busy, and I could have done the same with this program. However, I cleared my schedule and made time to make all of this happen. I said no to some things I might have typically said yes to in the past.

I’m embracing fear when it shows up. I used to let this delay me and hold me back for days. But no longer. Fear is always going to be part of the picture. Elizabeth Gilbert writes a lot about that in her book, “Big Magic”.  However, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I’ve learned to use fear as an indicator that I’m on the right path. It’s really helped me stay on course!

I’m connecting with others. One of my favorite quotes is: “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great” (Mark Twain). I have learned this to be so true through my connections with others who are at the same or greater vibrational level. They motivate and inspire me on a daily basis, and I continue to up-level and gain more clarity through these connections.

I’m continuing to invest: I have huge goals for the future and know that I need the support to get me to where I need. So I decided to make a decision from where I want to be rather from where I currently am and signed on to work with Emily 1-1. A year ago, I never would have dreamed of investing that kind of money in myself (or anything). I was the last one of our IHC sisters to get a photoshoot done because I had a hard time justifying doing that! And I honestly never felt that my dreams were worth it. That I was worth it. But now I know that I am and I’m taking big steps to put all the right things in place. 



Invest in yourself. We only get one chance at this life, and we each deserve to live an authentic, fulfilled life that we love! We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so we might as well live each day as fully and happily as we can.

This program was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Be easy on yourself. Emily often talks about how starting a business is the best personal development program you can ever go through. She’s 100% right. She makes you dig really, really deep and I can guarantee it will stir up some stuff in you. But she and James also give you the tools to handle those things as they come up and for the rest of your life.

I was on a call the first time Emily used the phrase “you can either be scared or rich.”

Everyone in the program was blown away by those words. It’s so true. If you are scared about this journey, it’s okay and natural. But you have big dreams and deep desires, and you absolutely deserve to have them come true.   And if “rich” isn’t the word that resonates with you, then replace it with whatever your heart’s desire is: “You can be scared or ______.” The point is, don’t let fear hold you back.  Take a leap and go after your dreams. I promise you that you will surprise yourself in a thousand different, positive ways. You are capable of so much more than you think you are.

Lulu Minns


I left the legal profession a year before finding Emily and I Heart Coaching. Initially, I’d started a business partnership in the dating industry. Alongside this, I’d also begun a successful network marketing business. But both I and the businesses started to stagnate. I had a feeling I still wasn’t doing what I wanted to be and my fire was still out. I had lots of ideas floating around about how I could help women in the legal profession but no idea how to make them into a tangible, structured business.

Leaving the legal profession was a tough decision, I’d been very successful in my career as a Criminal Defence Litigator, being both Head of Department and interviewed for Directorship before I walked away from my career. But the success had come with huge personal sacrifice. I knew life had something bigger and better to offer to me, I just had no idea what it was.

I had been in the legal profession from the age of 21, so finding my identity outside of it and the ‘role’ I’d been playing was a huge challenge. Nobody else truly understood the path I was taking, and due to my achievements in the profession most thought I was wasting my qualifications, status and talent as a lawyer as well as my income. But I persevered, trusting my gut and intuition in that everything would lead me to the right place – even though I had no idea where that was.


When I found Emily and I Heart Coaching, something huge was still missing for me. Despite this, whilst extremely interested I thought I couldn’t possibly start a third business in less than two years! But I kept thinking about it and Emily’s story made me realise I was still compromising. I wanted my own business which I was passionate about, something which could change and evolve with me. I didn’t want a business with someone else or a ready-made business. I realised the I Heart Coaching programme ticked all my boxes and the structure of the modules would help me build my big but fragmented vision. I loved Emily’s style – strong but feminine and not at all corporate – which was what I was trying to escape from. I had looked into coaching before but felt the traditional coaching schools had an air of formality that I was trying to get away from, and they also seemed a little outdated.

Over the course of two weeks, I came to the conclusion that doing the programme made complete sense and everything had been leading up to this point. As Emily says, when  ‘the student is ready, the teacher appears’ and I was more than ready to begin.

The money mindset really intrigued me and an was an incredible part of the course. Considering I’m not someone who felt I didn’t ‘deserve success’, I still knew something was holding me back in being a business owner. I discovered and challenged money blocks I never knew I had. I’ve also realised how scared I’d been to do something completely on my own outside of a traditional and professional career. So I tackled my limiting beliefs of what was possible for me in that I could achieve success without sacrifice. I’ve learnt to  be  more vulnerable in not always pretending everything is fine when it’s not, to embrace and celebrate the ups and take ownership of the downs, and learnt to flip the switch when I need to.


I was really nervous about starting something else – I doubted myself and whether I could trust the decisions I was making. I worried what other people may think as I was starting yet another business. My income had decreased as I wasn’t ‘feeling’ the other business so I had to find the money for investing, too. But I decided to take the leap and use my zero percent credit card, becauseI realised the worst thing to happen would be not moving forward and to regret not being part of the programme. Doing nothing would still be making a decision. By this time, the only reason I wasn’t going to invest was due to money so I knew I would massively benefit from the money mindset work. I had been living in a state of ‘lack’ since leaving my career and was already considering not doing what I felt I needed to do because of finances. I decided it was now or never, life was too short and I would invest in my dreams, as staying where I was was no longer an option.

I asked myself  two questions :

1 – Can I afford not to?
2 – Do I have time to wait for the life and business I want?

The answer was ‘no’ to both.




– I signed up 3 clients in my first two weeks of launching and without any official marketing in place. This far exceeded the results of starting my other two businesses.

– I have designed my first 9 week programme, with three further programmes and a 21-day self-study course currently in development.

– I have booked a business trip to Morocco to research for a retreat trip for Women in the Legal Profession, enabling them to have real space for thought and tuning back into their true desires.

– I am a guest speaker on two podcasts for Women in Law living a happier and more fulfilled life.

– I have met an amazing group of women from around the world who inspire me every day and who I am collaborating with on business projects.

– I’m making a huge difference in my clients’ lives.

Money and Entrepreneurial Mindset

I have a built a really strong, feminine, entrepreneurial money mindset. I trust and know things will be more than ok and the money I need will come to me. I have a monthly money mindset routine which I use to build and nurture my mindset every single day. I’ve developed a huge vision for my business and have built a strong, authentic brand as a platform to build it upon.


The best of all is I am finally fulfilled, and the more authentic me has come to the forefront in all aspects of my life. Everyone around me has noticed my energy, excitement and the journey I’ve been on which has brought me totally back to life after law, saying I seem more like the real me than I was before. I have shed the legal identity I was carrying around with me and my parents have also finally agreed that I was doing the right thing all along! 


From the start I embraced and trusted the structure of I Heart Coaching – I didn’t try to skip ahead or challenge the advice being given.

I signed up to get all the free bonuses and was excited about the money mindset course. Straight away I created a habit of having a module to work on every week which really helped to focus my mind. I mapped out my ideas as I went along and trusted in my journey. Importantly, I wanted to enjoy it too so I didn’t rush ahead. Whenever I got distracted with thoughts and ideas and the things I thought I should be doing, I always went back to the modules and concentrated on that first. I trusted that what I wanted to know would come next and at the right time, which it always did.

It has been an incredible experience and one I am so happy to have invested in. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I will miss having my weekly module but will concentrate on creating them for my clients!



1. Vision

The key to building a business is having a vision to move towards, a vision which truly inspires and excites you. I Heart Coaching enabled me to unscramble my ideas and put structure in place. It’s the key to getting anything BIG started.

2. Voice

Finding your authentic voice and message for your business is fundamental, and having a great group of other equally-focused and driven women is an amazing sounding board to bounce ideas off and get feedback from. Getting a mastermind buddy in the group to collaborate with is highly recommended.

3. Visibility

A huge part of my attraction to the programme was the marketing modules. Having had two businesses previously, I knew that marketing is absolutely essential for success. Finding your audience and getting visibility is really important, as there is little point in having a service which your ideal client is not aware of.

Thank you, I Heart Coaching, as this is just the beginning. I decided to invest in myself, my dreams and to be the woman who made life after law the best experience.

Noor Hibbert


Before coming across Emily, I had an online business selling physical products. I had left my job at 31-weeks pregnant to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur and for a year I believed that my online business selling physical products was my something big but deep down something just wasn’t right. 



I had trained to become a coach the year before but was scared of how to get out there and start building a successful coaching business. I had got sucked into my first business and was trying to convince myself that because I was doing well, that it was my something big but deep down I knew coaching was what I wanted to do, but the fear of starting ANOTHER business was getting in the way.


That week, like magic, Emily appeared in my life. I had invested all my savings into training to become a coach and into my business and I was worried how I was going to find the money to invest in I Heart Coaching and although I already had huge credit card debt, I had to borrow my husband’s credit card and put it on that. Even though it was scary, my heart knew it was the right thing.



I started training with Emily in I Heart Coaching in May and launched my coaching business on August 15th, and within 6 weeks I have had 5 one-on-one clients sign up and generated £10,000/$13,000!!!


I sometimes have to sit and pinch myself because this dream has happened so much quicker than I ever imagined!



One of the magical things about the course is the amazing women I’ve met in it who have truly become my closest friends and confidants. It’s only month five of working with Emily, and I have big goals that I know I will reach if I keep following what Emily teaches as she has been there, done it and also helped many women do the same. I am truly thankful for the chance to learn from her.

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Rachel McMichael


Before I met Emily, I was a struggling entrepreneur. To the outside world, I’m sure my business looked great. I was working extremely hard, but everything I was doing felt like tossing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something would stick. My revenues were completely inconsistent, and inside I felt totally frustrated and overwhelmed.

I started feeling like entrepreneurship was this big puzzle, and I was this close to figuring out how to put it all together, but something was missing. I wanted that “secret sauce” and couldn’t seem to find anyone who was willing to share it with me.



And then Emily’s ad appeared in my newsfeed. There’s an old Chinese Proverb that says “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” And that’s exactly what happened! As soon as I went onto the website, I knew that this program was exactly what I needed. But I’ll be honest – I was terrified about the investment. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the monthly payment plan and realized that the profits from my current business would cover the cost – but this would be the biggest investment I had ever made in my business and in myself.

I knew I needed to talk to my husband. I remember sitting in the living room with my husband. I was nervous and excited. I remember saying phrases like “this time is different…” and “I don’t think you want me to tell you the cost, but I can promise you this: I’m confident that I will make back this investment.” And I remember feeling the tension leave my shoulders as I heard him say,  “Ok. I trust you. Let’s do this.”


Throughout the course, Emily really supported me in helping me to understand who I am, what I am passionate about, what I have to offer, and how I can serve others with my unique gifts and talents. I gained total clarity on my brand and niche, and now my dream clients come to me!

Since working with Emily, not only have I completely made back my investment in I Heart Coaching, but this past month, I earned $4,500 in ONE week. In a WEEK!!! I feel like I need to pinch myself…I can’t even believe that this is my reality!



Working with Emily Williams was the BEST decision I have ever made in my business. And if you know me, you know that’s a big thing to say, because I’ve worked with some amazing coaches and taken some incredible courses along this journey that were critical to helping get my business to the level it was at prior to working with Emily. But nothing has compared to the journey I’ve been on these past six months. One of my favorite things about the program is actually one of the areas I was least excited about. As I was researching the course, I remember reading on the website how much mindset work was involved during the first few weeks and thinking “I mean, why can’t we just fast forward to the juicy stuff?”

And now, I know why – it’s because the mindset work IS the juicy stuff!!!

Changing my mindset changed everything in my business. Yes, I also learned the tools and skills and other critical business building skills, but the mindset piece for me was a big piece of the puzzle that I had been missing.


If you’re on the fence about working with Emily, I’m telling you – you MUST do it. Take the leap into this community of women who are driven just like you. Learn from someone who has gone before you and can show you exactly how to get there. Do whatever it takes.

Emily Williams is the real deal. She has helped me make my dreams a reality, and I’m confident she can do the same for you! This has been the best decision I’ve made for my business and I know that six months from now, you’ll feel the same way. I’m so excited that you have the same opportunity I had to grow your business and change your life!

Note: Rachel is a part of the I Heart Coaching group program as well as a one on one client.

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Tilean Clarke


My decision to create my brand, ‘Dr. Tilean’, in addition to developing the confidence and belief that I knew it was possible for me stemmed from when I lived and worked in Barbados. I’m from the UK, grew up in a household where money was a struggle and had a deep desire to work as a psychologist from a very young age because I love helping people. I was the first person in my family to go university, I worked in several healthcare related low paying roles so I could gain experience and then one day I went on a holiday to Barbados and then decided I’d move there following a holiday romance.

Whilst I was there I could not find any psychology related jobs and so I did a complete u-turn on my dream of becoming a psychologist. I ended up working for a corporate organisation run by an extremely successful young entrepreneur. I was earning a good salary, producing high level successful business-to-business events that made a lot of money and my role involved plenty of jet setting, staying in five-star luxurious resorts and mingling with high level executives. I loved the lifestyle, the ability to travel at will, the opportunity to meet highly successful people and realise they are ‘normal’ and not super human.

After nearly three years, I had an ah ha moment – if someone else can build a successful international business that makes money to live a life they love, why can’t I? I decided I can! I packed my bags, sold my stuff, handed in my notice and moved back to the UK (in December!) on my pursuit of a dream life and business. My friends and family thought I was nuts for giving up a dream job and life in the Caribbean.

When I arrived back to the UK, I had no idea how to start and quickly became overwhelmed with how I’d make my dreams a reality. I started by going back into academia and became a Chartered Psychologist, because that was what I had always dreamed of from the age of 13 years old. I then entered the whole 9-5 daily grind, but it wasn’t long before life situations meant I entered the freelance world. It was then I decided to accomplish what I really set out to do and started building my personal brand ‘Dr. Tilean’ in my spare time.

I am so proud that I had the guts to create my brand ‘Dr. Tilean’ that excited me to the core. With a business mission to empower individuals on their journey of self-transformation as they move closer to living a life they love and loving the life they live, I was adamant that ‘Dr. Tilean’ must be a lasting success.



Before starting I Heart Coaching I was working as a freelance chartered psychologist. Whilst this provided me with flexibility and the joy of creating positive impact on people’s lives, it wasn’t what I had imagined when I thought of working for myself and creating a dream life and business. Sometimes, I was working over 50 hours a week. I was often drained, tired and feeling like I was not fully utilising my skills. It was far removed from the life I desired!

I decided to invest in a one-on-one coach and spent my spare time developing my personal brand ‘Dr. Tilean’, that would provide me with the dream life and business I had imagined. I created my brand that consisted of combining all my passions and loves into one. A brand that is uniquely me, where I can be myself 100% of the time and make positive impact on individuals lives. It was a brand that I imagined would provide me with the ability to be financially free, to travel, stay in nice places and enjoy pretty things.

When ‘Dr. Tilean’ was just one month old, I was petrified and unsure about how to make my business grow, and make the worldwide impact and success that I desperately desired. Then Emily Williams sent an email to my inbox about a teleclass ‘Fearful to Fierce’. I listened and by the end of that call I knew within my heart that Emily Williams would show me how to make my business grow, and make the worldwide impact and success that I desperately desired.

It didn’t matter that I had already created my brand ‘Dr. Tilean’. I saw that Emily had created a strong brand and had managed to grow it rapidly, enabling her to live a life even better than her dreams and I wanted that too. I wanted Emily to show me how. I felt called to work with Emily and I followed my intuition. The very next day I signed up to I Heart Coaching!

Despite my prior belief that I Heart Coaching would be pretty straight forward since I had already created my brand, built my website and created my services, it was a roller coaster of a journey and one that I am grateful I was on! I went through every single module and I approached the programme with a beginner’s mind. I never, ever assumed I knew anything because I believed I was on this journey with Emily for a reason. I even watched training videos on things that I had already set up, and every single step of the way I learnt something new! I was super active in the group and enjoyed the community of coaches I was surrounded by as I brought ‘Dr. Tilean’ to the next level.  



I Heart Coaching has helped lift my brand to an even bigger level! Since being a part of the programme, so much has happened including relaunching my website so it clearly displays my vibe and my mission. I’ve had a photo shoot and video shoot in Barbados where I used to live because it was such a massive part in my journey including where I had that massive ah-ha moment that I can make my dreams come. My website now demonstrates my energy, laughter and vibe that I’ve always been complimented on, so that my clients can get the true essence of me before we even work together. As well, I’ve run a group course ‘DISCOVER the mindset’ that had 21 participants and I’ve also been coaching awesome women one-on-one, empowering them to build their own unique online personal brand as well.


I’ve always believed in investing in your dreams and following your heart, so when I decided to join I Heart Coaching even though I only had the money for the first instalment, I trusted the universe had my back. I believed wholeheartedly that if this is what I am supposed to be doing in this one life I have; God will not let me fail. I trusted that the rest of the money I required would follow and it did. The very next month after signing up for I Heart Coaching and working on my money mindset with Emily’s I Heart Money course, it led to me making the most money I’ve ever made in one month!



Here’s three tips I’d like to share with you:

– Follow your heart (not your head) and believe in your dreams.

– Never ever believe you are less worthy than anyone else.

– Talk to yourself like you would your own best friend and remind yourself you are worthy of the best!


Don’t waste another minute, day, month or year before you go after the life and business you truly desire!

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Alexandra Prince


Before starting my journey with I Heart Coaching I was experiencing a bit of a mid-thirties crisis!

I’d been an extremely successful entrepreneur in my twenties, but I’d also suffered some pretty traumatic failures, both in my work and personal life. These bumps in the road, especially the heartbreak, had led to an increasing build up of fear and emotional pain. Gradually I was losing more and more confidence and I just didn’t know who I was or what I wanted anymore. By 35, I was extremely confused, lost and lonely despite having lots of friends and a loving family. I became fearful of choices I needed to make, so much so that many times I chose to do nothing. I was stuck in paralysis and crying almost every day. I was writing a book at the time, but I’d stopped believing in my own greatness and literally nothing was coming to me. It didn’t help that I had allowed myself to stay stuck in a relationship that was only serving to bring me down in every way.

The more I became paralyzed in fear, the less I began to know or like myself. I was looking to outside sources for fulfillment, hoping that material things, places or people could fill this empty void inside my heart. I was smiling on the outside as I always did, but the truth was I was suffering massive depression and didn’t even want to get out of bed anymore. I was punishing myself for the mistakes I’d made over the last few years, blaming myself for not maintaining my success, or for my failing relationship where my partner and I were nothing but toxic towards each other. The rejection just left me feeling bitter and worthless, so I stayed around to try and fix something that wasn’t worth fixing. I’d become a complete victim to my own darkness, feeling sorry for myself and punishing myself. The more I focussed on the negative, the more negative I attracted. I wasn’t the real me; I was a dark, lonely and angry stranger.



However, there was hope – because along came my angel disguised as a coach, Emily Williams! Thankfully, incredible light can come from your deepest and darkest moments, and it was when going through Facebook that my first ray of light appeared. Aside from the despair going on inside me, I always knew I was made for something big, just like Emily whose advert I came across on Facebook. I’d been a highly confident and successful person in my life before, and I knew I had an amazing unique ability to connect with people on a deep level.

My authentic self is positive, intelligent, lively, ambitious and a real go-getter. I just needed to find her again.

When I came across Emily’s advert for I Heart Coaching, I just knew I’d found someone who truly understood where I was at. I completely resonated with her story.

Although I was older than Emily, I understood her knowing for wanting more. Despite all I’d achieved in my life, I knew I was born to  do more. I wanted to make a difference, to add value and contribution to others and to be a success in more ways than just financial abundance. I had a unique gift of connection, and I knew deep inside that the darkness I’d suffered was a part of my bigger picture to help. It was ok that I’d suffered depression; it wasn’t crime, it was an illness – but I could fight it. I could relate to others who were perhaps going through loss, grief, confusion and who were unsure of how to discover their true passion and purpose. When finding Emily, something clicked inside me. I had a duty to help others find their light. I suddenly had a very clear why.


By enrolling in I Heart Coaching and having the support and guidance of not only Emily, but her husband James and all of the I Heart Coaching sisters, I began to experience huge shifts in my life. This started because I committed to all the incredible mindset work at the beginning of the IHC program. Within 3 months, I went from being fearful to celebrating my biggest and brightest self. I got out of the relationship that wasn’t serving me, I got myself around more and more people who shared the same values as me, I read every book that Emily recommended, I began to follow other inspirational personal growth thought leaders, and I literally became consumed in everything mindset. The real me had an insane “ah ha” moment just after the new year, when I finally managed to stop caring about others’ opinions of me. I realized that those who I admired and those I wanted to be around supported me in going for my dreams. I stopped living in fear of being judged, rejected or ashamed of my past. I began to focus on my why and looking forward, and moved bravely towards the direction of who I knew I was born to be.

Investing in I Heart Coaching felt like a massive financial commitment at the time – I actually felt it was expensive and was unsure whether to enroll. The money I spent now feels like a small drop in the ocean because the returens for me have been bigger than my wildest imagination, and that’s in just 6 months.

For me, this return on my investment isn’t just financial. I now…

– Am off anti-depressants
– Got out of a toxic relationship
– Up-leveled my peer group, and now only allow people into my space who encourage and support me, as I do them
– Am aware of my language and how to make it serve me, not bring me down
– Believe that anything is possible, and am making it happen FAST
– Follow my dreams and consciously manifest with purpose and clarity
– Continue to learn and follow inspirational leaders in personal development



In terms of goals achieved in the last 6 months since IHC, I now…

– Am a shareholder in the company I was working for part time
– Am travelling the world to all my dream locations as part of my job
– Get to coach in success, wellness and empowerment, as well as working my other job
– Have helped my client get from 106 Kilos to 95 in 3 weeks (Yes, this is real, we have just been masterminding together in a detox camp in Thailand)
– Have sourced investment for my Sanctuary of Light and been looking for land in Thailand (this was meant to be in year 5 of my plan, hello 6 months!)
– Am going to Paris and New York to Mastermind and network with Emily for my Coaching business, Light Sanctuary
– Have found a production partner to edit my online YouTube Channel to start September 2016
– Have not even launched my website because I’m too busy, but already smashing it in my company and  getting results for my coaching clients. So imagine what will happen when I do go live online!

I’m not afraid anymore to say I’m proud of me! Because I’ve set my intentions, I’ve got clarity on what it is I want and I’ve taken massive action.


I now split my time between being a high level coach and working an international business role in corporate finance (proud to say I now am a share holder).

I am currently writing this from Thailand where I flew A380 Business Class, and I have negotiated all my business travel of 4 hours and over to always be this standard of travel. I own a beautiful place in London, and I’m now set to move to Asia to focus on my corporate role and my role as a coach in September.  I don’t say any of this to brag, I say it because I am extremely proud of how I’ve turned my life around.


You can too, as I say to my own clients, just do you! Being the biggest, brightest version of who you truly are is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

What I’ve seen in my clients over here in Thailand is simply outstanding. 11 kilo weight loss, 3 weeks clean of drug and alcohol and a whole new lease on life and desire to inspire others to combat addiction. This is all part of a beautiful movement, as I’ve been inspired by Emily and now others are inspired by me and my clients. What a way to save the world! We can do this!

Thanks Emily and James for helping me on my journey towards my Light.

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Leanne Lisbon


Before starting I Heart Coaching my business was all over the place, I was doing my best to make things work but didn’t really know what I was doing and felt like I was winging it.

My income was so inconsistent and I was even thinking about going back to get a restaurant job because I wasn’t bringing in regular money. Some weeks would be good and others I’d bring in less than $400, it was frustrating.

I had no support networks around me, other than my partner who is amazing, but no group of women on the same journey, so I found it hard sometimes as though I was going it alone.

I was very frustrated with myself and my business, I felt lost and had no idea how to market, build a tribe and bring in clients consistently. I didn’t even really know what my message and vision was.

I was desperate to build a thriving business, one I was proud of, that I could share with my friends and family and feel a sense of achievement, but the reality was I would shy away from any conversation about my business as I was embarrassed of how it was going.



I originally started my business 4 years ago but it was all face to face from a health centre and I had no exact target audience.

I had a lot of limiting beliefs and fears standing in my way and also the money worry hanging over me that was actually stopping me moving forward and creating the successful business I dreamed of.

For me the fear of failing, or not being good enough was a huge thing I overcame and I also learned that fear is actually your friend, it’s there to push you and make you work for the success you desire and to show you what’s possible.


I definitely felt some resistance to signing up to IHC. I initially wanted to sign up for the previous round, but I put it off. The money worry was too much for me then, so decided to just keep doing what I was doing, which as you can imagine worked out well! Ha! So when the next round opened I jumped on board, I made the decision to act on my dreams.

I chose the monthly instalment option, saved for the first payment and made it non negotiable that the money would come in every month. Beginning the program with money mindset work made the world of difference for this.

I definitely felt nervous but the minute I signed up I almost felt a sense of relief as though I was exactly where I was supposed to be.



I’ve loved every minute of IHC and have achieved so much. In just the last few months I’ve signed 12 new clients, had my first $8k month and have a brand new website and business that’s about to launch, and I’m super proud of it.

I have a one to one program and am currently working on a group program that I aim to launch this year. I have systems and structures set up that allow me to build my list, market easily and attract new clients.

I have money mindset skills that will last me a life time and I have the best network of women around me that I could ever wish for. There is no way I’m going back to a restaurant job now, and I know that this is just the beginning for me!


I would say that being consistent and regularly showing up is the key to a lot of my success. I was all over the place before but now I have a schedule, I stick to it and I show up for my following and my clients and I’m being the women I’ve always dreamed of being.

I’ve also done a lot of work on me, dedicating time to work on my mindset, to focus on my goals, to journal, to read my intentions. Every morning I sit in front of my vision board and I meditate and I connect with my goals and I read all the positive quotes I’ve collected and I tune into what I’m here to do. I know that working on me and my mindset is even more important than systems and structures so this is what I do first every day. This has definitely helped me achieve the results I have so far.

In terms of the IHC program, definitely showing up, making connections, being present and getting stuck in elevated my success. And to be honest, just going for it!



If you’re anything like I was, all over the place, in a panic, unsure of how to get things off the ground, just follow your heart, follow your dreams and you’ll know what to do.  If you’re here reading this I can guess it’s because you’re thinking about working with Emily and all I can say is DO IT! Don’t do what I did and leave it a year before signing up and regretting it, just go for it, you will love it.

Taking the leap of faith and investing in myself was a huge step for me but it has been absolutely worth it and I am so happy and grateful I did. If you join IHC and you follow the process you will build the business you’re dreaming of!

I’m so proud of the business I’m building and am know that this is just the beginning.

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Penny Comins


Before I joined I Heart Coaching I was working as the Sales and Marketing Manager at a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Company. I was on contract until August. I was thinking about my next move and knew I wanted to have my own hours and work with people that excited me. I love to travel and hated having to fit my holidays into my 4 weeks annual leave.

I signed up for IHC on the Friday, celebrated with bubbles and then got access to the members site. Starting late in the program I had a lot to catch up on. I remember thinking ‘wow I wish I could call in sick next week so I can focus on all this’. On the Monday my contract was ended early. On the Tuesday I was a full time entrepreneur! I also had all the time to get the modules done and up to speed with the rest of the group!

The Universe had my back and I knew I was on the right path.


I have loved the process we have all come through. Reflecting back on this life changing time the biggest challenge has been keeping my faith that this is the right path and I will succeed. I now see that when I was starting my businesses my own my belief that the biz would succeed (or lack of) was the reason why I kept playing small. And ending up back at a 9-5.

Having this group around me has been so valuable. Seeing the other ladies having similar struggles and challenges has normalised my feelings and made me feel so secure that this is all the way it is meant to be when starting a business.

You are going to want to cry when that image won’t move on the screen and resize down on your website. You are meant to think “eeek when will I get a Discovery Call booked?”. It is normal to want to hide under your desk rather than push send on your first newsletter. You are meant to evolve through the process.

Everyone around you is having the same feelings. Emily and her team are right there to say  “this is totally normal, I have cried at my website” and then we keep moving forward. Without this I wouldn’t be where I am now.


I knew that I had tried to start my own businesses before, and while they were successful in their own rights, they were not allowing me to have the life of my dreams or even the holiday’s I wanted. I was constantly taking advice from everyone, downloading freebies and spending hours teaching myself from Google. I wasn’t making any progress and always second guessing what I was doing. Having the I Heart Coaching course gave me peace of mind that I would learn everything I needed to, and in the right order. I felt like I would be in safe hands.

Signing up was another story though. Part of my brain was saying ‘this is a no-brainer’ and the other part was saying ‘is it really what you want to do?’.

I was in the process of doing prerequisites for a Master in Health Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I decided that I would never know if I didn’t try and so pleaded with Emily and her team to let me into the course, even though it had already started. I used my first years Masters money to pay for the IHC Course.

My hesitation and lack of listening to myself meant I was late into the program, missed all the awesome orientation weeks, had four modules to catch up on and missed all the initial bonding with the ladies in the group. It ended up costing me more as I missed out on the discounts and freebies, I also missed out on the chance to do the VIP route as it was full. I am still kicking myself now.

I knew that coaching and getting my business to move to greater levels was what I wanted, so I invested the rest of my Masters money into working with Emily one-on-one too. I now have the deluxe VIP experience!


I have launched my one-on-one program and utterly love seeing my clients grow their businesses. I have launched VIP Intensive Days in four locations around the world because I love to travel and meet people in person. I have had 3 months of earnings and delivered a masterclass seminar in my first month of IHC. I am about to launch my Sales Superhero one-on-one program and self study course which I am super excited about! My best day was when I flew from New Zealand to Peru and made $3,800 while in the air! I am also developing my own TV Channel – Money Penny TV, too! 


My biggest advice is to keep taking persistent and visible steps in your business every day. Take the time to get your mindset ready for the journey ahead, know this is your new lifestyle and then get all the tech bits in place. Once you have your systems in place and are ready for clients to book in get yourself seen. You can’t attract clients if you aren’t being visible and converting them into clients. Know your sales pattern and be proud of who you are, what you are doing and who you want to work with.


I have done 18 Ironman races; I know what dedication and hard work is. Doing this course was just as much of a life changer as training for an Ironman. You end up living, breathing and dedicating time to your new love. It will change your life; and for the better. You are not ‘just’ building a business, Emily helps you to build yourself, become the powerful woman that has been in you all this time and sets you free to be awesome.

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