I Heart My Life


Do you deeply desire even more success and happiness?

Then you need I Heart My Life Experiences – luxurious retreats for rapid transformation, on the outside and within.

Oprah once famously said...

if you have big dreams, you should surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher’ to reach them…

But actually, WHERE you spend your time and WHAT you spend it doing is just as important as WHO you spend it with…

…which is why every person, place, and thing involved in an I Heart My Life experience is inspiring and motivating. (That’s right, even our signature champagne toasts are designed to inspire and motivate!)

Escape to paradise for five liberating, rejuvenating days of work and wellness. Hosted in exotic locations like The Four Seasons in Bora Bora, these life-changing experiences are ones you will never forget.

Just Imagine...

you're meant for more

Push the button below to apply for your chance to luxuriate in all of the above.

If you want to change your life, you need to change your environment. And IHML Experiences will serve as the catalyst for your tremendous growth.

Arriving at your accommodation and being greeted by an intimate group of ambitious women who will be embarking on this incredible heart-expanding and soul-awakening journey with you.


Absolutely everything being taken care of, from the transformational work you’ll be doing to the beauty treatments you’ll be having – for 5 days you will be putting YOUR wants and needs first.


Eating delicious meals, drinking delectable beverages, and as you take in the breathtaking scenery, feeling all your worries and fears melt away.


Being coached to let go of any thought patterns or belief systems holding you back or weighing you down.


The best authors, speakers, and thought leaders sharing their words of wisdom on all things belief, possibility, desire, purpose, mindset, goals, and action, too.


Retiring from the demands of clients, team (and perhaps even your family and friends) to relax by the beach with a book, some journaling prompts, or a meditation – anything that settles your nervous system and makes you feel peaceful and calm.


Having fun ticking things off your bucket list and feeling more free, joyful, and adventuresome than ever before.


Soaking up the energy of abundance, opening your mind to what’s available to you, and increasing your capacity to receive what you now know is rightfully yours.


Returning feeling like the truest, greatest version of yourself, fully accepting and appreciating who and all you are.


“I’ll never go back to how I use to be or to things that didn’t support me.”

LaDawn Townsend

A life changing opportunity

The IHML Exprience will help you break free from self imposed restrictions and rediscover just how limitless you are!

With 100% conviction, I can say that happiness is your natural state and that you have the potential to succeed in every area you desire to.

This is your true self; you’ve just been conditioned to believe and pretend to be someone you are not.

When you come to one of our retreats, you will extricate yourself from all of this programming. You will stop trying to prove to yourself and others that you are a victim of your circumstances and reclaim your sovereignty and governance of your wildest, dreamiest life. 

After all, we like to say IHML Experiences are where personal development meets your vision board. It’s time to bring that board to life…