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millionaire playbook

A guide to 7-figures for the woman who knows she's meant for millions. If you’re stuck trying to figure out the "how" of hitting your next financial milestone, this is for you!

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business + money mindset

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business guide

Free Trainings + Guides

Free Trainings + Guides

mega Results are just a click away with these free trainings...

create your program in 11 minutes

If you’re stuck trying to create your first (or next) online course, this is for you! I’ve put together this guide so you can finally get the program that’s inside of you out there!

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business strategy

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money mindset mastery Guide

Learn how to uncover the money story that's keeping you broke and how to transform it so you can create more wealth than ever before!

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content planner and guide

Get a behind the scenes look at how we plan out our content, the structure of our sales emails and newsletters, and learn what makes-up a top converting subject line...and more!

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sell your heart out guide + audio

Want to learn how to increase your sales, overcome objections and create a process that doesn't leave you feeling sleazy? This is for you!

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business + mindset

master your busy mind

Want to know a simple strategy for increasing your mental and physical bandwidth? Do you want to know how the world's most successful people have such productive and effective days? This is for you!

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high performance + mindset

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We do life, the IHML way.

We believe that anything you desire is possible for you. If you can dream it, you can do it. We live life out loud and in the pursuit of all things extraordinary. After all, who wants to get to the end and still have a full bucket list? Join us for this incredible journey!

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