3 STEPS TO to getting clear on what you want and making it happen.

3 steps to getting clear on what you want and making it happen.

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What you'll learn during this free training

How the mind holds you back from getting the life that you're craving and how to break free from fear and uncertainty

How to uncover what you actually want and bring your truest desires to the surface

How I know that even your biggest goals and desires are meant for you and possible (and how to start believing that yourself!)

How to stay in consistent momentum to your goals and achieve more than you thought possible

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Hello there.
I'm Emily Williams.

I moved to London on a whim, spend hours searching for the best luxury hotels and am a serial entrepreneur. Oh, and I'm always up for a glass of champagne. So happy to meet you.

I'm just a girl from Ohio with really big dreams, but the truth is, I always knew I was meant for more. I know firsthand what it means to feel that you're not living the life that you want, and yet not know how to make it happen. To wonder with each passing day, when your life is finally going to "get good". I've been there. Since transforming my own life, I've gone on to help thousands of women just like you so you can finally achieve your true potential and ultimately, create a life that's better than your dreams. If I can do it, you can too.

my favorite part of my job? having women say they don't even recognize their own life.

as seen in:

Is this class for you?

You’ve been doing all the things you thought you should do to be happy, but you’re finding that something is off...maybe you even feel depressed or anxious at times...

Your life as it is doesn’t light you up. You know that you’re meant for something more...but you don't know what that is

You're tired of seeing other people succeed and you're ready for that to be you

You’re on the sidelines of your life (or maybe spending all of your time supporting others) wondering when things are going to get good


Natalie fox

"The mindset work in IHML opened my eyes to the fact that my corporate job, while "safe", was keeping me stuck. So after 18+ years in engineering...I left my career in engineering and began working for myself full time."

Theresa Nguyen

"Emily really opened my eyes to the vast possibilities and options that I had to creating a life I desired. She helped me to see that my current reality was based on the stories and the people that I had in my life...

Sofie von marricks hung

"I went from scared and confused to boldly making multiple five-figure months within the same I get to live a beautiful life while being at home with my baby. That's true freedom to me. I'm living my dream."

As you can see, I've worked with thousands of women around the world to help them transform their lives, and now it's your turn...

Can I ask a question during the class?

This is a pre-recorded class so Emily won't be taking live questions, but you can submit questions during the training or email us at with any support that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to take the class?

You'll see it on the next page after you register and it will be emailed to you!

How do I get my class workbook?

No, it's completely complimentary. (You're welcome.)

You get a bonus workbook, our special tolerations tracker (when you stay until the end) and special pricing on our signature program!

What bonuses are included?

"“Emily truly helped me “flip the switch” on how I view money, freedom and even fear itself. And she also has an uncanny ability to make complicated ‘money concepts’ really simple and actionable!' 

"If you’re looking to master the inner game of wealth, look no further. Emily is direct – no B.S. – and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met."

"Emily Williams is a fearless champion for ambitious women who want more out of life..."

- Chris winfield

- Selena soo

- sarah kaler

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