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A 12-month mentorship program for service-based business owners who want to scale their online business and transform their lives.

It's time to ramp up your results in life and business.



Let me guess...

did i get this right? 

Give us 12-months and your undivided attention and drive and we’ll help you iron out the kinks that are holding you back from the business and life that you desire.

Sound like just what you need? Keep reading...

Or maybe You’ve created a thriving business on paper, but you aren’t willing to settle for *just good enough*. You want to build your empire, lovely. And we want to help you do it.

Which is why it’s time to do a deep dive into your business and see where you can level up your systems and processes, dial into your offers, and implement strategic marketing techniques.

You didn’t get to where you’re at without understanding that you need support. Now it’s time for next level support. 

But you’re not willing to give up the dream and you know there is a better way to make your dream business a true reality.

Regardless of where you're at, we can help...

You've built a business that is supporting you, your family, and your lifestyle, but the 10+ hour/day grind is leaving you overworked and underpaid. 

“I went from $100k/year to $500k!"

Kim scaled her business dramatically

"I joined because I wanted to make that program better, but now that I'm in it I see that it is also the perfect place from which to create even higher level offers. The community & support has been incredible and I made back my entire investment in the first month, which is just bananas."

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“My engagement is up by 80%"

Charreah increased her IG engagement

"Now I have people who text me because they're so impacted from my shares on social media...my engagement is up 80% on Instagram which is where most of my target market is, I was invited to the Forbes Coaches Council...I have 5-figure coaching packages..." 

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Mastermind Results

“I had my first $60,000 launch!"

Amber-lee rocked her launch

"I had my first $60k launch which was amazing. I got so much support from Emily and James during the launch and support from the other women as well. And they’re just such great coaches and they’ll help you take it to the next level. Not just your business, lifestyle as well, spirituality, mindset, all of the things that it’s gonna take to keep going forward and forward!”

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Mastermind Results

“I hit (my financial) goal by the end of March - so in the first quarter of the year..."

Lynne surpassed her money goals

"I set a really high goal for the whole year...and I hit (my financial) goal by the end of March -- so in the first quarter of the year. I now know that so much more is possible both financially and even in terms of where I can work from in the world, who I can collaborate with, who I can reach out to."

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“It's upleveled my friendships, my business relationships in every way."

sofie felt fully supported

“The community aspect to this mastermind has been absolutely life-changing. I felt so connected to the women involved. It's upleveled my friendships, my business relationships in every way."

Mastermind Results

Check out Our Mastermind Client's Complete Case Study

We love sharing top success stories with you not only to get you inspired and show you what's possible, but to give you clarity on the strategies we taught her to get those results. That's exactly what you'll get in this case study.

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Wondering how one client went from $25k years to $54k months?

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Your invitation to the next Level

We've created the perfect container of support + mentorship to help you scale.

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To have a complete audit of your business and two one-on-one planning calls tailored to you

To be coached by a team of experts who see the next level vision for you and help you get there every single day

To get practical strategy to help you reach your next-level goals

To surround yourself with people who have been where you are and will elevate you to go to the next level

To get the support and guidance you need to have a breakthrough in your business both financially and emotionally

To step confidently into your next level instead of staying stuck in fear or limitation

To be in a community where you'll be challenged to not get in your own way and keep making progress on your journey

To learn how to put a team and processes in place to make your dreams of scaling a reality

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This is for you if you want...

24/7 Slack Access to Get Your Questions Answered

Get all of your questions answered outside of the coaching calls. Plus, get access to our incredible Mastermind community members.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Our Expert Coaches

continuous Full support

We have experts in marketing, publicity, event planning, team building and operations, health and mindset.

See Topics Covered

Complete Business Audit and Annual Plan

a clear plan

Includes two one-on-one coaching calls to help you get clear on your goals and immediately leverage what you currently have in place.

What's Included

Everything you need in one place to get major results.

Your questions answered

Two Virtual Retreats Per Year

Every year we meet twice online to support you in fast-tracking your transformation and building connection with the other community members.

Weekly Content Reviews by Our Marketing Coach

our eyes on your biz

Want your website or sales page reviewed? Wondering about your funnel or email sequence? You can submit 1 piece of content to be reviewed per week.

Quarterly Check-Ins and Half-Way Point 1:1 Call


We meet with you regularly to ensure you're staying on track to reach your goals.

Access to Our Resource Library

Get access to email sequences, templates, checklists, time-saving processes, spreadsheets and more. This resource bank will save you tons of money and give you everything you need at your fingertips.

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deep connection + transformation

everything at your fingertips


Sales Strategy

Team building and onboarding

Operations, processes and SOP's

Topics We Cover

Per usual, we're prepared to knock your socks off...

Financial planning and goal-setting

Health/High perforMance

Money mindset

Mindset and trauma release

health and high performance

Publicity and visibility

You choose the time and place.
We get you results.

Coaching calls with industry experts!

Remember, every single week you get to work with the world's top experts and coaches!

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Behind the Scenes

jenelle augustin, botique coach

"I got an actual plan to put in place"


Kate MacKinnon, Feng shui expert

Charreah Jackson, COACH

Mastermind Case Studies

Your results are just a step away.

"i've been able to have mulitple 5-figure months"

"It's definitely life-changing, so much has shifted"

Suzie Flynn, Coach to Virtual Assistants

"They are holding me accountable"

Christy Lingo, Coach for Busy Moms

"tripled my income in a month"

Dawn Kennedy, Financial coach

"To be successful you need to be in a mastermind like this"

Dannielle LEcointe, Coach for creatives

"It Completely exceeded my expectations Tenfold"

Emily Jolly, Wedding Planner and Client experience Expert



Rose Lounsbury, Simplicity Coach, Speaker, author

"The community in the program was key..."

Valerie Del Grosso, lawyer for coaches

"Changed My business from in person to online"

Nicole Benson, Coach

"i was able to finally have my husband quit and come work with me"

Christen Schneider, marketing agency owner

"The community has been invaluable"

"I don't know where I'd be without the Mastermind...i always feel supported"

Lisa Kelly, Vision board expert and life coach

Shani Farmer, Relationship Coach

"The shift has been amazing!"

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as seen in:

Meet Your Coaches



Kera Wasserbach

Event Expert

lynya floyd

publicity coach

all the mentors you need in one place!


Marketing Strategist

Ashley Kay

Client concierge

James Williams

High Performance Coach

Susan Brennan

accountability Coach

Emily williams

founder and ceo

Click on their pictures to read about them!


Emily Williams

SPECIALTY In the mastermind:

Money and mindset

I'm the Founder and CEO of I Heart My Life. I started my business with nothing but an idea and turned it into a 7-figure company within the first 18 months. I love working with our Mastermind students on their big picture vision. The bigger the dream, the better! My unique specialties are helping you think like a successful business owner, teaching you how to move past your money blocks so you can increase your wealth, and being that No B.S. Success Coach who will give you an overall dose of real truth (with love) when you're unable to see what's standing in the way of your success. 

Ange Quinn


Operations and strategy

I spent nearly 15 years in large corporations learning the ins and outs of business operations. Everything from Project Management, Business Analysis, and Business Development - including negotiating multi-million dollar deals.

For the past four years, I've been helping dozens of online course creators, and service providers with the essential Business Foundations that they need to have set up in order to support and scale their company.

I'm also a strategic advisor for CEOs. I look at the numbers in their business - not just financials but the metrics that truly drive their financials - in order to know what area to focus on (or not), where the gaps are, and which direction to take in order to truly scale.

And I thrive on helping my clients hit their goals!

Mallory Majcher



I am the digital + content marketing coach at IHML. After spending nearly a decade working in marketing and communications for various high-profile organizations in the sports industry, I took a leap of faith to start my own online business. I started working with I Heart My Life in February of 2020 as the Head of Marketing and, much to my surprise, actually discovered a passion for coaching. I love working with our clients to simplify and amplify their marketing strategies. I see so many entrepreneurs trying to do #allthethings and actually lose focus on their big pictures goals. With my background in sports (and sharing the stories of athletes all around the world) my unique specialties are helping you combine story-based content with high-level marketing strategies. 

James Williams

Specialty in the mastermind:

High Performance

In 2016, a year to the day I left my old career, I certified as a High Performance Coach through the Institute of High Performance. 

My passion is working with my clients on creating outer world impact through inner world mastery. My passion for mastering physical, mental and emotional performance in pursuit of my own life goals is only matched by my dedication to supporting my clients’ belief that anything is possible and available for them. By working with my clients through systematic processes to learn how to master what I call the ‘business of you’. This idea is to support my clients in recognising that their level of performance from within will impact everything and everyone in their life. 

Ashley Kay


Client concierge

I’m the Lead VA and Client Concierge at I Heart My Life. I have spent the last 10+ years supporting entrepreneurs in having an impact and changing the world. I love supporting our Mastermind students in ensuring that they are supported to get the very most out of our programs. Support = Success. My unique specialities are organization, planning, administrative support and helping you absorb and optimize the incredible value provided in the Mastermind. 

Susan Brennan



accountability + Goal Setting Coach

Hey hey! I'm the resident Success and Accountability Coach here at I Heart My Life. I started my business 9 years ago and have since honed in on getting my clients super clear on their big vision goals, as well as the tangible, daily action steps it will take to hit those goals! My unique specialty is to remove complications and keep you focused on the step you're in - a productive step that will actually move the needle in your business. I'm the coach that's gonna say "by when?" as you declare a goal, and make sure you're outfitted with resources from our community to keep you on track with that! I'm your loving kick in the booty, here to support you into your vision!

Lynya Floyd


PUBLICITY and media

Lynya is in the Slack Channel of the Mastermind answering your questions all about media and publicity. Lynya has been interviewed on television and radio programs like the Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News, The Doctors, NPR and more. As an award-winning editor and journalist, she's also interviewed everyone from powerhouse PR agents to gold medal Olympians to Emmy-nominated actresses to moms who are changing the world. She currently works within Selena Soo's Impacting Millions program helping driven visionaries, speakers and authors share their message and impact millions and is now a part of the IHML Mastermind supporting you!

Kera Wasserbach


Event planning

I’m Kera Wasserbach, and I help those who help others reach their full potential to deliver their message and create lasting connections through the power of in-person and virtual events. With over 8 years in the events industry I have mastered the art of thinking outside of the cookie-cutter formula of events and focus on creating intentional exceptional experiences. Membership programs are a commonly overlooked "event" and I have a deep understanding of how to facilitate to ensure an over-delivery of value to all members.

More Client Wins

The results are real!

We love a good success story...

That's what successful people do; we elevate ourselves and others. And that's why I've continued to get elevated results.

Year after year, with every stage in business, I've elevated my belief in myself, who I surround myself by, and the information that's available to me.

I know there is something bigger waiting for you! And I know HOW we can make it happen.
I want to extend to you a special invitation to grow your online business and transform your life in the next year...

A final note from Emily

Last chance to apply

Are you ready to go to the next level and scale your business this year?

Last chance!