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The place where women who know they’re meant for something big (and refuse to settle!) will become wildly successful – in each and every area of their lives.


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If you’re longing and yearning for more success in any one of these areas…

The I Heart My Life Membership will include everything you need to create a life better than your dreams

and so much more!

Each month, members will receive training from some of the world’s leading authors, speakers, educators, coaches, and thought leaders on one of the 6 success pillars above. 

They’ll also receive monthly Q&A calls with our guest experts, and a quarterly masterclass with our CEO and founder, Emily.

What’s more, there’s going to be a private community so members can find their support system of likeminded women who dream as big and aim as high as they do.

Oh yeah, and they’ll even get their hands on an all-new course that’s EXCLUSIVE to the I Heart My Life membership. In it, we’ll be lifting the lid on our Holistic Success Framework – a methodology we’ve never revealed before!

as seen in:

  • Ask for the raise, go for the promotion or apply for a new job entirely

  • Quit corporate all together to build the business of your dreams

  • Scale your company so it affords you the freedom you’re craving

  • Become more impactful and influential than you ever have before


  • Stop being so self critical and seeing only your weaknesses

  • Conquer all the fears that are standing in the way of your success

  • Start believing in yourself and trusting your capabilities

  • Open your eyes to see the truth of what’s possible for and available to you right now


  • Prioritize rest and play as much as you do work so you can perform at your peak

  • Achieve your fitness goals and feel more body confident than you have in years

  • Work with your menstrual cycle, honoring your body’s natural rhythm

  • Make emotional wellbeing a non-negotiable – whether you need meditation, journaling, coaching or therapy, your commitment to yourself will start in here


  • Heal any wounds you have from past romantic encounters

  • Find your soulmate, the one you’ve been looking for all along

  • Spend more quality time with your significant other to deepen your connection

  • Make friends who you can count on to be there for you and vice versa, and give your social life the attention it truly deserves


  • Pay off debts and reassess how you’re spending, saving, and investing

  • Rewrite your money story so you can make money, keep it, and always have more than what you need

  • Hit the 6, 7, or 8 figure mark in your business – you’re oh so worthy of abundance

  • Enjoy first class travel, fine dining, and luxury purchases… whatever catches your eye


  • Find a spiritual practice you love and know that you can stick to

  • Learn how to surrender and trust that the Universe has your back

  • Connect to your intuition and let that internal navigation system guide you

  • Work with Universal Laws of attraction and prosperity, so you can co-create your dream life



If you join when doors open for enrollment, we will equip you with everything you need to fall head over Louboutin heels in LOVE with your life!

All of the above AND MORE is possible inside the membership.

Check out some of our upcoming guest trainers in the Membership...


Healing Your Body and Mind

Join Aesthetician and Spa Coach Daniela Woerner for an incredible Masterclass on taking care of your skin (at any age). She's also a systems genius (in life and business) so she'll be taking us behind the scenes of how she outsources nearly everything in her life.

Skin Care/Systems

Systems in Life and Business


The Business of YOU


Celebrity Nutritionist Mona Sharma will be joining us to teach on intuitive eating and using Ayurvedic principles to achieve optimal health. She healed her body from a heart condition so imagine how this content will transform your life.

Join Certified High Performance Coach James Williams for a training on the six traits of the world's highest performers. You'll learn what it takes to create consistent momentum in your life, career/business.


Crypto and Investing


Creating a Freedom-Based Life


Using Your Menstrual Cycle

Known as the Wealth Alchemist, Keri is all about helping you safely buy your first Crypto in three days or less. No matter what your risk appetite, or budget, cryptocurrency can help you leverage your wealth and become financially sovereign.

Join Success Coach and Freedom Advocate Jessica for a training on her signature To Living Free Method. She's the ultimate advocate for your living life on your terms and letting go of any of the stress that's literally and figuratively weighing you down.

Dr. Stephanie Estima will be sharing all of her wisdom on using your menstrual cycle to help plan out your meals as well as exercise routines. In other words, how to work with your body to create more strength, weight loss (if that's the goal) and overall peace and joy.


Human Design


Becoming More Productive

Join Victoria Fenton as she teaches us all about Human Design. As stated on Goop,"Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are". Victoria is a Functional and Performance Medicine Consultant, Human Design and Gene Keys expert and Transformational Master Coach. She has been in the world of personal development and healthcare for almost 20 years, training with some of the worlds’ most exceptional doctors and greatest spiritual teachers.

Join Megan Sumrell for a training entitled "Work+Life Harmony - It isn’t a Myth!" Do you ever feel overwhelmed and frazzled?
Walking through the motions day after day “getting it done” but flat out exhausted? If so, this is for you! Megan's sharing realistic time management and planning strategies for ambitious women. Her tried and tested practices can be implemented by anyone and we know you're going to be blown away by what she shares and how it changes your life. 

Many more coming soon!

revealed soon

revealed soon

In The I Heart My Life Membership, wanting to be, do and have it all won’t just be accepted, it’ll be CELEBRATED.

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She founded I Heart My Life back in 2014 with $30k of credit card and $90k of student loan debt, and after making $442 in her first month, she made 6 figures in her first 6.

In her first 18 months of business, she started to jet-set, traveling to Australia and Bali for conferences, hosted an event with Kate Spade, hired her husband, won an award, AND generated 7 figures of revenue.

The momentum gathered in 2016, and she’s kept it going ‘til the present day. She found her dream home in London, was featured on money.com, launched the IHML Show, got a book deal with Hay House UK, became a British citizen, started speaking on stages (launching her own event, I Heart My Life Live), and then moved to Texas to name but a few things.


Emily Williams is an author, speaker, coach, CEO, podcast host, and, according to her clients, the fairy godmother of making dreams come true.


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These rockstar clients PROBABLY AREn'T WRONG

"IHML has really helped me to move beyond my fears and cultivate a positive mindset geared towards success. My experience has been transformational in helping me clear away the things holding me back and go after what I want confidently. It's also been extremely valuable and uplifting to be in a group of women committed to personal growth and success..."

These rockstar clients PROBABLY AREn'T WRONG

"...Emily nudges you to listen to the inner calling in your heart to take a leap forward to success. As you go through the work you'll find yourself truly believing that you are meant for something big."

these rockstar clients PROBABLY AREn'T WRONG

“...The things that really stand out for me are the community of powerful women interacting and supporting each other...the private Facebook Group, which is full of remarkable posts and trainings...the monthly modules, with different topics that help me get to the heart of creating and refining the mindset I need as an entrepreneur..."