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your life.

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I Want to Uplevel My Life!

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When's the last time you said (and truly meant)...

i love my


 In fact, you’re just like thousands of other women before they found I Heart My Life and that’s a good thing! Because, friend, TODAY IS YOUR DAY. The day you embrace your ‘something BIG’... extraordinary… and wildly successful future… In NOT just a couple areas but in EVERY area!

If It’s Been a While You’re Not Alone…

Tegán Dean

“Since joining the I Heart My Life Membership earlier this month, I have already experienced a massive breakthrough in shifting my mindset! I dived straight into the material which has enabled me to move past a period of creative block that I had been silently struggling with for over 18 months, as an online writer. In the space of less than 2 weeks since joining the community, not only have I started writing again - but I have completed and finished an article which I am ready to publish!

One of the first trainings...was a game changer for me as I had a HUGE AHA moment...I would hand over heart jump in and join the Membership if moving closer to your desires is something that you TRULY want, then this is the programme that will help you move closer to them.

The IHML community is welcoming and supportive and the material is laid out in such a straightforward, easy-to-locate and aesthetically pleasing way! I am so happy that I made the decision to take the leap and join the I Heart My Life Membership and I cannot wait to see the rest of my journey expand and my desires continue to manifest."

“Since joining the I Heart My Life Membership earlier this month, I have already experienced a massive breakthrough in shifting my mindset!”

Join the I Heart My Life Movement 
& Embrace ‘HER’ Again… 

Your Higher Self who Refuses to Settle for Anything Less than Extraordinary. 

I Want to Uplevel My Life!

A blank stare at the office wall, wishing away the workday so you can get to what you really love to do…

A realization as you reach for your dry shampoo for the third day in a row that you’ve lost a piece of yourself…

A pain of regret as you scroll Instagram and realize there are so many places you haven’t been, things you haven’t tried…

can you relate, friend?

For most women, it’s a stirring deep inside… a feeling like something is unsettled… yet to be finished… 

maybe it comes in the form of...

The truth is - that’s a beautiful place to be. It’s an awakening. A chance to make a change, to uplevel, and become unstoppable. 

If we’re being honest with each other, we all experience success in one or two areas, but in the rest, we’re just sorta ‘makin’ it work’.

It’s totally natural - but it doesn’t have to be NORMAL…

when you change your perspective -

You'll change your life.

When you change your perspective (the way you see yourself, others, and the world around you), it changes the actions you take, the results you make, and the life you live. 

Your perspective shapes your life.

That means creating a life you LOVE starts in your mind. A life where your - 

Beliefs DON’T hold you back, they catapult you into the future you desire, fueling your daily energy & zest for life. 

Age is a number to be celebrated, an accomplishment of how far you’ve come, not a countdown of regrets and unfulfilled wishes. 

Big dreams aren’t considered ‘silly ideas’ pushed to the back of your mind - but instead are embraced as fun challenges to actively work toward.

Habits and behaviors open doors previously closed, creating abundance and opportunities in your business, career, finances, energy, and relationships.

Circle of friends, network, and loved ones who feel appreciated and supported by you - and in return, appreciate, love, and support you. 

Worth isn’t tied to your finances. Instead, your finances fuel your freedom, goals, and lifestyle design, creating the ability to live abundantly and without worry. 

Join the I Heart My Life Movement & Embrace ‘HER’ Again… 

Your Higher Self who Refuses to Settle for Anything Less than Extraordinary. 

I Want to Uplevel My Life!

Dannielle Lecointe

“Since I joined I Heart My Life, I've tripled my income by creating a program that has impacted 250 women. I’ve been featured in magazines and podcasts, and I’m grateful for all of this, but it’s come as a result of the mindset work I learned in IHML. My mindset shift has been way more valuable than the money! I've changed the way I love myself, it’s positively impacted my marriage, my work, my health and my friendships. The mindset you learn in IHML is EVERYTHING.”

Natalie Fox

“The mindset work in IHML opened my eyes to the fact that my corporate job, while "safe", was keeping me stuck. So after 18+ years in engineering, 13+ of those working for myself on the side, I left my career in engineering and began working for myself full time. Since making this decision, my energy and focus are so aligned right now, incredible things are happening in my business. I'm earning more money per month than I was in my corporate position, and better than that, I get to wake up every day and work my dream job. I’m 157% positive I’d still be working as an engineer if it hadn’t been for IHML.”

“I've changed the way I love myself, it’s positively impacted my marriage, my work, my health and my friendships”

The secret to truly loving your life is to uplevel all 6 Pillars.
Do you feel this truth in your heart? 

“Since making this decision, my energy and focus are so aligned right now, incredible things are happening in my business.”

Isn’t it Time You Unleashed, Upleveled, and Became Unstoppable in Your:

   Business or Career 
Financial Status 
Health & Body
    Mindset & Inner Life

She Did, and YOU Can Too.

My story is not so different than yours. Ten years ago I was buried under $30k of credit card debt, $90k of student loan debt, and a life I felt STUCK in. 

But like you, I REFUSED to settle. I knew I was meant for more and beyond that, I wanted to love my life. So I set out to transform my reality, uplevel my day-to-day, and supercharge my life. 

As much as I’d love to say, “And then - BOOM! It happened and life’s been great!”... It wasn’t that simple. The important thing was, I never gave up. 

In the first year of I Heart My Life, I made my first six figures. Since then, I’ve gone on to work with celebrities, won awards, generated 7-figures, and helped thousands of women learn the love their life too. 

Hi, I'm Emily. So nice to meet you!

You may know me as the CEO of I Heart My Life, author, international speaker, or podcast host… but really, I’m just Emily and I’d love to be friends!

as seen in:

And now, it’s YOUR turn. Whether you’re a full-time parent, career woman, entrepreneur, looking for a side hustle, or ready to go ALL IN with something new…

You DESERVE to LOVE YOUR LIFE, and I’m here to help you do exactly that!

I Want to Uplevel My Life!

I Heart My Life


intorducing the

It’s time to Unleash, Uplevel, and Become Unstoppable

By this time next year, your life could be unrecognizable. When you join the I Heart My Life Movement, we’ll work step-by-step with you to uplevel ALL 6 pillars of life. 

  • Secure that raise, get that promotion, or land your dream job

  • Enjoy financial and time freedom - your life on your terms

  • Start, grow, or scale your purpose-filled business 

  • Share your message on TV, podcasts, and the big stages

  • Embrace your purpose and change lives


  • See your life through a lens of joy and abundance

  • Live without fear, shame, or guilt 

  • Change your perspective in every area of life so you can see clearly and appreciate what you have

  • Leverage your zone of genius and embrace your own brand of brilliance

  • Lean into your dreams & make them happen


  • Learn to play and have fun again

  • Achieve your fitness goals and live with natural & sustainable energy

  • Work with your menstrual cycle, honoring your body’s natural rhythm

  • Embrace emotional well-being and self-love as a non-negotiable 

  • Live into your natural rhythms, allowing your body to work FOR you, not against you


  • Heal wounds and release traumas from past relationships

  • Find wholeness in yourself as you find your soulmate

  • Fall deeper in love with yourself as your partner falls deeper in love with you too

  • Enjoy empowering friendships without drama or sacrificing parts of yourself to keep them

  • Become your own biggest fan


  • Become debt-free and grow your wealth

  • Free your negative money blocks to increase your capacity for abundance 

  • Make unapologetic purchases - indulge and enjoy

  • Shatter your glass ceiling. Break through the 6, 7, or 8-figure mark 

  • Build long-term, legacy wealth so you never feel financial lack again


  • Find a spiritual practice you love and are inspired to stick to

  • Believe the universal truth - all things are aligning FOR you, NOT against you

  • Embrace the mystery of your personal journey

  • Allow your intuition to guide you

  • Accept the Universal Laws of Attraction & allow abundance in all areas of your life


Join the I Heart My Life Movement & Embrace ‘HER’ Again… 

Your Higher Self who Refuses to Settle for Anything Less than Extraordinary. 

I Want to Uplevel My Life!

Ness McIntosh

“As an academic (PhD) and entrepreneur I’ve always considered myself ‘successful’, but Emily’s unique approach to goal setting made me question what my TRUE desires were and whether I was chasing dreams that were even mine to live. Fast forward 6 months and I’ve pivoted my business, moved house, ended a romantic relationship, started a coaching certification program and therapy diploma, and am writing my book – daily. More fulfilled than ever, I FINALLY feel like I’m achieving things that are MEANT for me. I’m creating success on MY terms, rather than ticking off to-dos on a list.”

Courtney McClasky

“ I have quit my 6 figure corporate job, I generate 3-4 times my monthly corporate salary each month and actually just 2 days ago, I generated more than 3x my corporate pay check in ONE day! I knew I was meant for something more and I am getting to live it every day by impacting women who are going to change the world. There is something about Emily that gives you a peace that you know moving forward in your dreams is and will always be the right move. She gives you the confidence to know that you can figure it out. I am forever grateful that I came across her program. Oh and I just purchased my first full price first class plane ticket.”

real people, real results.

“More fulfilled than ever, I FINALLY feel like I’m achieving things that are MEANT for me. I’m creating success on MY terms, rather than ticking off to-dos on a list.”

“There is something about Emily that gives you a peace that you know moving forward in your dreams is and will always be the right move.”

The core curriculum of the I Heart My Life Membership is The Better Than Your Dreams Framework.

This course was lovingly crafted and curated by Emily after reflecting on 8 years of successful entrepreneurship and mentorships from world renowned experts. 

Emily does not believe in failure, she sees everything as an opportunity to learn, grow and create an extraordinary life…

This course will set you on an accelerated success path so that you can learn from Emily’s failures – ahem – her “learning opportunities” as well as her massive successes.

From mindset mastery to growing your business and wealth while balancing health, relationships and spiritual practices, Emily created this course to give you the exact tools so that you will uplevel and elevate all areas of your life. 

The Better Than Your Dreams Framework is Simple.

‘Small, deliberate actions inspired by your true desires create a life you love.’

A core value in I Heart My Life is that life is truly beautiful and full of opportunities. In this module, you’ll learn why desire matters, why we deny our desires, how to truly believe in your bones that everything is possible. 

Desire + Mindset + Goals + Support + Action = 


– Danielle LaPorte

Lesson 1


‘If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.’

In module 2, you’ll learn how to break bad habits and form new ones. Discover why we’re all addicted to negative thinking, how to move into a growth mindset, and improve the quality of your thoughts. You’ll uncover your upper limits, learn how to remove them and dissolve fear and worry. Get ready to have your mind blown!

– T. Harv Eker

Lesson 2


‘Your ability to discipline yourself to set clear goals, and then work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other factor.’

When it comes to goals, you’ll learn what the three different types of goals are and how to set them, the importance of focusing on today and getting detailed, what it means to play the whole tape through and why you should be doing that, and lastly, how to stop taking small steps and start quantum leaping instead.


Lesson 3


‘Show me your friends and I’ll predict your fortune.’

In the support module you’ll learn why your network is your net worth (a.k.a. why your relationships matter so much and should be highly valued). You’re gonna learn how to cut ties with people who aren’t conducive to your growth, how to make connections with people who are, how to make friends as an introvert, why you should always have a mentor (Emily does!) and so much more! In short, you’ll uplevel your network, which will have a profound impact on all of the major pillars in your life! 


Lesson 4


‘Taking massive action on massive dreams amidst massive uncertainties, is pretty much where anyone who’s ever done anything massive had to start. And then things got way easier.’

In this module, you’ll learn how to know what action to take, why you’re procrastinating and how to stop, how to let go of the perfectionistic tendencies that are causing you to delay your progress, why being ready doesn’t matter and how you can get into action NOW so that you can move forward with your dreams.




We're breaking everything down below so you get a clear picture:

How does The I Heart My Life Membership work?

We’ve created The Better Than Your Dreams Course EXCLUSIVELY for The I Heart My Life Membership. Found in your Success Portal, this walks you through Emily’s signature framework for holistic success, step by step.

When you join the membership, your journey will begin in the Success Portal where you’ll get immediate access to The Better Than Your Dreams Course. It’s not long, but it is jam packed with invaluable treasures and insights that will set you on a path to success for years to come. Receive exclusive access to Emily’s step-by-step process for thinking, acting, showing up, and making decisions like the successful woman you are. 

Once you’ve completed the course AKA the core curriculum, you can then dig into the juicy monthly and quarterly content.

We’ve even included a fun QUIZ so you know precisely what pillar you should be prioritizing first: business/career, mindset, health, relationships, money, or spirituality!

Here’s everything you will receive each month when you join:


Value: $997

Emily has an extraordinary network that includes world renowned experts in the fields of personal growth and professional development. Each month you will receive a masterclass from a top-notch mentor, exclusively recorded for the I Heart My Life members!

Not only will you get a video workshop on the pillar that is their expertise, you’ll also get a workbook to ensure you’re not just learning new theories, you’re putting them into practice and rewiring your brain with this new information.

a monthly success kit

Value: $6,000

This is your opportunity to get your questions answered by world-class mentors. Most women will plan their schedule so that they can attend these LIVE, but if you simply can’t make it, you can watch the replay. All calls are recorded and uploaded to your membership area for you to access for the life of your membership.


Value: $6,000

We're going to connect you with the best community around - one full of likeminded women who are going for their dreams. You'll feel fully supported as you connect on a deep level with our members from around the world. Who knows?! Maybe your next business partner, bff or soul sister is in this group!


Value: $2,000

This is all about accountability so that you’ll accelerate your process of getting things done. You’ll reach your goals and stay on track when you jump into these co-working sessions! Plus, we’ll give you the chance to connect intimately with other like minded members so you can deepen those friendships


Value: $2,000

You’re going to get everything listed above

You’ll get all of this for less than what most women spend on pedicures for an entire year!

Prices will be going up after the doors close, so you’re gonna want to join now to lock in this super low rate!

Join Emily and James Williams every month for a special group coaching call. That means that every single month, you'll get the chance to ask your personalized questions about success in all areas! Mindset, fears/blocks, relationships, health/wellness, marketing, business/career - you name it!

Monthly calls with James and Emily Williams

Value: $12,000

mona sharma

Dr. Stephanie estima

Neeta Bhushan

Jessica Caver Lindholm


Emily has spent years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) curating an extraordinary network so you don’t have to! One that includes world renowned experts in the fields of personal growth and professional development. 

Each month you will receive a masterclass from a top-notch mentor, exclusively recorded for the I Heart My Life members!

Some of the mentors who have already signed on include:

power of intuitive eating

Mona Sharma

Freedom and Mindset Guru, who will set you on the path to creating a FREEDOM-Based Lifestyle where you're in harmony with the Universe and experiencing miracles on the regular.

freedom and creating miracles

Jessica Caver Lindholm

systematizing your life

Daniela Woerner

Celebrity nutritionist to Will Smith and Julianne Hough (among others), who will initiate you into Intuitive Eating.

Bring ease and flow into your life in her coveted training: Streamlining Your Life and Business/Career.

gaining clarity and thriving

James Williams

Learn all about moving through life's challenges with ease, grace and faith from the author of That Sucked, Now What?

PersiStance and moving through challenge

Dr. Neeta  Bhushan

tapping into pleasure

Dr. Kimberly Pendleton

High-Performance Coach, Leadership Expert and Emily’s beloved husband will be teaching on the power of clarity (and how to find it!).

Dr. Kim Pendleton will be teaching us how to use pleasure as our superpower and tap into it daily!

using your menstrual cycle to optimize your health

Dr. Stephanie Estima

Author of the New York Times Best Seller, The Betty Body, who will teach you the game changing method of how to exercise according to your menstrual cycle.

New York Times Best Selling Authors, Ted X Speakers, Crypto experts and so many more extraordinary expert mentors lined up for you!


Let us be clear, outside of The I Heart My Life Membership, access to these leading industry experts is incredibly hard to come by.

That’s right! Two weeks after we drop each exclusive workshop, you’re gonna get to jump on a LIVE Q&A with the guest expert, where you are encouraged to come with all your burning questions. We know that when you have this level of access with mentors of this caliber, you will integrate the material more deeply into your life.

You aren’t ONLY getting a workshop with these world-renowned leaders, you’re also getting a LIVE Q&A with them!!!

Not only are they authorities in their space, they’ve been heavily vetted by Emily herself. We at I Heart My Life only collaborate with people who Emily has gotten great results with, or who people in her inner circle have vouched for!

Typically at least $500-$1000 a piece, Emily Williams hosts masterclasses inside the membership for a fraction of her usual price. Here she’ll disclose what’s working in her life to help her get in alignment, meet her goals and stay focused on joy and abundance followed by a Q&A. 

Each and every quarter, you’re gonna get everything above, AND you’re also gonna get:

but wait... there's more...

Value: $3,000

The Membership is valued at over $30,000!

but its yours today for one single installment of only $399 or monthly payments of $39/month!

Remember, prices are going up after the doors close, so join now to forever lock in this incredibly low rate!

Do you want even more access to Emily Williams? You got it!


This is an I Heart My Life community building experience that you get to host or attend, if your heart desires! You get to step into being a leader and representative of I Heart My Life and host an elegant, fun meet-up with other women. 


Value: Priceless

Exclusive Quarterly Workshops with Emily Williams

Emily will be hosting an exclusive quarterly masterclass for the women who step into the community. This also includes a Q&A.

In the past, it cost 6-figures to work privately with Emily…

If you’ve had hopes and dreams of working with Emily, this is the most affordable and accessible way to do so.

In these masterclasses, she’s sharing all of what you need to know (and none of what you don’t) to get the results she and all of her private clients have.

Emily is excited to use these masterclasses as a way to share what’s working in her life and business. These masterclasses will not be offered anywhere else and will be one of the highlights of the I Heart My Life Membership!

Natalie Riede

“The IHML Membership has been the best investment I have made for myself... It is your one stop shop for learning the tools you need create a life better than your dreams as well as giving you the confidence to back it up and the accountability to make sure you actually take the steps necessary to move forward with your goals and desires.

Since joining the membership program I have had so many breakthroughs and ‘aha moments’. My biggest is letting go of my limiting beliefs with regards to money and the fear of failure. I’m now actively pursuing my dream of setting up my own business. I’ve gained clarity, improved my mindset and have utilised my connections within the IHML community. I’ve got an accountability partner that I now talk with every two weeks, I’ve organised a weekly podcast session with one of the members and I have connected with a couple of other women who are interested in my services and are providing feedback so that I can continue to learn and grow.

I feel like I’ve barely scratched the service of all the membership has to offer and I’m so excited to dive further in. If you’re on the fence about joining my advice is to just go for it. You won’t regret it!"

Stephanie Mauler

“I am excited to be there...I have not been there for long BUT I do already see shifts inside me that would not have happened if not for that community/content. I got to 1st get a big look at my desires and allowed myself to dream big and now believe it can happen! that is huge for me especially in a short amount of time. I LOVE the community...I feel grateful to be part of this membership, at the same time I am healing my sister wound and completely trust all of you."

“The IHML Membership has been the best investment I have made for myself!”

“I LOVE the community...I am healing my sister wound and completely trust all of you."

your investment today:

Why Emily Created the I Heart My Life Membership

Hi, lovely…

I’m Emily Williams, CEO of I Heart My Life, a brand designed with your desires in mind.

I founded I Heart My Life and developed this membership to include everything I *personally* needed and wished I’d had when I was going through my quarter-life crisis, living with my parents and working at Starbucks.

I have been a Success Coach and Educator and thriving business owner since 2014. One theme I see in nearly everyone I’ve coached is that most people play small, even if they dream big.

Those who actually go after it in their career and make an enormous impact and income, almost always neglect other areas of their lives. Like clockwork, you can predict a decline in their mental and physical health AND in their relationships

I’ve seen so many women:

  • Let worries and fears hold them back from fulfilling their dreams

  • People-please their health into the ground 

  • Burn-out and completely lose their passion 

  • Struggle to take action, failing to meet even their smallest goals

  • Work hard for 80 hours a week, but never turn a profit 

  • Feel wealthy in one area of life but completely broke and unfulfilled in the others

And it doesn't have to be that way.

  • It’s what I needed when I moved to London to change my life, but months later was stillworking dead-end jobs that kept me flat-out broke

  • It’s what I needed when I felt isolated with no real girlfriends

  • It’s what I needed when I was single, lonely, and looking for true love online

  • It’s what I needed when I started out on my entrepreneurial journey and had no idea what to do

  • It’s what I needed when I wasn’t taking care of my health as much as my wealth 

I crafted this membership as the solution to all of life’s challenges. 

It’s a holistic approach because you can’t Heart Your Life if you are rocking it in one area, but completely neglecting the others…

Are you ready to create balance while upleveling in every area of your life, from your health to your wealth and everything in between?

There is nothing else out there on planet earth that’s remotely like this, and I’m SO proud and humbled to be offering it to YOU.

- Emily Williams

Rose Lounsbury

“I was undercharging, underestimating, and overall undervaluing myself. As a result of her program--especially the live calls -- I have confidently doubled the price of my online course and declined free and low-paid speaking gigs. I feel like I am recognizing my worth for the first time and it feels so good! Thanks, Emily!"

Theresa Nguyen

“Before working with Emily, I felt like I was constantly doubting myself and just wanted someone to tell me what to do. I didn't want to THINK. I just wanted to DO. If that's the ONLY thing you are looking for, this isn't the program for you. You get WAY more than that! Emily recognizes that everyone's story and circumstances are so different and while it's intense and structured (which I LOVE), she helps you to look within to the edges of your heart. That is where the magic happens - where you begin to peel back the layers and find the answers that have been stuffed and hidden deep inside you ... like a buried treasure. You will have so many AHA moments, you will lose count.”

“I feel like I am recognizing my worth for the first time and it feels so good!”

“...you begin to peel back the layers and find the answers that have been stuffed and hidden deep inside you ... like a buried treasure. You will have so many AHA moments, you will lose count.”

your investment today:


You are the product of who you surround yourself with, which is why we have an exclusive Mighty Networks community for you to join.

In there, you’ll find your support system, a circle of like-minded ambitious women who are motivated to support, collaborate and uplevel with you!

We want you to find your people – those that really know who you are and understand the big things you’re up to. We encourage members to buddy up with one another to keep accountable for taking the action necessary to achieve all their goals.


We walk our talk in the I Heart My Life membership.

Hear from some of our other clients…

At I Heart My Life, we stand for:

  • Unshakeable self-belief

  • Going after the BIG dreams only your heart knows about

  • Creating soul-aligned goals 

  • Rapid Transformation

  • Unapologetic massive success

  • Reciprocal support and collaboration

  • Experiencing pleasure and joy in the here and now

  • Stepping into the best version of yourself and creating miracles from here

  • Normalizing BIG success

  • Being magnetic 

  • Manifesting joy in all areas of your life

I Heart My Life Membership is for you if:

You hear the word “mediocre” and you cringe. You want nothing short of extraordinary.

You don’t have enough support in your life – you crave connection with women you can grow and play with.

You feel like all you do is work – so much so that you’ve forgotten what pleasure (and leisure!) feel like. 

You’re ready to go to the next level and step into that “something big” you know you’re meant for. 

Luxury is your jam and you want to surround yourself with others who don’t apologize for creating massive abundance.


Yes, the brand is called I Heart My Life, not I Heart My Business, because there is so much more to life than work. If you identify as a big dreamer or high achiever, this is for you - a sacred container where you can set and achieve soul goals with more ease than ever before.

If you wish to cancel your membership, simply let us know 72 hours before your next payment is due to ensure you aren’t charged for the next billing period. 

Gentle Reminder: If you joined at the special founding member rate or received discounted pricing, you will need to rejoin at the higher price point.

We make sure to schedule these so that they work for most time zones, but if you can’t make a call live, don’t worry, each and every call is recorded and uploaded to the membership area for you to watch the replay when it’s more convenient.

All workshops and masterclasses are an hour long. If you wish to make use of the resource library and the private Mighty Networks community, it’s entirely up to you how much or little energy you wish to devote to the membership.

No problem. If you have any questions we haven’t answered, simply email info@iheartmylife.com your inquiry, and a member of the team will be in touch at their earliest convenience with a response!

Imagine how it will feel to leave that job at Starbucks and move to another country on a whim.

Imagine how it will feel to put yourself on that dating website and show up to the date not in a pool of sweat.

Imagine how it will feel to set financial goals and surpass them month after month.

Imagine how it will feel to drop the nanny job and pursue something that you've always wanted to do.

Imagine how it will feel to finally find your purpose, and actually pursue it.

Imagine how it will feel to start your dream business – to understand what it really takes and have the support to make it happen. 



This isn’t the only membership promising you more success.

There are plenty of others out there that’ll aid you with your professional development and personal growth.

I’ll ask you again: How good are you willing to let your life get? 

But The I Heart My Life Membership is different in that it promises you more HAPPINESS, too.

And not as a result of being more successful, might I add.

But as a result of lovingly attending to all areas of your life.

Contrary to popular belief, happiness is not a natural byproduct of success.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

You may be happy for a small period of time after achieving a goal, but if you aren’t fulfilled in the other areas of your life, your joy will be VERY short-lived and you’ll be constantly searching for the next thing to fill the void.

Your happiness will come from upleveling all 6 pillars of your life throughout the year.

- Emily Williams

I created I Heart My Life Membership to give you everything you need (including an awesome community to do it with) to finally claim the wild success you are destined for.

Lovely, you’re ready for your next transformation. You’re ready to break your next glass ceiling. Do not waste another minute (or year of your life) because you don’t think you have enough time for another program…

By now you understand that the I Heart My Life Membership is intentionally designed to uplevel all 6 pillars of your life. But when you join, you’ll find tools to stretch out time (yes, you will find more time in your day), you’ll gain freedom and create a life that is better than your dreams! 

You can’t afford NOT to do this. This is the game-changer your heart has been calling in.
How good are you willing to let your life get?

Join the I Heart My Life Membership! I’m so excited to connect with you on the inside.

With Love,


And qualify for exclusive time-sensitive member pricing.

Pay Monthly

Monthly success kits ($6,000 value)

Q+A Calls with Guest experts ($6,000 Value)

Monthly connection Sessions ($2,000 value)

Success Portal access ($997 Value)

only $39 Per MONth

select the plan that works for you:

Q+A Calls with Guest experts 
($6,000 Value)

Monthly connection Sessions ($2,000 value)

Success Portal access ($997 Value)

Best Value!

Quarterly Masterclasses with Emily ($3,000 Value)

Access to Meet-Ups Around the World (priceless)

(You can cancel any time but you must email us 72 hours before your card is due to be charged.)

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Access to Meet-Ups Around the World (priceless)

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"IHML has really helped me to move beyond my fears and cultivate a positive mindset geared towards success. My experience has been transformational in helping me clear away the things holding me back and go after what I want confidently. It's also been extremely valuable and uplifting to be in a group of women committed to personal growth and success..."

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“I went from having small goals to being on the Dr. Oz show within 10 months! Before working with Emily, I had no concept of mindset work and I didn’t think success could happen to me. After working with Emily I realized success doesn’t happen to me, but I can create my success with my mindset. Now, I’m a successful food blogger helping women break through their limitations around food!”

“I went from scared and confused to boldly making multiple five-figure months within the same year. Because of [IHML], today I get to live a beautiful life while being at home with my baby. That's true freedom to me.”

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