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did i get this right? 

Let me guess...

You struggle to identify what strategies to put in place when all the "experts" are telling you something different.

Well, most of the time. You know you're meant for something big, but don't know how to make it happen. You dream about the thriving business, a completely fulfilled life, and an overflowing bank account that allows you to have true freedom, and you wonder when it's going to actually happen.

You're afraid of failing and are worried about what other people will think about you moving towards your dreams. (Because sometimes you also wonder if what you want is actually in the cards for you.)


You’re stuck playing the guessing game and you wish someone would just give you the exact steps to take to reach your goals.

You’re stuck trying to piece together every free ebook or webinar to understand the steps to take to create more success in your life.

Get access to the specific strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Clear away anything that is holding you back and go after exactly what you want confidently.

Be a part of an uplifting group of women committed to personal growth and success.

Learn to listen to the inner calling in your heart to take a leap forward to your dream life.

Just for a second, imagine how it would feel to move from fear, insecurity, and doubt and...

Remove money blocks and start to live your wealthiest life.

you just need a little support to get you there.


You have big dreams and you're tired of waiting around for them to happen.

Hi, lovely!

I'm Emily

For the last six years, I’ve been working intimately with thousands of driven women who know they are meant for something big. As the founder of I Heart My Life, one of the top personal and professional development platforms for driven women, I’ve been helping women everywhere create a life and business better than their dreams.

From coaches, to business consultants, to copywriters, to life creatives — I’ve been behind the scenes of many of the businesses and brands you see in the online space today. 

“Emily Williams is the master money mindset coach. She has a way of kindly coaching but never letting you get away with your BS. Her money mindset trainings continue to be my "go-to" as I continue to level up. I tell everyone to work with her on their money issues."


Founder of Femtrepreneur

"Emily Williams is a fearless champion for ambitious women who want more out of life. She’s helped countless women leave their 9–5 jobs, start a business, and make more money than ever before. She is passionate, determined, and sincere – and won’t let you settle for anything less than your biggest dreams!"

selena soo

Founder of Divine Living Academy

“Emily Williams is an extraordinary woman, coach and company owner who has achieved a level of personal and professional success faster than any client I’ve worked with. Not only is she sincere and genuine as a person she is loving and talented as a coach. It’s beautiful to see how Emily is such a shining role model to millions of women in her generation.”


Founder of Impacting Millions

Leadership Expert


“If you’re looking to master the inner game of wealth, look no further. Emily is direct – no B.S. – and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of love, but no fluff. Her commitment to helping women build epic businesses and brands will get you all the results you desire and more!”

Founder of Super Connector Media


“Emily truly helped me “flip the switch”on how I view money, freedom, and even fear itself.” 

I believe you are deserving of your dreams and are called to be extraordinary.

Success is possible for everyone, but we all start at the beginning. If you're ready to have a clear path to the success you're craving, this membership is for you.

And that brings me to you...

Let's break this down right now!

WHAT'S the point?

Mindset is the foundation for everything you do and the true key to your success. We help you move past fear or doubt to a place of confidence so you see consistent progress.

We believe that whatever you desire is meant for you and possible. By learning to focus on the desire (this includes your purpose), instead of the fear, you can overcome anything that comes your way.

The world's most successful have learned the power of the Business of You: optimal health, an abundance of energy, the reduction of stress. Your dreams don't work without you!

In order to gain success, you must trust your intuition and move forward with ease and an inner knowing that everything you want, wants you back while looking for guidance within. Expect miracles.

Money is one of the most important components of life, and it enables us to have true freedom. Breaking free from your limiting beliefs and creating a new relationship with money is key! 

We believe in holistic success, which means we look at six key pillars that affect you reaching your big goals.

We focus on 6 pillars of success













In order to gain traction and go to the next level, it's imperative you acquire new skills and learn additional strategies that will uplevel you and help you become masterful in your area of expertise!

What's included?

We've put everything you need in one place...

We Have Two Options Available to You Right Now!


What's Inside?

Everything you need to achieve your next level of scucess!

1 Monthly Training + Coaching Call On BUsiness

Get exclusive high-level business strategy trainings with the how-tos on topics like SEO, sales, marketing, operations and more! Plus, your coach will provide an additional Q&A Coaching Call to answer your questions live!

Private Facebook Group Access

Connect with other like-minded women in a private group on Facebook. This is a place where you know everyone is driven and ready to succeed. It's the safe space you're craving to connect with other I Heart My Lifers and receive the support of the community.

1 Monthly Training + Coaching Call ON Mindset/Life

Get access to monthly trainings hosted by our I Heart My Life coaches and our exclusive guest experts. These will consist of a video training and download-able workbook. Then your expert will host a live Q+A to answer your questions. Replays will be available should you not be able to attend live. You can also submit questions ahead of time.

Access to Our Core Trainings

Once you join the membership, you'll get access to six trainings on our core pillars of success. These are immediately accessible so you know real transformation is right around the corner.

Complete Success Bank Access

When you join IHML Membership, your life will change just by making that decision to participate in the group and learn from Emily, the IHML team and our guest experts. Literally, you'll put yourself in the game like never before. To reward you and get the juices flowing and amplify the results you experience, we have put an exclusive bonus Success Bank full of extra resources just for you. We add to this regularly.

Additional "Get it done" Monthly Co-working Sessions

Our co-working sessions are designed to hold you accountable to actually implement the strategies you learn each month. 

IHML Book Club Access

Books are a huge part our clients' mindset transformation. It’s like a daily vitamin to support you in developing your new, powerful mindset. Every month, we'll share a book that has been vital to the success of IHML. Then, at the end of the month, we'll have our book club call to discuss the book and your takeaways to cement in your learnings. 


Strategy is only as effective as your plan, which is why we have added a quarterly planning session. Get the support you need to strategically plan your marketing and sales efforts every 90 days.

Chance to be coached 1:1 with Emily

Every month we'll choose one Membership Member to be coached 1:1 by Emily Williams within the group. This is via application and will be an exclusive opportunity and deep-dive into all of your top questions on getting next-level results, moving through fears and more!

In the Membership, we are dedicated to providing trainings from the industry's top experts. Meet just a few of our coaches below.

Your Upcoming Teachers

Kimberly Rose Pendleton PhD is a sexual empowerment coach and expert on feminism, sexuality, sexual healing, and the #metoo movement. She is working to create a world where every woman's sexuality, spirituality, safety & security are prioritized. Kimberly helps clients rewrite their stories with love, sex, relationships & confidence.

She'll be teaching on:

Sexuality and Intimacy

Emily Rose Summersett is a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. Her mission is to help you overcome the illusions of the mind, so you can live your absolute best life. As an RTT Practitioner, it is her passion to facilitate a better understanding of yourself, and how your subconscious mind influences your reality, and how your past creates your current reality.

She'll be teaching on:

Communicating and Manifesting

Before turning 25, Charreah Jackson had battled cancer, been laid off from her dream job and found out she was the other woman in a relationship. And all of it was her good news. She realized early on that your happiness always lives inside your own hands. Now she helps others do the same. She is a master manifester including interviewing Oprah Winfrey at her home and teaching at Disney Dreamers Academy.

she'll be teaching on:

Healing Trauma Through RTT Therapy

Leadership and Accelerating Your Success

She'll be teaching on:

LaDawn Townsend "The Accelerator" is a result-driven leader with twenty years of hands-on experience leading enterprise-wide technology projects for Fortune 100 companies in the Banking & Technology industries. She is highly regarded for her strategic methodology and has implemented solutions that reduce risk while deepening the customer's relationship to increase revenue.

What's Working in Online Marketing Strategy Today

What's Working in Online Marketing Strategy Today

And more! those are just the next Teachers. 

You'll learn from a new expert each month!

Ashley Kay is a seasoned entrepreneur and Bachelor of Business honours graduate, who made the jump from corporate life to multiple-business owner, Ashley Kay, deeply understands what is involved in running a successful entrepreneurial empire. In fact, she herself runs a 7-figure VA business.

She'll be teaching on:

Hiring to Reach Your Goals

Marylin DeLaHoz is the Lead Clarity Coach and Sales Superstar at I Heart My Life. She loves all things connection and loves nothing more than weeks filled with calls and conversations with driven female business owners. She's masterful at building connections and selling with heart and ease.

She'll be teaching on:

Using YouTube in Your Business

Amy Sangster is an Australian entrepreneur who was a self-made millionaire by 23 and built a 7 figure business on YouTube. Now she and her partner Hunter O'Brien teach others how to do the same and spend life doing what they love and pursuing their dreams.

shel'll be teaching on:

Sales and Outreach Strategy

Tiny Offer Marketing Strategy

How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

She'll be teaching on:

Mallory Blackford has a decade of experience in marketing strategy and leadership. In 2017, Mallory opened her own digital and content marketing agency. She's now Head of Marketing at I Heart My Life.

"Being in IHML Membership has really helped me to move beyond my fears and cultivate a positive mindset geared towards success. My experience has been transformational in helping me clear away the things holding me back and go after what I want confidently. It's also been extremely valuable and uplifting to be in a group of women committed to personal growth and success. I highly recommend this program!"

“I so enjoy being a part of IHML Membership – it is a huge asset to me and my business. The things that really stand out for me are the community of powerful women interacting and supporting each other...the private Facebook Group, which is full of remarkable posts and trainings...the monthly modules, with different topics that help me get to the heart of creating and refining the mindset I need as an entrepreneur; and of course Emily and James! Bottom Line: IHML Membership is the place to be to get access to wisdom, powerful community and tips and information I need to move my business and life to the next level.”

“I love I Heart My Life Membership because it constantly encourages you to take a step forward not just in your business, but in your life. Emily nudges you to listen to the inner calling in your heart to take a leap forward to success. As you go through the work you'll find yourself truly believing that you are meant for something big. The support and growing experience in IHML Membership will shift your mindset to, 'It really is possible'.

Mamta Roos

Stephanie Rosario

Leanne Pruett

Speaker and Life Coach

Business Coach


"...Helped me to move beyond my fears and cultivate a positive mindset geared towards success."

"it constantly encourages you to take a step forward not just in your business, but in your life."

"The place to be to get access to wisdom, powerful community and tips and information I need to move my business and life to the next level.”

Membership Success Stories

Believe me though, there's no excuse in the book not to start this program today. So if you're thinking any of the thoughts below, please keep your dreams in mind instead...

With the pick of the litter online, you may be wondering who this membership is for...

even if you're...


Donna Elliott

Donna wanted to be around people who would stretch her

“I joined the program because it’s so important to surround yourself with people who also want to stretch themselves - people who want more than the what most new entrepreneurs are aiming for! I have been following Emily for a while now and love the honesty of approach and aspirations she has. Nothing is too much and nothing is out of reach! I love this mindset and I want to be immersed in it and I knew I would get that here! "

IT Professional

AISling davis

"To say I am loving the IHML Membership program is the only way to describe it! There is so much value and so many insights coming through in the trainings and the coaching calls. It's allowing me to listen, absorb, ask questions, apply the learnings to what's relevant for me and to move the needle forward. I revisit the audios frequently and every time I listen, I get something new from it that I need to hear. It's applicable to so many areas of life. This program is value-packed!!"

She's doesn't have a business, but wanted to uplevel her life.

Emma-louise has loved the community

“IHML Membership is amazing value! The training content is solid, and the sense of community from the Facebook group makes me feel super supported - both my Emily and her team and the other members. I had major mindset shifts in just the first few weeks and would recommend it to anyone looking to grow themselves and their business."

Emma-louise parkes


candice finally discovered her worth

"In the last 90 days I've worked one on one with 15 new clients on our funnel built out package. We launched a membership program and that filled with 60 people from a challenge. What shifted for me was doing the mindset work and knowing my worth, being able to help women with marketing and sales in a feminine way. I struggled for years because I let fear of not being enough or there are so many coaches out there why am I different. I love the I heart my life community and the mindset work that Emily teaches."

Candice Carter

Life Coach

pivoting in your business

"The community is supportive and it's such a great place to go for inspiration, learning and so much more. I'm becoming a better coach, entrepreneur and human by being in the group and learning from Emily and James. Thank you guys for supporting us like you do!" 


Success Coach

A Busy Mom

Lisa is a full-time mom and her husband works out of town a few weeks per month.  

new to business or memberships

a busy professional

An established business owner






Our Money Mindset Mastery is one of our most popular workshops and it's yours immediately upon registration! You'll learn what your money story is, how to transform it and how to create more wealth into your life starting now.


Special Bonuses

We're making it even easier for you to get big results.

Want to learn how to manifest and use visualization in your life to get what you desire? This training breaks down the process Emily's used in her own life to create quantum leaps as well as lasting change.


I'm giving you exclusive access to the super special reveal-all live conversation with my friends and 7-figure entrepreneurs Natalie Ellis, Danielle Canty and Niyc Pidgeon. You'll learn how they transformed their mindset and set themselves up to achieve world-class success, abundance and a life better than their dreams. 


Get access to one of Certified High Performance Coach James Williams' most popular trainings. He shares his "Three Room Theory" and meditation which will help you reduce anxiety, stay present in the moment and increase overall happiness -- while still remaining driven!


Money mindset is our jam! And it's time for you to reprogram your own mindset to create the financial success that's calling you. One of the ways you do this is by saturating your mind with positive thoughts. Get our desktop and mobile screensavers to do just that!


The reason why most people don't get what they want is because they don't know what they want! We recommend that every single month at the start of the month, you set clear goals and intentions. By using our guide, you'll gain clarity and results.


with three 7-figure biz owners


Value: $497

Value: $497

Value: $497

Value: $197

Value: $97

Value: $197

Total Value of Your Bonuses: $1982

manifesting and visioning masterclass

money mindset masterclass

monthly goal setting guides

money mindset screensavers

master your busy mind training

We're confident you’ll LOVE this membership. But if for some reason you don’t, you can simply cancel your membership, and you won't be charged again. (Please note, we do not offer refunds.) 

Not a fan? Cancel any time!

There's no risk involved!

Yes! This is all of the information you need at the beginning to build that foundation and momentum towards your dreams. And even if you never plan on starting a business, this membership is also has mindset focused components and geared towards supporting you in uncovering your purpose, transforming your mindset and creating the success you desire as well as implementing strategy.

Yes, you'll be able to connect with other I Heart My Lifers in the private membership Facebook group. You'll receive access within 24 hours of registration. Please note, this is designed for you to get support outside of the trainings from other community members, not Emily.

Everything will be stored on our Member’s Site. Once you register, you’ll get a unique log-in with that information. All monthly video trainings will be accessed through the Member's Site. You will have lifetime access to the trainings you have paid for and all Q+A calls that are hosted live, will also be available via replay in the private Facebook group.

You will have lifetime access to the trainings you have paid for and all Q+A calls that are hosted live, will also be available via replay in the private Facebook group. 

If you wish to cancel your membership, you may do so at any time. Once you cancel, you will not receive access to any new trainings provided or access to the core trainings and resources inside the membership portal.

There will be a new training released in the Member's portal twice a month. Then there will be two Q+A's per month. We ask that you watch the training and start integrating the content before the Q+A so you come with questions prepared. You will receive advanced notice as to when these workshops will be hosted so you can plan ahead.

Probably. With enough time to research, tons of effort and plenty of real-life trial and error, you can become a master at pretty much anything… for free… BUT if you’re ready to start building a life of your dreams NOW (and gain support along the way), then this membership is the perfect resource for you. I’ve truly put every bit of what I’ve learned into this so that you can get started immediately. Life’s too short to waste any more time living in a way that doesn’t light you up daily! 

Yes. If you're on the monthly payment plan, we just need 30 days notice to cancel, and it's as simple as completing a 5-minute form! If you have paid on the 6-month or annual membership option, refunds will not be provided but you can leave the membership at anytime.


"This program has helped me refocus my energy so that I continue to feel good while working on my business instead of getting lost in overwhelm. I appreciate the foundational mindset trainings, the ability to ask my own specific questions, and the opportunity connect with incredible like-minded women!"

“I 3x the money I made in my most recent launch, which is amazing. The IHML Membership has been helping me to stay motivated and to remind myself that everything is possible"

Kristen Chandler

Gabby Piccott

Life Coach

Business Coach

"This program has helped me refocus my energy so that I continue to feel good."

"I 3x the money i made in my most recent launch!"

It's not just a membership. It's a movement.



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