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The Business Training Event for Coaches and Consultants Who Want to Scale. This Will Change the Game for You!

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Many entrepreneurs and business owners have come to us asking how they get to the next level. They question whether the steps they are taking are going to get them where they want to go. They struggle with burnout, doubt, confusion and overwhelm. Maybe you relate to this...  

To help as many entrepreneurs as possible to not only survive, but to thrive, we've created this day-long event to give you tools, training, and guidance that we normally reserve for our top-paying clients. 

This full day virtual training is not just about taking in more information (after all, you already have enough of that), this is about transforming from the inside out and becoming the next-level business owner you desire to be (maybe even before you see the physical results of that next level!).

If you're ready to grow, scale, profit, and live a life better than your dreams, then this is 100% for you!


The Next-Level Entrepreneur

Stop guessing and start progressing in your life and business.


Bonus: We've been there and done it. Trust us, it's not about another strategy. it's about the business of you.

Let’s break this down...

real talk:

If you're looking for a pure and simple business strategy event, this isn't it. We're all about you becoming the next level version of yourself so we're going to go deep and get you (back) into alignment so you can reach your next-level goals. This day is literally all about you. Yes, there will be some marketing/biz strategy talk but we both know if that was all you needed, you'd have reached your next-level goals already.

This is your time.

Learn the steps to help you reconnect to your purpose and get clear on your next-level desires. We’ll guide you through various check-points to help you recalibrate and ensure your next-level vision aligns with your deepest desires. You’ll leave this session ready to let your most authentic desires guide you toward a life and business you love.  

Event Sessions

Solidify your next-level money goals and uncover the specific money mindsets that are holding you back. We’ll show you how creating and selling from a place of scarcity limits your earning potential and what to do instead because you deserve the money you desire. You’ll leave this session with an abundance mindset, ready to fully embrace your worth so you can achieve next-level profits in your business. 

Learn how our CASH Method can help you scale your profits by fine-tuning your business plan for 2021 and beyond. We’ll deep dive into your marketing and business strategy to help you reveal the tweaks you can make to reach those next-level goals. You’ll leave this session better equipped to scale and profit with goals that feel aligned to your passions, values, and big visions. 

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Session 5

Participate in our live Q+A session with Emily and James Williams for your opportunity to get your looming questions answered that are getting in the way of leveling up and embracing and achieving your big vision. We’re here to help you put it all together so you can step into your transformation with confidence. You’ll leave this session ready to show up for your business, your clients, and most importantly, yourself. 

Work with our Certified Director of Operations to identify areas in your business where you can hire helping hands. We’ll lead you through an analysis of your business to help you pinpoint who and when you should add to your team to help you reach the next level you desire. You’ll leave this session ready to leverage your passions and expertise to step into your zone of genius and scale your business. 

Session 4

Learn what it takes to embrace the next-level version of yourself, so you can successfully implement next-level strategies in your life and business. This is your chance to unlock your potential and prepare to take the quantum leaps you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll walk away from this session ready to step into a high-performance approach to your life and business so you can achieve the next-level success you are craving.


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Total Value: $9997

Now Only: $97

Here's What You Get When You Unlock Your Ticket Today:

Gain clarity and alignment in your next-level.
Overcome money mindset roadblocks.
Learn our CASH Method for reaching business goals. 
Identify where you need support.
Develop a high-performance mindset. 
Answer your burning questions with a live Q+A.  
And much, much more… 

Access tools and expert guidance usually saved for our top paying clients!

This training is designed to help you: 


Special Bonuses

We're making it even easier for you to get big results.

Get the exact meditation I used to make $1 million in my first 18 months (and millions every year after that).


7-Figure Money Meditation

We're giving you access to our exclusve workshop workbook so you have a step by step guide to support you in more results, deeper clarity and shifts, and of course an easy way to take notes to refer to after the workshop has ended. 


Becoming the Next-Level Workbook


Emily Williams, a 7-figure success coach and author.

For the last seven years, I’ve been working intimately with thousands of coaches and service-based online business owners. As the founder of I Heart My Life, one of the top personal and professional development platforms for driven women, I’ve been helping women everywhere create a life and business better than their dreams.

From health coaches, to business consultants, to copywriters, to life coaches - I've been behind the scenes of many of the businesses and brands you see in the online space today.

I've personally navigated burnout, depression and anxiety all while navigating building a team and running a 7-figure business. True success is possible for everyone, but we all need a roadmap in order to get the results we want.

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“Emily Williams is an extraordinary woman, coach and company owner who has achieved a level of personal and professional success faster than any client I’ve worked with. Not only is she sincere and genuine as a person she is loving and talented as a coach. It’s beautiful to see how Emily is such a shining role model to millions of women in her generation.”

“If you’re looking to master the inner game of wealth, look no further. Emily is direct – no B.S. – and one of the most sincere champions of your success I have ever met. She is full of love, but no fluff. Her commitment to helping women build epic businesses and brands will get you all the results you desire and more!”

“Emily Williams is the master money mindset coach. She has a way of kindly coaching but never letting you get away with your B.S. Her money mindset trainings continue to be my "go-to" as I continue to level up. I tell everyone to work with her on their money issues."

"Emily Williams is a fearless champion for ambitious women who want more out of life. She’s helped countless women leave their 9–5 jobs, start a business, and make more money than ever before. She is passionate, determined, and sincere – and won’t let you settle for anything less than your biggest dreams!"

Founder of Impacting Millions

Chris Winfield

Gina DeVee

Mariah Coz

Selena Soo

Sarah Kaler

Founder of Super Connector Media

Founder of Divine Living Academy

Founder of Femtrepreneur

Leadership Expert

“Emily truly helped me “flip the switch”on how I view money, freedom, and even fear itself.” 

James Williams, Certified High Performance Coach

In 2015, I was at the tail-end of a 12-year career that wasn’t bringing out the best in me, and so I chose to make a change and go against the grain of what I was taught was possible. I left my old life behind to join my wife in her online business, whilst training as a coach and studying. In 2016, I certified as a High Performance Coach through the Institute of High Performance. 

Today as a Performance Breakthrough Coach and speaker, I'm living a life full of purpose. I'm passionate about focusing on creating outer-world impact through inner-world mastery. My passion for mastering physical, mental and emotional performance in pursuit of my own life goals is matched only by my dedication to supporting my clients’ belief that anything is possible and available for them. 


Ange Quinn, a Certified Director of Operations

I spent nearly 15 years in large corporations learning the ins and outs of business operations. Everything from Project Management, Business Analysis, and Business Development - including negotiating multi-million dollar deals.

For the past four years, I've been helping dozens of online course creators, and service providers with the essential Business Foundations that they need to have set up in order to support and scale their company.

I'm also a strategic advisor for CEOs. I look at the numbers in their business - not just financials but the metrics that truly drive their financials - in order to know what area to focus on (or not), where the gaps are, and which direction to take in order to truly scale.

And I thrive on helping my clients hit their goals!


Sandra, copywriter and coach

within 15 minutes she was hooked

Felt an immediate shift

Tiffany, Business COACH

Dawn, Financial Coach

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Your results are just a step away.

Solidified her launch plan


Dr. Liesa, Coach

NOW knows HER own personal value and worth

Kristen, Health Coach

It's no longer a matter of if, but when

Natalie, Photographer and social media expert


Sarah, Attorney

Was an amazing reset for me

paula, life coach


KATE, feng shui expert



HAD A HUGE AHA ARound sales



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