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One of the fastest ways to get huge results in your life and business or career is to hire us to work with you 1:1. Learn how below...

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We work with a limited number of one on one clients each year. Continue reading for more information and apply should you meet the requirements.

Want us all to yourself?

Private Coaching with Emily Williams

Emily works with a limited amount of clients each year, and only works with people who are serious about change and massive transformation. She covers mindset, business, team building, and upleveling in every way. This is very deep work and her clients also get email and Voxer access to her. Book a call below, and get ready for your whole world to change! 


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Meet Our VIPs

"Being mentored by James and Emily has been game changing. They helped me to uplevel my big game to bigger, and I became receptive to what was possible. Stedman Graham called to be on my podcast (yes Oprah's Stedman), the Today Show called, and in the first three months of their guidance, I made the investment back in full. For anyone who knows me, I play big and that meant hiring coaches who play big too."

tricia brouk


Courses + Products

"Six months ago I took a leap of faith and signed up for I Heart Coaching. I was already in the thick of building a business and so finances were extremely tight… I didn’t know how I’d afford it, but there was a voice inside me saying ‘there is something more for you’. I now know what that whisper meant and my life has changed beyond recognition."

lauren armes

Courses + Products

"This has been an amazing experience for me so far. We're only a month in, but I've doubled my monthly income, launched a membership site, am getting more engagement than ever and have a solid strategy to continue scaling my business this year. The help from the experts is seriously priceless, and the unexpected benefit has been the community connection, some of which I've already met in person!”


Courses + Products

"...I could not recommend it more. It has made a huge difference in how I strategize for Uncover, my online program about love & sex. I joined because I wanted to make that program better, but now that I'm in it I see that it is also the perfect place from which to create even higher level offers. The community & support has been incredible and I made back my entire investment in the first month, which is just bananas.”


Courses + Products

"You've put together such great mentors and such great mentees and I'm definitely thrilled to be part of this group. You have a gift for bringing a genuinely supportive community together and I just wanted to say thank you for including me in that!”


Courses + Products

"I’ve been fully booked as a coach, held my first mastermind event with my amazing clients in Morocco, have had several 5 figure months and have reached 6 figures in US dollars for my business this financial year."

lulu minns

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Meet Our VIPs

Private Coaching with James Williams

Looking to improve your health, wellness, mindset and reduce stress in your life and/of business or career? As a Certified High Performance Coach, a student of psychology, physiology and relationships, James's mission is to be a catalyst to the change and potential in everyone he serves. He believes we all have a huge amount of untapped potential and limitless opportunities for health, wealth and happiness. 



Private Coaching with Our IHML Coaches

We know not everyone is ready for a $15k investment, so we have other coaches on our team who are incredibly qualified to support you in business strategy and success. We have a variety of different packages including marketing intensives as well as 90 day packages. Book a call to learn more about getting the support you're craving today.


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