I Heart Branding


It’s time to drop the brand shame! I Heart Branding is my new self-study program designed to give you all the tools you need to create a brand that stands out in the online world and in your industry. This course will show you how to get clear on your purpose and what your client wants, how to craft your story so it speaks to your tribe and will support you in up-leveling the look and feel of your brand. Sign up now, and you’ll also get access to all of my juicy photoshoot secrets in a special bonus Photoshoot Guide.

“A standout brand is everything when it comes to getting noticed online and attracting clients.”

What will I learn?

I’m super passionate about you creating a high-class brand that people recognize, love and trust, so in this course you’ll learn…

  • What you need to get clarity on today to get results in your brand
  • Ways to use your story to attract your dream clients
  • How to up-level the look and feel of your brand
  • Why you living on brand is key to getting clients
  • What your ideal client really wants from your brand
  • My tips to your best photoshoot yet
  • My secret branding weapon

What will I get?

I Heart Branding is a self-study course – meaning as soon as you register, you get access to all of the material via our Member’s Site.

I Heart Branding consists of four main parts – plus for a limited time, you’ll also get access to my exclusive Photoshoot guide which I created alongside one of my favorite photographers. We’re sharing all of our tips from your photographer search, to planning your shoot and what happens after.

Each module consists of a workbook that you can explore at your own pace.

How will I get there?

As soon as you register and log in, you’ll see the following modules:

  • Module 1: The Purpose and Mission of Your Brand
  • Module 2: The Look and Feel of Your Brand
  • Module 3: The Story of Your Brand
  • Module 4: Living on Brand
  • Bonus: Photoshoot Guide Workbook

What results can I expect?

By completing the modules and implementing the course work in your life and business, you can expect to…

  • Develop your brand idea (message and purpose)
  • Get over that fear and put you brand out in the world – confidently
  • Increase your sales
  • Drop brand shame
  • Create a cohesive look
  • Take your brand to the next level so it stands out in your industry
  • Create a life that’s “on brand” that draws in your clients
  • Create a brand that’s totally you
  • Take photos that stand out from the crowd and tell a story
  • Connect on a deeper level with your clients
  • Add my secret weapon (can’t tell!) to your branding
  • Plan and execute your dream photoshoot

Why did I Create I Heart Branding?

Truth be told, creating a stand out brand wasn’t difficult for me – I just created something I loved, and it came pretty naturally. I know that’s not always the case though and the majority of my clients need some support in this area. So if you’re feeling that way today, you’re definitely not alone.

For you, developing your own dream brand may seem like a difficult task, so my intention is to give you a course to simplify the process and share what’s really key to standing out online. (After all, you were born to stand out not fit in!) It’s not about being perfect, but having a high-standard and clear vision for your brand so you can hurry up and attract your dream clients already and get the attention in your industry that you deserve. This program will show you how.

“I hired Emily because I wanted to hit my first 5 figure month. In our time together I hit a $30k month, 4x my list and created a brand that I was proud of. Emily helped me realize where I was staying safe and build the confidence to get out there in a bigger way.”

Christina Jandali , Business Coach

“Working with Emily completely changed my life. I was confused, insecure and in debt for nearly seven years when I decided to just go for it and hire Emily. Within a week of launching my business I had my first client and five months later I began having consistent 5-figure months (that is quadruple what I made at my corporate job) and it hasn’t stopped! By the way, this all happened in the middle of having three weddings all over the world. Since doing this I’ve been able to pay off my debt, surprise my husband with luxurious trips, and just have an all around more amazing life. Working with Emily is the best investment I’ve ever made in my life.”

Sofie Von Marricks, Lifestyle + Business Coach


There are no payment plans offered for I Heart Branding. I Heart Branding is a self-study course – meaning as soon as you register, you get access to all of the material via our Member’s Site. For those reasons, we do not offer refunds. If you have questions, please email [email protected] and we’ll do our very best to respond within 24 hours. (Please note that our response time may be a tad longer if you get in touch over the weekend.)